Here it is the final chapter. Thanks to everyone who has followed and favourite and reviewed my story I have greatly appreciated your support. It has been challenging but fun.

Jane decided he deserved a day off. He had planned on sleeping at the CBI Headquarters but knowing it would be wise to be as far away from Lisbon as possible he opted for his motel. Wistfully he wished he could have been there when she woke up and read his offering but sometimes self preservation does win over. Once he settles in his favourite diner with his cup of tea and order of eggs on the way, he opens up his phone and sends a text, after all he doesn't want anyone worrying about him.

He had tried out his voice in the shower but it came out croaky and weak so it was another day of silence. Another reason why he took the morning off, it was hard work communicating without words. The first reason was his brilliant job of closing the case in one long day. When he returned to his motel he had noticed sweat across his brow and determined that his strenuous activities had resulted in a slight fever and perhaps the doctors orders of bed rest and hot drinks might have had some basis for consideration.

He fills his cup up for the third time after putting down his knife and fork and pushing his empty plate away now how is he going to fill his morning. This is the problem with time off, it sounds good at first but then the hours stretch before him lonely and empty. He does know he need to buy 'make up' presents. Lisbon will be grumpy after last night and the team will get the brunt of it, especially when the object of her wrath is not there to take his medicine. He leans back and closes his eyes...'what to buy'...

Jane waves a cheery hello to the guard at the gate and parks his car. He grabs his purchases from the back seat and heads in to the elevator. He has a smile on his face, he is very happy with his purchases, they should unruffle all feathers. They had taken awhile to make and then he didn't know what else to do, so boredom and childish anticipation brought him to the CBI at two o'clock in the afternoon.

As he exits the elevator he hear the sound of Rigsby's laughter and then to his unbelieving ears, Lisbon's delightful chuckle joins in. Perhaps the gifts were unneccessary and Lisbon had come to realise that his hard work at closing the case in one day and being held at the point of a knife and a gun (a gun twice!) made him deserving of her forgiveness.

Grace is the first to see him and gives his a beaming smile'

"Jane I thought you were taking the day off."

Jane shrugs and holds up his bags.

As he steps closer into the bullpen the stillness of anticipation is evident. Then he sees it and drops his bags. He points and finds he can't stop pointing as he backs his way towards Lisbon's office where she has quickly retreated. She is at her desk pretending to do paperwork


He croaks out.

She looks sweetly up at him,

"Yes Jane."

"Where's my couch?!"