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The Box in the Attic

"Naruto?" Sasuke called out as he slowly climbed the stairs leading to the the attic. They were in an old mansion that Sasuke's brother, Itachi just purchased. Itachi had to finish the paperworks for the said sale and will be coming over later. He asked Sasuke and Naruto to go on ahead without him.

"I am here teme..." the blonde called out. Sasuke finally reached the end of the stairs and turned the metal knob around. The old door creaked. Sasuke stuck his head in and looked around for his blonde friend.

He found Naruto checking out the dusty boxes in the room. "What are you doing?" the raven asked as his brows furrowed. The blonde looked up and grinned "This house is so cool. I mean, look at all the stuff they left!" the blonde exclaimed, excitement exploding from his voice as he held up a hat-like thing with beads.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He was not even a bit excited with all the dusty boxes around. Who knows what on earth it contained. Itachi said that the previous house owners were a lovely couple who decided to live in another country - was it Switzerland? He can't remember. He can't even imagine Itachi calling old people 'lovely'. He frowned as he continued the watch his friend, opening the boxes and checking its contents. This was going to be a long day.

His pants pocket suddenly vibrated. He pulled his mobile phone out and saw that his brother sent him a text message. The cleaning people will arrive tomorrow, so Itachi wanted Sasuke to scan the area for things they can still use. His hands itched to tell Itachi that Naruto was graciously doing that job already. But knowing Naruto, he will consider everything 'cool' and 'useful'. So he took a deep breath and sighed. It seems Itachi always wanted him to do the dirty work.

It was summer and Sasuke and Naruto were off from their college classes. Itachi was in Tokyo, finishing the deed of sale. So Itachi had all the rights to send Sasuke to check the house before the cleaning services drops by. Sasuke looked around, trying to choose a box with the least dust on it. He didn't have OCD at all. He just didn't want to get dusty.

He finally found a small dark blue box, about a couple of inches bigger than a regular shoe box. It was located at the bottom of the pile Naruto was clearing out. It seemed clean enough so he picked it up and shook it. "Hey teme, what's in that?" the blonde asked absently as he closed the box he was holding. Sasuke tried to remove the lid but it seemed stuck. "I don't know. It's stuck." he informed the blonde as he continued to shake it. "Let's get a cutter or something to open it up with." the blonde grinned, his blue eyes sparkling with curiosity as he listened to the sound coming out of it from the raven's shaking.

"You really are a dobe, you know that? How can you be so excited with all these?" Sasuke sighed. "I always enjoyed doing this, ever since I was young." the blonde insisted. Sasuke sighed. The blonde wasn't lying. He witnessed it years back. He can still remember the first time he invited Naruto into his room. The blonde went over his toy box and pulled every single toy out.

"Let's open this later. We need to go over the other boxes. The cleaning guys will be picking these up tomorrow. Itachi wanted to check if there are stuff in here that are worth keeping." Sasuke stated as he placed the box in the corner and went over the rest. He just had to take another shower when they were done.

A few hours later...

"Finally..." Naruto commented as he scratched his nose. Sasuke was busy dusting his pants. They finally finished going over the boxes and were able to keep some items that can be used in the future. They already even brought the other boxes that were of no use downstairs. "I will have to make sure that they will clean the attic. The dust there is horrible. I think you can't even grow anything there. The air and sunlight won't seep through." the raven exclaimed as he gave a loud sneeze. Naruto chuckled "Bless you... you are just overreacting." he teased the raven.

Sasuke glared at his friend. "Excuse me. I am not overreacting. I am just speaking the truth. I think the old folks never found time to clean up their attic. I just wonder what kept them busy." Sasuke muttered as he gave another sneeze. Naruto laughed "Yeah, yeah... maybe they were garden freaks or something. Did you see how many hoes they have?" the blonde asked and the raven nodded his head.

"I think I will take a shower." the raven announced. It was a good thing that he usually brings a change of clothes in his car. "I think I need one too. My back itches." the blonde stated. "I have to check if the water is okay." Sasuke said as he marched towards the nearest bathroom. He went to the faucet and turned it on. Cool clear water gushed out. He held his hand to it and smelled the water... it smelled fine. It was safe to shower then.

"Naruto, can you get my bag please? It's in the trunk." he said as he threw the blonde the keys. The blonde nodded and jogged his way out. He was glad he made Naruto stash some clothes earlier, he expected them to get dusty. He decided to let Naruto shower first. He saw his reflection on the mirror and knew that needed time with his hair. The dust seemed to have made a home along his natural locks.

"Teme I'm back." the blonde called out and handed Sasuke the bag. He opened it and pulled a towel. "You go first." the raven said as he handed Naruto the towel, a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo. He sat on one of the wooden stools and waited for the blonde to finish showering. He looked around. The house was quiet big. Itachi planned to renovate the area and turn the mansion into a summer house of some sort. It had a lake outside. Sasuke knew the place would be great once it's fixed up.

"The water is cold. I don't think summer reached this place already." the blonde exclaimed as he got out of the bathroom. He was already wearing a pale orange shorts. He handed Sasuke the towel. "Your shampoo sucks. It smells funny." he grimaced. Sasuke stuck his tongue out "My mentholated brand is better than those sickly sweet stuff you and Itachi like." he commented. "At least we both have taste." the blonde countered.

Naruto have known the Uchihas for a long time. They were practically like family. He was Sasuke's best friend since grade school. They were also orphans so they have this certain kind of attachment with each other. A special bond like brothers.

Naruto was even aware of the romantic relationship the brothers have. He wasn't freaked out about it. In fact, he supported their love. He had no qualms over same sex or incestuous relationships. He was a man with a big heart and understood the feeling of loving and being loved. He loved Sasuke and Itachi like family.

He smiled as the raven went in the bathroom. He looked around. His eyes landed on the blue box on the floor along with the other boxes. He grinned as he went over and picked it up. He gave it another shake. He went over the kitchen counter and looked around the drawers. He found a small knife. He decided to open the box up and look at it's contents..

Sasuke finally finished showering. He wrapped the towel around his waist. He sighed as he realized that he didn't bring his bag with him. He needed to go out and retrieve his clothes. He opened the door and got out. He realized that Naruto was nowhere in sight. "Naruto?" he called out. He heard the sound of metal falling against something hard, like the floor. "Naruto?" he called out again.

"Teme, I'm in the kitchen. You better come here quick. You wouldn't believe this..." the blonde stated, his voice obviously showed that he was in awe. Sasuke marched in the kitchen and found the blonde. The blue box was opened before him. The blonde had a cheeky grin on his face.

"What the - Naruto! What the hell is that?" the raven asked as he moved closer.

"This is so cool..." the blonde said as he raised his hand to show Sasuke what he was holding. Sasuke turned pale. He can't believe what he was looking at. "Naruto! Put that back..." he said in a whisper. "I haven't seen anything like this yet..." the amused blonde mumbled. With lightning speed, Sasuke snatched the thing the blonde was holding and slammed it back into the box. The blonde pulled it back out "Aw, come on teme... I was still looking at it!" the blonde exclaimed.

Sasuke grabbed the item but the blonde held on to it hard "Teme! Let me take a longer look at it, please!" the blonde screamed. They continued to struggle until they lost their balance and both fell on the floor : Naruto was lying on the cold ground while Sasuke was on top, his dark eyes glaring "Naruto! You don't know if this is clean. I mean... how can you just touch it without care?" Sasuke asked in a disgusted voice.

Suddenly the main door opened. Both the blonde and the raven looked towards that direction. Though they were far from the said door, they actually had a clear view who opened the door.

"Sasuke? Naruto? What are you doing over there?" Itachi asked in a very surprised voice. Who wouldn't be surprised. Sasuke and Naruto were on the floor. Naruto was only in his shorts and was shirtless and Sasuke was only clad in a towel. He quickly walked towards the kitchen.

"What are you two doing?" he asked again. Neither answered him. He silently bent down and picked up the thing resting a few inches away from the said bodies on the floor. It seemed like they were fighting over it. Sasuke and Naruto scrambled up to their feet. Blush eating their cheeks up. Itachi glared at his brother "Sasuke?" he asked in authority. Sasuke blushed even harder. He knew Itachi too well. He knew what was boiling in his lover's mind right now. Itachi was very possessive. And when the elder raven gets jealous, it was scary.

"It's not what you think, Itachi-nii..." Naruto broke the silence. Itachi glared at Naruto then at Sasuke. "Really? Come on. What do you want me to think?" he said as he tapped his shoes on the tiled floor. "You tell me... What if you walked into two almost naked men with a sex toy in hand... what would you think?" he asked as he eyed both men. Sasuke bit his lower lip and Naruto stared at his toes.

Itachi looked at the monstrous thing on his hand. He didn't need a ruler to know that it was at least 8 inches long. It was one of those special dildos with a soft rubbery texture - made to please 'like the real thing'. He always thought that Sasuke wasn't into toys.

"Itachi-nii...t-that thing... isn't ours..." Naruto bravely tried to save their faces. "He is right. It's not ours. We found it..." Sasuke finally found his voice.

"Really? And you want me to believe that?" Itachi said in monotone. Naruto quickly reached for the box on the counter and handed it to Itachi. "Sasuke was trying to take it away from me. He said it might not be clean. I told him I wanted a longer look at it." the blonde explained. Sasuke almost gagged as he looked at the contents of the box. He now understood why it gave a funny sound when he shook it in the attic earlier.

Itachi looked at the box. It was filled with adult toys. From cock rings to mini vibrators. He looked at Naruto and then Sasuke... their innocent eyes and blushes did prove their innocence. And Itachi was sure Sasuke would never cheat on him. And he knew Naruto. The blonde was attached to one of the Sabaku heirs as far as he could remember.

But he wanted to continue teasing them. Sasuke was so composed and it was fun to tease him when he was flustered. And add cute Naruto in the list. He will surely make them extremely embarrassed and he was in the mood to tease... and maybe, even more than that.

Sasuke looked up slowly and met Itachi's hard gaze on him. Sasuke swallowed the hard lump on his throat. He knew he was in trouble... big time!

"Sasuke I am very disappointed..." Itachi stated in a cold voice.


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