Taylor's POV

There are definitely two sets of car tracks up here, something happened, the girl didn't just run off the road but where is the other car? The night is dark and the ground is so covered with undergrowth that it is difficult to see what might have happened to the other car. It will be clearer in daylight and I will have to organise for an investigation team to be in here at first light to figure out what has happened. If not for the girl, I need to do it for the Boss, he is a mess.

As I am walking back towards the car I take a call from Welch, "Buddy, we know who has been attempting to breach security" but before he has a chance to tell me, the Boss starts screaming my name – what on earth has happened now?

Could this night get any worse? Apparently yes.

I look where he is pointing after a quick look at his face, he is unable to speak and is as white as a sheet, so white that it isn't the torchlight that is making his face visible in the dark.

There through a gap in the thick undergrowth, I see it – a red Audi A3 and I'd recognise that particular car anywhere.

I understand why the Boss is so white when Welch says in my ear "don't know what's going on there but the person that has been attempting to breach security is Cecilia Morton, that bat-shit crazy girl that came after Leila Williams" sealing the biggest clench to my stomach I've ever felt.

Please don't tell me that I am responsible for this poor girl's accident because I couldn't figure things out quicker – could I have stopped all of this happening?

"Sir, it appears we have a bigger situation than … " but he doesn't let me finish.

Christian's POV

"Christ Taylor, that's Cecilia's car, what the fuck is that doing here? Did she run Ana off the road? Where is she? Is she in the car" and then despite the gravity of the situation, I have to say "Looks like the safety stats on these cars is correct and they're better cars than Mercedes" because as we reach the car, we can see that there is no-one in the car, no signs of injury and the car looks pretty much ok but there is no sign of Cecilia.

And then Taylor gives me an extra bit of information that has me looking around and wishing we were anywhere but here "what do you mean, Cecilia's the person that has been attempting to get into Escala?" Christ, if security had managed to catch her before now, Ana wouldn't be lying in the ambulance being worked on feverishly by the medics. The exact same medics who sound like they want to call in the helicopter rescue because her condition is so dire. From Taylor's suddenly drooped shoulders I know he is thinking the same thing but I don't blame him, he has been doing everything in his power to figure it out and she apparently is a lot more wily and resourceful and just plain nuts than anyone else he's had to stop before.

I cannot deal with Cecilia now and I really hope she isn't here somewhere looking at what is happening, I need to get back to Ana where I hear the medics discussing whether they risk the ambulance ride or call in the helicopter and I can't believe it when I hear them saying "she doesn't look like she'll be able to pay for it, I guess we'll just attempt the road trip and hopefully she survives".

"No, don't you dare, I will pay – get the helicopter down here now or your jobs will be gone", I am beyond furious and thankfully they jump to it and organise the helicopter. One of them takes my details and looks back at me as if he can't believe that I am the Christian Grey – well, yes, I guess I am not acting like the heartless bastard I usually am.

I turn back to look at what Taylor is doing and see him going further into the underbrush and then he calls me on the phone and says " it looks like Cecilia left the scene immediately, I can see footsteps in the mud heading back towards the road" and I feel even worse, not only does it appear that she followed Ana, ran her off the road and now it looks like she simply left her here to die.

That feeling I had earlier of my past impacting my future is heavier now than before and it hits me like a pile of bricks when Taylor comes towards me with the angriest scowl on his face I have ever seen.

Taylor normally does impassive no matter what incident has occurred so I can only assume it is something extreme and something I have done for this look on his face and I gasp and understand why when he says "I just took a call from Welch. Sir, there has been another attempted breach of security at Escala, it appears that Cecilia has attempted to accost Gail as she entered the garage but Sawyer saw it and was able to intervene, overpower her and is awaiting instruction".

"God, is Gail ok?" I ask, shocked to my core that my fuckedupedness is impacting on everyone I care about, including my loyal staff.

Taylor's facial expression moves back towards impassive and says "Yes, she is fine but if you don't mind, can we head back as soon as the helicopter takes off? What do you want us to do with Cecilia now, Sawyer is awaiting instruction?"

Obviously Cecilia has snapped and the only person I can think of that will be able to provide any assistance is John Flynn, so I place a call and he tells me that he can be at Escala within 10 minutes and that a team from a psychiatric hospital nearby will come and collect her with him as her supervising psychiatrist. This is passed onto Sawyer and we make our way back towards Ana.

Just then the helicopter makes its approach and I want to be there when they load Ana in and see if I can go in with her although I know it is a long shot. I also need to have one last look at her before she disappears, especially as it will take another hour to get back to the hospital if they won't let me in.

As expected, the medics won't let me in to the helicopter and I understand that although I suddenly wish I'd thought to say I was her husband so that they'd have to let me ride with her. With the small part of my brain that is still thinking rationally I realise that thought is a Lulu of an idea because they know I am Christian Grey and everyone knows I am not married.

The medics are still working feverishly on stabilising Ana and I can imagine that they will continue to do so in the helicopter. So, after making sure that everyone understands that I will cover all the cost and they finalise the transfer of Ana to the helicopter, I place a single kiss on her soft lips and walk back to our car for the drive back to Seattle.

Even seeing the shock on Taylor's face that I kissed Ana doesn't lighten my mood, yes, I am a contradiction but it appears that whatever it is that I am feeling with Ana isn't normal and perhaps, given how my normal is panning out at the moment, it might be better that I move on to a different normal – one not full of crazy ex's.

The drive back consists of Taylor driving again like a Nascar driver so it is even quicker than when we headed out, the rain has stopped and there are less cars on the road but I have time to ring my mother first and ask if she is going on duty. For once it looks like the stars are aligned as she says she is and she has just been informed that there is a helicopter trauma case coming in and needs to get to the ER to help. Grace is a paediatric doctor but is called in to assist in trauma cases because her demeanour under pressure allows the other doctors to concentrate and she looks after the patient's welfare as well as assisting medically if required.

My voice breaks as I tell her that her trauma patient is a friend of mine and that I am paying for everything so please make sure everyone knows that and make sure that Ana gets the best treatment and resources possible. I am also able to give her an indication of the injuries so that she and the team will be even better prepared – I tell her that if she needs another doctor, don't worry about the cost, get the best one that is available so that Ana has the best chance of survival. She was in that crashed vehicle for a very long time so I shudder to think what the effect has been on her body.

The next call is to Kate Kavanagh who IS now sounding distraught because no-one has heard from Ana and she had figured something had happened but had no way of knowing what to do. I tell her that we found Ana and that she is on the way to Seattle Grace via helicopter and that it is unlikely that anyone other than family will be allowed in tonight. I tell her to get some rest and aim to see Ana tomorrow and given that her car is wrapped around a tree, she will have to find some way to get to Seattle – I ask if she would like me to send someone to get her but she says no, she'll find someone to give her a lift. I tell her that I will organise the recovery of the car but that it will be taken for investigation and it might be a while before she is able to see it. God, that reminds me that the police are going to be involved because of the extent of Ana's injuries and I wonder what they will determine about Cecilia – whatever they do, I have to make sure that my name is not attached in any way.

The next 2 calls are by far the worst calls to make, who wants to call the father and mother of someone to say that their child has been severely injured but I feel that it is better for me to call than to have a policeman turn up on the doorstep. Her father, Ray, takes it much worse than her mother who is happy to accept a flight in my company jet to get to Ana (it's the least I can do given that it appears that it is ultimately my fault that this has happened via Cecilia) and weirdly sounds excited about flying in a private jet…. Thankfully she is in Nevada with her husband on business instead of in Georgia, so it won't take as long for her to get here. Her father, says he will leave immediately and since he really doesn't live far past the accident site, I tell him where the accident was in case he wants to stop and have a look but at least he will only be an hour and half away and I am glad that some family will be there for Ana tonight.

By the time I am done with the calls, Taylor is pulling into the Seattle area and I tell him to go home and check on Gail. At his look of surprise, I explain that way we can change over, Sawyer can come with me and Taylor can stay with Gail as I am sure she would appreciate that and he actually smiles and says "Thank you" and then adds "and that will give me a chance to figure out what is going on with Cecilia".

Taylor calls Sawyer and as he hangs up I say, "Don't worry about Cecilia, Gail is the priority, we'll deal with her in the morning with John's input", it's the least I can do and at that point, we pull into the Escala garage and Sawyer and Taylor change places and we head back out to the hospital.

As I reach the hospital grounds, my phone rings and I see that it's my mum. My heart is pumping so loudly that I almost can't hear her question.