PlAying for Keeps

Summary: Jenna returns to Rosewood with an agenda. The Liars think they lost one of their own to the A Team and Spencer is in for the shock of her life when she comes face to face with Red Coat. SPOILERS for the Season 3 Finale

A/N: I thought that finale was a mess. So here's my idea on what would've been a better finale for Season 3. I skipped the Ezaria parts, because I don't really care about them and their storyline has nothing to do with the show.

Ch 3

Hanna hurried home after Ezra handed her the money. This couldn't wait. "That's what he said" She told Aria and Emily showing them the picture on her phone.

Emily stared at the picture of Spencer and Alison. "That can't be right" Emily said. "Spencer would never do that"

"Spencer's on the A Team" Aria said believing it instantly. "I think the question we should be asking is who isn't on the A Team?" because so far it seemed like everyone was. Everyone was out to get them.

Emily took a deep breath and looked at Hanna, she didn't want to have to tell her this after the reveal they just had. But Hanna needed to know.

"What is it, Em? Hanna asked after noticing Emily staring at her with a strange look in her eyes.

"I saw something else" She told him. "When I was jogging past Jenna's, I heard voices. So I went to check it out."

"And?" Hanna asked with a raised brow.

Emily bowed her head then looked at her. "Hanna, I'm sorry" she began.

"About what?"

"Caleb was in Jenna's house. They were talking and smiling" Emily said shaking her head. She couldn't believe it either, but after finding out about Toby…

"No" Hanna said shaking her head. "No. you had to be mistaken" she said not wanting to believe that. The A Team couldn't have everyone. They couldn't have Caleb. It wasn't possible. Caleb loved her, he would never do that to her. "Caleb's out of town, he told me that"

"Hanna, I saw him there" Emily said wanting to comfort her friend but also get her to believe. If Caleb wasn't on their side they needed to know now. She wished there was another explanation, but Caleb knew how they felt about Jenna. He wouldn't be over at her house and lying to Hanna about where he was.

"Maybe he was just helping with her computer" Hanna said convincing herself that was the reason.

"Maybe" Emily said not believing that was the case.

"Han, he has worked with her before" Aria told her.

"That was before…" Hanna said as the tears started falling. Emily reached out and brought Hanna into her arms as she cried.

"We have to find out if Spencer's really on the A Team" Emily said over Hanna's shoulder to Aria. "I have an idea that won't put Spencer at risk"

She waited until she heard them leave. She opened the stall door a little and peeked out to make sure they were gone. Then she stepped out of the stall. Paige took out her cell phone and dialed Jenna's number. She had to admit that was smart of them to trick Spencer by wearing a Red Coat. They knew she'd follow the lead. But Jenna needed to know what they had planned.

When Jenna picked up she told her that they were using Spencer's party as a trap for A instead of what Mona thought which was a trap for them. She didn't know if that would even work and she was pretty sure Jenna had something else planned. It seemed like she always did. Even with the possibility of losing her sight looming she plotting and scheming. Paige wasn't sure any of the girls got anything done with all this stuff going on.

She and Caleb were trying to help them, to protect them but everything was much more complicated and dangerous than they thought. Emily and the other girls safety was all she cared about. And now she was trusting Jenna, she just hoped she made the right choice.

Jenna had already made Caleb go to the cabin and set up surveillance to catch Mona in the act and to have proof.

Toby taped them through the window as they got ready for the party. He needed proof to show Mona when he and Spencer arrived at the cabin. Mona had been on edge all day; she was worried about meeting Red Coat. It surprised him that she never actually met her before.

He was worried about tonight as well. Jenna's plan could work but he had a feeling she wasn't telling him everything. He pocketed his phone and hopped on his bike to go pick up Spencer.

Mona opened the door in huff when they arrived. "You're late" she said to them angrily. Toby looked at his watch, they were supposed to be here at 7 it was 7:01. He just rolled his eyes and they strode past her.

Now they were just sitting in the living room waiting. Mona was tapping her fingers on the table impatiently. "Call them, make sure they're still coming" she said demandingly to Spencer.

Spencer held her tongue and put on a smile on her face. She stood up and went to get her phone. She saw she had missed message. She dialed her voicemail and listened. "They're running late" she told her.

"How late!" Mona said irritability.

"They're on their way, that's all I know" she told her and went to stand next to Toby. She hadn't completely forgiven him. But they needed Mona to think that she had.

"She's expecting all of you to be here" Mona said with a trace of worry in her voice.

"And we will be" Spencer told her with mock annoyance.

Mona turned to look at them. "You have no idea what she's capable of, Spencer" she said stalking towards them. "Trust me; you don't want to disappoint her" She had told her she already landed the plane and was waiting for the signal.

"I saw them getting ready. And I have the video you asked for. They don't suspect anything" Toby interjected to calm Mona down.

Emily quietly opened the window Spencer left open for them. Aria and Hanna followed her in. They crept over to the staircase and looked down to see Mona, Spencer and Toby talking.

"Why don't we go for a walk while we wait" they heard Mona say as she held a large flashlight in her hands.

Toby jumped at the sound of Jenna's voice in his ear. "I'll take care of Spencer" he said probably a little too quickly, but it made sound eager. So it was enough to fool Mona. He held out his hand for the flashlight.

"Toby" Spencer said in her best astounded voice.

"I know how you feel Spencer, it sucks to be lied too" Mona said with a smirk.

"Get up" Toby told her strongly.

"I believed you" she said making sure the ache was evident in her voice.

"I said get up!" Toby yelled at her.

Emily, Aria and Hanna watched in horror from the balcony. They didn't know what to do. Was this part of the plan that Spencer didn't have time to tell them? They had to think it was as they watched Toby drag Spencer outside. They had to trust Spencer with her trust in Toby, because their job was to catch Mona.

Spencer and Toby walked out to the air strip. Spencer looked up as she heard a plane engine on the runway. "If something goes wrong you know what you need to do" Toby told her as they neared the plane. He looked at her and smiled they were finally going to see the woman behind the curtain, the woman that started all of this.

Mona stared at herself in the mirror. This would finally end tonight. She'd finally get to meet her and see who had been pulling the strings. She adjusted her hood and walked out of the room.

"Going somewhere?" Hanna asked appearing in front of her.

Mona turned and Emily, then Aria showed up surrounding her. "You're making a terrible mistake" she told them.

"That's not how we see it" Emily said.

"Because you don't see, you have no idea what's going on here!" She screamed.

"We know that we have you on tape plotting to kill people" Paige said suddenly appearing behind Hanna. The four of them looked at her in shock as she held her phone up that playing a video of Mona talking on the phone to someone about killing them.

"Paige!" Emily said in confusion. "What?"

"We also have audio all over the house" Caleb said standing in the door way of one of them rooms.

Mona's brows furrowed in disbelief. Impossible, how did they know to be here? This wasn't supposed to happen like this. She backed up until she hit the wall. She was breathing heavy, she felt like she was having a heart attack.

"Caleb?" Hanna said in shock.

"How did you two know to be here?" Aria asked while her friends tried to regain their composure to form actual sentences.

"We've been tracking her" Caleb said pointing to Mona. "We've known where she was and what she's been doing and saying" he added as he walked towards Hanna and brought her into his arms. "You said you were out of town" Hanna said. She was happy he was here but she was a little mad at him for lying.

"I know, I'm sorry" he replied kissing her forehead.

'How?" Emily asked still trying to calm her beating heart. She looked over at Mona who was still leaning against the wall mumbling to herself.

"Jenna" Caleb told them, surprised that she had actually come through on her promise.

"Jenna!" the girls cried out in unison.

"Jenna Marshall?" Hanna asked to clarify.

"Yeah" Paige replied. "She knew what Caleb and me were doing. She offered to help because she wanted this to end too" Paige told them. "Without her we couldn't done any of this. It was her idea" she said with a small smile at Emily.

Toby scanned the woods right before the airstrip and his eyes widened as he saw Jenna standing near a tree. She held her finger up to her lip telling him not say anything. He looked back at Spencer then he felt something hit the back of his head.

Spencer turned around just as Toby pitched forward and fell to the ground with a loud thud. "Tob…" she started to scream when someone came up behind her and put a cloth over her mouth. She tried to scream again but her vision was getting blurry and her mind was losing focus, then everything went dark.

Jenna held Spencer's unconscious body in her arms and looked back at Toby on the ground and whispered that she was sorry. Then they dragged her to the plane. Two arms in red sleeves reached out and helped them pull her on to it. Jenna followed in after her.

She looked back at her and Shana smiled at her. "You know what you have to do" she said.

"I do" Shana replied.

"Thank you" Jenna told her.

"You know I'd do anything for you" Shana replied smiling. "You better get out here before they come looking for her" Jenna nodded and pulled the door closed.

Emily held on to Paige's shoulders. "You should've told me what you were doing"

"And you should've told me what you were doing" Paige replied back with a smile. Emily laughed and shyly put a strand of her hair behind her ear. "We should tell each other what we are doing"

They all looked around when they heard the sound of a plane engine. They looked at Mona.

"No, No, No!" Mona cried. "She's not supposed to leave yet. I'm supposed to meet her" she cried and started running towards the door.

"What?" all of them screamed out after her. They all looked at each other wondering if they all heard the same thing. Mona's never met Red Coat! Emily, Aria and Hanna started running after her. Spencer was still out there and she needed them.

They ran through the woods following the sound of the plane engine. Mona was in front of them and Caleb and Paige were running behind them. They stopped suddenly in a clearing when they saw a body in a black hoodie lying on the ground on his stomach. "Toby!" Emily screamed and ran to him.

He moaned when she kneeled besides him. "Toby" she said again.

Toby reached up and touched the back of his head, it was bruised but it wasn't bleeding.

"Where's Spencer?" Hanna asked him. "What did you do with her?"

"Spencer?" Toby repeated. "Spencer!" he said again trying to remember what happened. "We were going to plane when someone hit me" he told him as Emily and Caleb helped him up. "Spencer was here with me. I don't…" then he remembered. "Jenna" he croaked out. She had betrayed them all. She had a completely different plan all along.

They took off running towards the runway. They got there just as the plane left the ground and went into the air. They could do nothing but watch the plane carrying Spencer flew further and further away.

Spencer moaned, her eyelids were heavy as she tried to open them. She heard a voice nearby saying "She's waking up"

She used all her strength to open one eye then the other. The shock of the sudden brightness hurt her head. She snapped her eyes closed again. She figured out she was on a bed somewhere. She tried to open her eyes more slowly this time. When they did finally focus she was staring at the brightest green eyes she'd ever seen beneath glasses. "Jenna?" she said hoarsely.

"Sorry about that, but we had to this in secret" she told her and helped her sit up. Then handed her a glass of water.

"We?" Spencer asked as her mind started clearing as she sipped the water. She looked around what appeared to be an expensive hotel room. She was on a huge bed in the middle of the room, a spacious living area was just in front of her. She turned to the bathroom with the door closed to the side of her when she heard water running. "Who's we?"

"That would be me" a female voice said. A voice that was impossible for her to be hearing. Spencer looked up as the bathroom door opened and she stepped out of it.

Her heart leapt to her throat and her jaw dropped at the girl she saw standing in front of her. This was impossible. Was she dreaming? Spencer looked at Jenna, then back at the girl in the bathroom doorway.

"Hello Spencer" she said to her as she walked closer and held out her hand.

"We've never met before. I'm Alison DiLaurentis"