X Queen

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"Ugh! I can't believe this!" said the queen whom is smashing down vases and vases.

"Your highness, please clam down." Said Ran

"Clam down?! How am I suppose to clam down when, those stupid guardians and their pathetic excuse of a company keeps destroying my precious X egg babies?"

"Then what do you suggest we do? It's not like we can just go there and destroy them." Said Miki.


"You just had to say it desu~" said Su.

"Oops." Said Miki

"Thank you so much Miki! Now I can finally have my revenge!"

"-Sigh- looks like we have to follow her on this one too." Said Ran.

"MUAH HAHAHAH! Watch out guardians cause your going to have the worst time of your life."

"Well, we're go make preparations" said Miki

"So, please excuse us Queen Amu" they all said in unison.

At the Guardians

"Yaya is hungry~! Where is Nadeshiko's cookies?!" said Yaya. "Exactly, a person should never have a baby waiting." Said Pepe.

"Clam down, Yaya-chan here's your cookies" said Nadeshiko.

"Yay! Cookie!" said Yaya and Pepe in chibi mode.

"Um….Yaya-san, you do know we are in a meeting right?" said Tadase.

"But I' still hungry! So we can still do the meeting while I still eat."

"Of course we could, but Yaya how do you not get fat?" said Kukai.

"What does that suppose to mean?!" said Pepe.

"Ok! Please minna-san we are in a meeting, the sooner we finishes the sooner we can do what we want ok?" said Tadase.


"Oh right, this is what we have so far, so basically there is no x eggs for this week, which is surprising since usually at least 5 of them well appear in a week." Said Tadase.

"Ya, its totally weird. It's like something is going to happen." Said Kukai.

But unknown to them someone was watching.

"Oh, how much they knew was true, beware guardians cause something is going to happen." Said Tsukasa.

At Amu

"I'm finally here." Said Amu

"Well, Amu what are you going to do now?" said Ran.

"Hm…..I have a mansion some where here, I was sure it's was on a hill." Said Amu looking around.

"Is it that?" said Miki pointing to a large house on the top of the hill.

"yup!" said Amu

"Then let's go desu~" said Su.

"Ok, Ran chara change!" said Amu

"Hai! Hop, Step, Jump!" said Ran

(A/N: By the way, Amu still has her shugo charas no matter what she is! And Dia is still not born yet!)

Than Amu went all the way up and landed on the mansion's door.

When she opened it, maids and butlers greeted her.

"Welcome back, your highness." They said

"Do you always have to have servants with you in every house you have?" said Ran.

"What do you think? There's no way I'm cleaning the whole house by my self." Said Amu.

"But I love cleaning, desu~" said Su.

"You can clean for all I care." Said Amu in cool and spicy mode.

"Well, no time to talk, you have to go to sleep and get ready for school tomorrow." Said Miki.

"Yup, and I'm so sure that I'll take nice and care for those guardians." Said Amu with an evil smirk.

Next morning nobody's pov still at Amu's

"Amu-chan! Amu-chan!" scream Ran

"5 more minutes, I'll do the paperwork later…" said Amu.

The 3 sweatdrop. "Um, AMU! YOUR NOT IN X WORLD ANYMORE!" shouted Miki.

"Wha-, oh well I better get ready." Said Amu getting up.

When Amu was finish dressing, she looked her self in the mirror.

"Hm…..not bad, I like it!" said Miki

"Well, if Miki likes it than I should be going." said Amu.


At school

Knock! Knock!

"Come in" said a voice in the principles office.

"I'm Hinamori Amu, and starting today I'm the new transfer student." Said Amu

"Ah! The new student we have been expecting you. Here is your class list, school map and books." Said the principle.

"Thank you very much, I'll be leaving now." Said Amu.

"Ok, good luck."

And with that last sentence, Amu shut the door.

"Hm….star class 5-B" said Amu

"Amu-chan, here says the period is hall time, if we go now we can still make it." Said Ran

"Alright" said Amu turning on Cool & Spicy mode.

At hall

"-And for the last news, the cleaning of th-" Tadase couldn't finish, cause a girl open the door to hard.

Everybody looked at this mysterious girl.

"Hey you over there, why are you late? And further more you interrupted my speech." Said Tadase in king mode.

"Oh, I made you stop? Then continue cause I was just taking my time coming here, besides is that how you treat the new student?" said Amu.

"Ok, I'll forgive you cause your new, but don't be late again." Said Tadase still in king mode.

"Hmp" said Amu. Here is what everybody thought about her: SHE'S SO COOL & SPICY!

"Anyways, continuing my speech, I think we have to blah blah blah x9999" said Tadase


(A/N: Ok, let's pretend all of the guardians are in the same class as Amu except Kukai)

"Ok, class as you may know this is our new student, please come in Himamori-san" said Nikaido-sensei.

"Sensei, it's not Hima it's Hina, anyway, I'm Hinamori Amu, and do not bother me." Said Amu in a cool tone.

"Um…..well, please sit beside the window, right over there." Said Nikaido-sensei, pointing to an empty table beside the window.

"Whatever" Amu said walking to that sit.

First expression of Amu from everyone: she's so cool!

When Amu sat down, the person beside her spoke to her, and that person had purple hair, Nadeshiko.

"Hi there Amu-chan, I'm Fujisaki Nadeshiko. The queens chair in the guardians." Said Nadeshiko.

"Hn" said Amu ignoring her, even though Amu already knew who she is, Amu isn't going to be friends with them.

After class, Tadase went up to her and said "I'm so sorry Hinamori-san at the hall, I didn't know you were new." Said Tadase with a puppy dog face.

"Shut up and go away" said Amu, already packing her things and going to the door.

"Yo, you're the new girl right? Why do you keep acting so cold with us?" said Kukai blocking her way.

"How about the fact that all are you are so annoying, and I want to go home?" said Amu, when in true she needs to make more X Eggs.

"…..Ha! I like you, wanna join us in the green house?" said Kukai.

"Hm…..I wonder, what do girls think?" said Amu.

"Who are yo-" a voice stopped Kukai.

"But Amu-chan aren't we suppose to go home?" said Ran, while the other came out of my bag.

"You-you, have shugo charas?! And you have 3 of them?!" said Kuaki and Tadase, while Nadeshiko wide eyed.

"Why are you guys so surprised? Don't you guys have 1?" said Amu trying to act cool.

"Ya, well, we do….Hey how do you know?" said Nadeshiko.

"Cause only people who have them can see, and you guys can so there's the answer." Said Amu really annoyed now.

"Hm….than Hinamori-san looks like your really invited to the royal garden.

"And what if I don't want to go?" said Amu raising an eyebrow.

"Than we kidnapped you!" said Kukai, taking Amu's hand.

"What are y-" "100% dash!" said Kukai dragging her all the way.