I Just Wish That Was Me

Mio Amato


As I saw her come through the guild doors in Natsu's back, all I could think of is why is it always him that you call for when you're in trouble. I'm also here; why can't you see me too?

As you stare at what happened to the guild, I can see that you really blame yourself for all this. Not that you are. It's not your fault that you were born a princess. It isn't your fault that your father is a fucking greedy of a person.

But as I see that your mood is instantly lifted just by his uncharacteristically sweet words, I felt a pang of jealousy within me. Why can't you see that I like you too? Why can't you see that I liked you before that flamehead?

But I guess I can't blame anyone here. It is not your fault that you're just drop dead gorgeous, sexy even. It's not your fault that you were born with a golden heart. It's not your fault why you are what you are right now. And it is most certainly not your fault why I, no, we are just practically head over heels on you.

The only thing I don't understand is why on earth, have you to be so dense when it comes to others' feeling for you. Sure, you're smart and all, but please see my feelings too. Not just him.

For everything that he'd done for you, I want to do something far more heroic and romantic than those. I want to be the one to carry you on my back when you can't walk. I want to be the one to hold you in my arms as you cry your heart out. I want to be the one to make you feel better. I want to see you and I together.

But why is it that all you see is him? I'm far more better than him. Sure , he's stronger than me and all, but I can protect you better than him. I won't worry you with my actions unlike him. I won't you leave alone, unlike him.

But even I can see why you like him. He hasn't been with anyone like this since Lisanna passed away after all. And even with her, he wasn't this sweet. I guess, even HE knows how beautiful you are.

Even if it kills me to say this, all those are enough proofs to me that he won't let anything bad happen to you. That he will always be your knight in shining armor, even if it costs him his body.

It hurts so fuckin' bad to see and know that you two are perfect for each other. How you will be his reason to fight; and how he will be your reason to live on.

I'm not wishing for anything to happen to the both of you. I just wish that was me.