This is my first attempt at any sort of fan fiction, so please be gentle. I apologize if it's awful.

I have been working on other chapters, because in my head it's a rather long-ish story. Please let me know if you like what I've written so far and would like to see more. :)

In the Northern Wilderland of Middle-earth, situated near to Esgaroth and the banks of the Celduin River, was the Township of Dale. Founded around the year T.A. 2590, Dale was home to numerous Dwarves and humans. One such individual was the Dwarf, Donar. Born in the Grey Mountains, Donar had come to Dale when the Dwarf King Thror had led an assembly of his people to the Lonely Mountain, commonly known as Erebor. Donar was a miner by trade, but after arriving in Dale managed to obtain a highly sought position as the Apprentice to one of the local Jewelcrafter. It was in Dale that Donar had met the young daughter of a local merchant and fell deeply in love. Their relationship was cause for some scandal, because Donar's betrothed was not Dwarvish, but human. Unions between Dwarves and Humans were rarely heard of. Shortly after their marriage, she became pregnant and blessed Donar with a daughter, Eiranna. Donar's wife, though, had an extremely difficult delivery. She died soon after giving birth. Donar's sorrow over the loss of his wife could not be denied, but the love for his daughter gave his life meaning. Since the death of his wife, Donar lived a simple, quiet life with his daughter and was happy.

At 19, Eiranna was a picture of youthful innocence. Her hair, which she usually kept braided over her shoulder, was dark, the colour of burnt umber, and trailed down each side of her face to the bottom of her jaw. Eiranna's most distinctive physical feature was her eyes, vivid jade green in colour. At 4' 6," there was no doubt she was of Dwarvish heritage, but her slender frame were suspiciously human for she was far less stocky then was typical for a Dwarf. Eiranna often felt uncomfortable about her appearance and her obvious dissimilarity to other Dwarvish females. She was aware her peers often whispered about her, using word as "fragile" and "half-breed" to describe her, but she did her best to block the cruel words as much as possible.

Donar's skill in Dwarven jewel and metal craft was widely known in Dale and Erebor. It was Donar's prowess and care that made him a highly sought after tradesman, even among those in the highest sectors of society. This included the Royal family. Prince Thrain, in particular, sought Donar specifically to handle the most precious of his jewels. He trusted no other.

Eiranna would often accompany her father to the Royal Chambers on his consults with the Prince. The sheer beauty and magnificence of Erebor's Royal halls astounded her and would, quite literally, leave her speechless. More often than not, she spent much of her time within Erebor studying her surroundings, attempting to memorize every inch. She had few personal interactions with the Royal family. Whereas she found King Thror to be an imposing, terrifying man, Prince Thrain was, to her, gentler in spirit. He treated her kindly and appeared, at times, to be quite fond of her.

It was during these consultations that Eiranna would sometimes see Prince Thrain's children. His youngest, a daughter named Dis, was Eiranna's favourite. At 10, Dis was an imaginative, precocious girl. If she knew Eiranna has around, Dis would come running, pulling on her hands and skirts, chattering on about this or that. At times, she suspected Dis's interest in her had more to do with her longing for female interaction, but Eiranna enjoyed the little girl's company immensely nonetheless.

More often, it was his eldest son, Thorin, who accompanied Thrain to his meetings with Donar. Unlike the apparent frenzied wildness of his younger brother, Frerin, Thorin appeared to be of a more quiet nature. He rarely spoke, mainly concerned with observing his father's dealings. Despite her numerous visits, there had been very few words exchanged between Eiranna and Thorin, and he seemed to pay her little attention. Nonetheless, she found herself quite curious about him, which she frequently attempted to quell. The last thing she needed was to become emotionally attached to someone so far beyond her station. Prior to meeting Thorin, Eiranna had assumed based on whispers she heard from other females that the Prince's eldest son was attractive, and they were not wrong. At 24, he was an incredibly handsome male. His hair, so dark, was almost black. The Royal Family were always richly dressed, and Thorin was no exception. His dress was simple and understated, in comparison to that of King Thror. Thorin opted for dark colours, usually in hues of blues, which contrasted well with his icy blue eyes. Eiranna knew that when the time came for Thorin to choose a wife, he would find no lack of choice.