I guess I'm too late

Mio Amato


Despite the fact that I just knew you this morning, although I have heard rumors of you, I feel like I'm already head over heels with you.

Why shouldn't I? I can see that you value your friends from the bottom of your heart, even as an outsider. How you are holding Erza-san's hand as if she will fade if you let go; how your eye's glisten with tears in concern for your teammate. How you're afraid for everybody's safety even if you just met us recently, even for your former enemies.

How anyone would love to fall for you. What with your attractive looks and golden heart, anyone could see that you're almost perfect. I think even your own teammate's see that too; if their sudden grumpiness when I got you out of the way from Brains' attack was an indication. How they looked at us when we were serving you at our mansion. They could have killed us (The trimens) back then if it weren't for you who was standing close to us.

But I can tell that you like someone already. Someone named Natsu Dragneel. Fairytail's salamander.

If I hadn't met him in this alliance, I would have thought that he was only a troublemaker. With all the news of him destroying cities, ports and alike. I would have imagined him as anything but the one you love and the one standing here before me.

As soon as you saw him emerge from the woods, I can see your shoulders lift, as if a burden was suddenly lifted your shoulders. Some of your skin color was already coming back to life with relief, in just knowing that he was safe.

How he looked so happy in just knowing you were with us, safe and sound, and not somewhere else battling the enemy. How he looked at you from top to bottom silently without you noticing, checking if any gash or scratch had somehow escaped his attention; the look that he allowed to pass his face when he found none; and how you two passed each other a glance, the meaning only known to the both of you.

With all those, I can see why you fell in love with him. Although I already know that you two have mutual feelings for each other, I can't help but get hurt by what I'm seeing.

As much as I would like to see you with me after this mess have been taken care of, it cannot come true. You already found the one that you love. I can't do anything about it.

For when you were searching for the person that you will love, I wasn't there. I guess I'm too late for that.