Author's notes: I came up with this idea while pondering over the Paint it Red challenge. The updates won't be as frequent as it is not an easy story to write. But I thought I would publish this first chapter to push me to work on it.

Lisbon signs her name at the bottom of the completed paperwork and triumphantly places it inside the file. The final evaluation finished! She picks up her phone to call Jane for the umpteenth time when a glance in to the bullpen reveals that her extremely tardy consultant has arrived. He is wildly demonstrating something with his arms. Lisbon pushes herself away from the desk and leaving her office she marches up to Jane demanding to know why he didn't answer any of her calls.

He turns and points to his throat he's moving his mouth but no sound is coming out. At first she stares at him dumbfounded thinking that she doesn't have time for his silly games but then she realises he is telling her that he has lost his voice. When she puts this conclusion forward he nods his head and points to a paper bag with a chemist's logo on the front, laying on his couch. She asks after his health and he signals with his thumb and forefinger that he is 'okay', it's just his throat. He mimes putting something in his ears and wiggling something in front of him, Lisbon looks puzzled but when he places 'it' on his chest Rigsby exclaims

"Stethoscope. Doctor!"

Jane touches his nose with one hand and points at Rigsby with the other and then raises two fingers. After congratulating him on going to the doctor. Lisbon groans:

"Charades I hate charades."

but then a big smile erupts on her face at the thought of 2 days without a talking Jane, two days of no trouble. Jane reads her like a book and shakes his head and moving a finger back and forth. Lisbon can almost hear his silent 'tut tut'

The phone rings and Cho announces they have a body. Everyone starts getting their things together, Lisbon instruct Cho to take a second vehicle and for Jane to stay on the couch. He grabs her arm and shakes his head. He looks indignant as she asks him what use will he be and that it would be better if he stayed at headquarters. He opens his arms in a questioning manner and points to his eyes. Lisbon sighs and signals for him to come. He immediately engulfs her in a hug. Lisbon extricates herself.

"Don't make me regret this."

He follows her with a wide smile on his face. As the elevator doors open he bows to let her enter first and Lisbon rolls her eyes to the ceiling. Jane seems to be enjoying himself too much and she knows it's going to be a very long day.

The crime scene is in the middle of nowhere, an hour's drive from Sacramento, in the wrong direction. They're met by the Sheriff from the nearest town. Lisbon introduces herself and Jane. Jane gives a salute. The Sheriff moves up close to Jane:

"Patrick Jane, I have heard about you. I don't want any funny business on my patch. I take murder very seriously."

Lisbon groans inwardly as she knows that the Sheriff is courting trouble. Jane on the other hand hold his hands up in surrender and mimes zipping his mouth shut. As the Sheriff turns away to lead them to the body, Jane gives Lisbon a big smile. Under her breath Lisbon admonishes:

"Behave yourself"

The Sheriff is giving them the low down on the case. A young woman, name of Lisa Banks, age 26, address on her driving license is in Sacramento. The coroners preliminary report is that she was stabbed a number of times and then strangled. The primary crime scene seems to be elsewhere, due to the lack of blood and she's been dead somewhere between 8 to 12 hours.

"Thank you Sheriff you've been very helpful"

Jane gives him a nod in agreement. Lisbon and Jane take a few minutes looking at the body. The Sheriff is over by his car desperately looking through his pockets. Lisbon calls over to him:

"Sheriff where is the person who found the body?"

He points to a man sitting in a pick up truck and then starts searching the ground. Lisbon turns to Cho.

"You and Rigsby talk to the man who found the body and Jane and I will go back to the victims place in Sacramento. She turns back to the Sheriff.

"Thank you Sheriff, they can take the body away now , we're heading back to Sacramento. Thank you for your help. A very distracted Sheriff returns her thanks without taking his eyes from the ground. Lisbon looks at him for a moment:

"Have you lost something Sheriff, can we help you?"

The Sheriff waves her off and Lisbon shrugs and with Jane heads back to the Suv. As she is about to enter the car she hears the Sheriff shout in frustration:

"Has anyone seen my car keys?"

Lisbon shoots Jane a fierce look, Jane gives an innocent questioning look in return.

"Give them back Jane."

Jane shrugs


Jane rolls his eyes but turns around and tosses the keys so they land just in front of the Sheriff's feet. As he looks up Jane gives him a smile and a wave before quickly getting into the car. Lisbon already has it started and makes a quick getaway with an angry Sheriff in the rear view mirror.

"I'm going to kill you Jane."