"Chara Nari: Amulet Dia!" yelled Amu as she is in her Dia form.

"Come on, Ikuto!" said Amu as Ikuto had a confused face on.

"I can't fight him by myself, you know" said Amu as she turned to Ikuto and gave him a small smile.

Ikuto nodded with a smile and jumped next to Amu.

"Tch, even you betray me, Amu" hissed Kaito in battle mode.

"Gomen…..but I have too! Starlight Claw!" yelled Amu as she and Ikuto combine their powers into a big claw with stars surrounding it.

"I won't let you!" yelled Kaito as he dodged the attack

"X heart, unlock!" chanted Kaito as X Eggs started to surround him and began his transformation.

"What?! He can transform?!" yelled Amu

"And further more with X eggs" said Ikuto

"Chara Nari: Negative X" said Kaito in a black outfit. The shirt iis just like Ikuto's but in black and had a red X in the middle. His pants were long and it had chains surrounding it. His face had red eyes and it had sharpy lines running down. His hair was spikey and had black highlights. But the funny thing is that he wore heels.

"Bwahahah, you wear heels!" laughed Amu

"Oh, are you going to laugh when this happens?" asked Kaito with a smirk as his heels appeared to have spikes on them

"Oh…but that won't stop us" said Ikuto

"Heh, instead of talking why not hurry up and take the antidote?" asked Kaito holding out the bottle.

"Grr, Starlight Slash!" yelled both Amu and Ikuto as a bright big slash came too Kaito.

"Heh, shield" cast Kaito as a black shield dodged the attack

Amu and Ikuto kept attacking him but he kept dodging them and soon they were tired but they won't give up!

"Hm, have enough?" teased Kaito

"Amu…..he has too much dark energy in him…we can't keep going like this, or we will lose" said Ikuto

"I know that but…." Said Amu as she thought of a ideal

"I got it, Ikuto you attack on the side while I do it the other" said Amu as they ran to the sides

"Slash Claw!" yelled Ikuto as he attacked Kaito, he dodged it by using his blast and Ikuto hit the wall.

"Yosh! Diamond Blast!" yelled Amu as a blast of diamonds shoot Kaito from behind, which causes him to fall.

"Kaito! Is it really ok to let someone die just because you don't have the power to rule?!" yelled Amu

"Of course! I get rid of everyone getting in my way!" yelled Kaito

"Then can I say your only doing this because you feel lonely?" asked Amu

"I am not lonely!" reasoned Kaito

"Then why did you say that everyone left you? I if you keep acting like that I bet everyone you meet will leave you" said Ikuto

"Shut up!" yelled Kaito as dark energy explode out of him that made Ikuto and Amu hit.

"Ugh…..Kaito…" said Amu as she stood up and tried to get close to Kaito

"You wrong…..I'm always alone…I don't need anybody….." mumbled Kaito

Meanwhile, Ikuto was getting to the cage where the rest of Amu's charas were locked up.

"Ikuto hurry!" said Su

"I'm coming…." Said Ikuto as he finally made it and opened the cage.

"Yosh! Let's help Amu-chan!" said Ran as they flew to Amu

"Amu-chan! Let us help!" said Miki

"Minna…." Said Amu with a smile

"Yosh let's do this!" yelled Amu with a confident face

Then the humpty lock glow and the key that was with Ikuto also glowed.

The light was so full of hearts energy that it wipe out the X energy.

"Chara Narii: Amulet Fortune!" said Amu in a wedding dress

"Chara Nari: Seven Seas Treasure!" said Ikuto in a pirate form.

"W-What's happening?" asked Amu but something in her head said go to Kaito, so she did.

"D-Don't come near me!" yelled Kaito as he tried use his power but failed, so Amu continue to walk to Kaito

Once Amu was in front of Kaito, she hugged him with a smile.

"Don't worry, you are not alone…..I won't leave you, because we are forever friends, K-chan" whispered Amu

"Little Ichigo Hime"mumbled Kaito as he too hugged back.

Then a white glow started on Kaito and all of the X Eggs flew away. Kaito was back into his normal form but he was out cold.

Amu and Ikuto both smiled, thinking that it was over.

"Murni…..murni" said voices behind them

They turned around and saw angry X eggs, they were angry because they lost their king.

"Oh no…" said Amu

"…..I think I know what to do" said Ikuto as he held Amu's hand and flew up into the sky.

"Ikuto?" asked Amu

"Just follow my lead" said Ikuto as he held up his sword

"Ok" said Amu with a smile as a glow form on her hand

"Mega Negative heart, lock on!" canted both of them

"Seven Seas Fortune! Open Heart!" yelled both of them as a huge heart appeared behind them and all the X eggs were purified.

Time skip, back to Heaven World

"Mum, Dad, Ami!" yelled a happy Amu as she hugged them

"Amu-chan!" they yelled in tears

"What a happy family" said Kaito as he clapped

"So, since you're back…want to be Ami's babysitter?" asked Tsukasa

"Eh? Babysitter?! NO! Not a boy!" yelled Tsumuga, while Midori shut his mouth

"I approve!" said Midori with a smile

"So….after all this…will Amu stay here or go to earth?" asked Nadeshiko

"…" everyone looked at Amu for an answer.

"Why not both? I could always go to school on Earth and stay here as my house" said Amu

"Yay! I get to see my little ichigo hime" said Kaito as he patted Amu's head, while Ikuto was fuming with jealousy.

"Geez, I'm not that little" said Amu as she exited the room while holding Ikuto's hand out.

"What is it Amu?" asked Ikuto, Amu smiled and gave a small kiss on Ikuto's lips. Which cause him to blush 100% red.

"W-What was that for?" asked Ikuto in shock

"That's thanks for being with me" said Amu as she walked away with a tongue Ikuto blush madly.

And the people behind the wall either happy and chuckling or crying their hearts out (Tsumuga).

The End