I'm happy for you

Mio Amato


I kept on thinking how miserable my life was; having almost died from staying far too long here in the human world, just to save Aries; having been banished from the Celestial World from 'killing' my owner; having to suffer the lack of power for more than three years.

All those were my thoughts before you went and saved me from despair. I should have known that you would come and save me. You're far too kind after all.

And since the day you saved my life, I vowed to protect you to the best of my abilities. Not only had I vowed, it became my goal. That no harm shall come to you as long as you have a contract with me. All the others agreed as well.

But I, no, we failed too many times; at the time during your battle against Angel from Oracion Seis, and also the time when you were in Edolas. All of us were useless.

But you kept on believing on us. Never even doubting our skills. Not once turning your back from us. You really are too perfect. Maybe that's why Aquarius is so jealous of you. You're almost exactly what she wants herself to be. But I guess I can't tell you that. She'll kill me for sure.

I love you Lucy. I really do. But you don't see me as you see him. I'm just a friend after all.

Now that you're missing for about seven years now, we can't help but blame ourselves for our lack of ability to save you from Acnologia. But because our contract is still intact, we know for sure, that all of you guys are still alive, somewhere around this world.

Lucy, I hope you're safe. And you have to make sure that you come back to all of us, alive. Or else, I'll give up everything that I have and follow you wherever you are. Lucy… just come back to us… please…

When we felt your loving presence again, all I could think of was that my prayers were answered. You finally came back. I don't know who saved you, but we sure are hell of grateful to that person. When I was about to pass through my gate to check on lucy, I was stopped when they said that she should be fine and just count on the others to bring her back safely to the guild. I couldn't be more unhappy.

As the years have gone by, I felt that I've been missing on some point of this. I didn't give it much thought since I know that if I ponder on it further, my feelings would just get mixed up.

Now that you're happily married and is expecting a baby, I can't say that I'm not melancholic about it. I'm certainly happy that you will be having a baby soon, but I can't help but be sad for not being the father of the said child.

As your celestial spirit, I'm supposed to support you, but it was this decision of yours that I found so difficult to respect. Your decision to be with Natsu, forever; because it wasn't exactly a secret that I really liked you, it came a shock throughout the guild, heck even Laxus was surprised, that I respected your decision.

Hell, they don't even know what I had gone through to accept it.

If only they knew how hard it was for me to accept it, they wouldn't be so happy right now. But who am I to destroy the happiness of the person that saved me? Certainly, I'm not someone that important to do that.

As you wed today, I just can't stop the tears that are falling from my eyes. So, I slipped out and just chose to stand here by the door as you and Natsu exchange vows. I know I'm only hurting myself by watching this, but it's for the best. If I don't watch this with my own eyes, I would never get over you.

Lucy, I love you from the very bottom of my heart. All of us really love you, you know. Even though I'm not the person you are now married to, I still love you. But even though that is true, I'm happy for you.