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previously : "Sasuke I am very disappointed..." Itachi stated in a cold voice.

The Box in the Attic

Sasuke decided to keep his mouth shut. He knew it was futile to try to reason out. Though Itachi was a fair man, he sometimes let his emotions get on the way.

He dropped his gaze and tried to rack his brain for some explanation. Why in the world did Itachi see them like that. Maybe the fates were mad at him or something He wondered what Naruto was doing right now. He didn't try to look at the blonde. He hoped the blonde won't do or say something stupid that might trigger Itachi's fury.

"Sasuke..." Itachi called out and the young raven slowly turned his gaze towards his brother. Itachi's dark eyes were murky. Sasuke haven't seen Itachi look like this before. He didn't know if his aniki was mad or at the verge of laughing. Leave it to Itachi to cover his feelings. He was and always will be an enigma to him.

"Y-yes?" he whispered. Itachi moved towards Sasuke and displayed the sex toy before his face. He looked at it and felt his mouth go dry. He wasn't really in to toys but looking at the said device at that range (though it's size paled from the original thing), it reminded him so much of Itachi's pride. He started to blush. Fuck! He was a pervert! Sasuke diverted his eyes to his toes.

Itachi noticed the blush crawling on his brother's cheeks. He smiled inwardly. He haven't had sex with Sasuke in a while and looking at his brother in semi-naked form was enough to invigorate his manhood. He didn't care if Naruto was there to witness them. He would even let him join if he wanted to.

"I am really surprised otouto... this?" Itachi said dramatically as he waved the thing over Sasuke's face.

"Uh, nii-san... will you please quit doing that?" Sasuke whispered.

"Doing what?" Itachi asked innocently as he continued to wave the dildo from left to right.

"That!" Sasuke grimaced. Itachi grinned as he lowered his head a bit to meet Sasuke's gaze.

"Does it bother you?" he asked, his voice low and teasing. Sasuke looked into Itachi's eyes, trying to read what was in Itachi's mind. He was able to nod his answer.

"Why should it bother you otouto?" Itachi asked as he traced his index finger on Sasuke's jaw. He saw Sasuke's reaction to that touch by the way the goosebumps decorated Sasuke's arm. His brother was very sensitive to his touches. He liked that a lot about his lover.

"I - I... uh..." Sasuke stammered as his blush continued to grow. Itachi chuckled. "Sasuke, I know you too well. Deny all you want... I have a feeling that I know what is in your mind..." Itachi stated as he moved closer to Sasuke, hovering over him with a sly smirk on his handsome face.

Naruto was looking at Itachi and Sasuke. He have witnessed many moments with the lovers - fights, moment of sweetness... but this was something new. He knew the elder raven valued privacy when it comes to intimacy. But by he way Itachi was looking at Sasuke, he knew that the older man was aroused.

"I - uh, I think I have to go..." Naruto whispered as the heavy blush consumed his tanned face. Itachi looked at Naruto's direction and glared at him. The blond stopped moving as the dark eyes bored right to his core.

"No Naruto... You are definitely staying..." the elder raven commanded.

Itachi was feeling pretty uncomfortable down-South. It was a good thing that the slacks he was wearing today were loose - at least it will not show his erection that easily.

"Sasuke... Naruto... I really don't know what to do with you..." he stated aloud. He noticed that Sasuke's frown even harder. Naruto's eyes remained glued on the floor.

"Trying to reason out will do you no good. I am not listening to any of that crap..." Itachi said.

"But Itachi-nii..." Naruto blurted. Itachi gave him another death glare drowning the other words from coming out of his mouth.

"I leave you boys here to do a task so simple - and see what I get back..." the elder raven continued to blab.

Sasuke was biting his inner cheek for control. How he wanted to make Itachi listen. He tried but the man would listen. It was very frustrating for his part because it was known all over that his temper wasn't that good compared to Itachi's.

Itachi noticed Sasuke's jaw muscles twitching. He knew that his brother was already frustrated. That was what he wanted. He was not a sadist but there are times that he liked it when Sasuke was all furious. It makes his brother look cuter than he already was in his eyes - not to mention the great response in sex that comes along with it.

"I might as well just have to punish you both..." Itachi stated. Sasuke's stormy eyes looked at Itachi and saw the mischievous smirk plastered on his handsome face. Sasuke knew his brother too well. Itachi was really playing with them. How can he be so dumb not to detect that earlier - he would never know. Itachi was really - well, when he was near his brother he just gets too distracted.

"Punish?" Naruto whispered.

Itachi grinned as he gave nod.

Sasuke suddenly just got a weird gut feeling. He hated that feeling. It was a mixture of fear, frustration and lust - lots of the latter one.

Itachi walked closer to Sasuke and eyed his brother. His slender fingers circled around Sasuke's wrist "Tsk, you boys really need to be punished..." he whispered into Sasuke's ear. But he made sure that Naruto could hear it as well.

Sasuke inhaled deeply. He didn't mind getting punished - he knew exactly what Itachi meant when he used that word. But it was different now - Naruto was there. There was no way that he was going to let the blond see them fuck... although - although at the back of his mind - it sounded.. almost tempting.

"On your knees, Sasuke..." Itachi's voice broke his trance. He looked at his brother and Itachi was looking at him with a smirk. They were for Kami's sake in the kitchen. Itachi moved and sat down on one of the stools near the counter and tugged Sasuke along. "Get on your knees and face me..." Itachi demanded his brother.

Blush started to eat Sasuke's face. He will not let Naruto see the slut he becomes when he was engaged in the arts of intimacy. But his body was reacting otherwise. He can feel gentle stirrings playing around his groin. Itachi wants to make this frustratingly awkward - that was the punishment his brother have in mind.

He didn't know if Itachi wanted to just let Naruto watch... knowing Itachi - who was the source of all spontaneous acts when it comes to pleasure - he would let Naruto join the so called punishment, sooner or later.

Sasuke didn't move. Itachi pulled Sasuke closer, his hand went towards Sasuke's erection - that was slowly rising. Itachi knew how much Sasuke loved to be punished - the young raven loved to dominate, but being forced to submit was an even greater turn on for him. "Mmmm... Sasuke, when was the last time I tasted your sweetness?" Itachi asked as he started rubbing his palm over Sasuke's crotch. The towel was thin and the heat emitted by Itachi's hands were sending little jolts of pleasure all over Sasuke's

"Don't... Naruto..." Sasuke stated helplessly as his eyes closed from the delight he was getting. Itachi understood him perfectly. His brother was shy - he didn't want Naruto to witness them doing the deed. And that tiny knowledge made Itachi even more eager - it was supposed to be a punishment after all. Who said punishments were supposed to be tame?

"Get on your knees and suck me, Sasuke..." Itachi wickedly demanded the young raven. Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was so un-Itachi-like. He never expected the older Uchiha to be vocally kinky.

Sasuke slowly knelt down and was now in between Itachi's semi-spread legs. "Nii-san... I..." Sasuke whispered. Itachi reached for Sasuke's chin and raised it up to meet him in the eye "What bothers you?" he asked sweetly. Sasuke bit his lower lip. How can he tell Itachi that he didn't - He couldn't do this with Naruto watching?

As if Itachi read his thoughts "Don't be bashful Sasuke, Naruto won't mind at all..." the elder raven chuckled. He placed a slender finger in his mouth and brought it to Sasuke's nipple, circling the rosy nub with it.

Sasuke was completely turned on. His body reacted greatly when Itachi was near. His erection was pulsing from Itachi's feverish touches earlier. He looked away from Itachi and faced his brother's cock... calling out to him. The bulge on Itachi's pants

Damn, he wanted to suck Itachi. To feel his warm throbbing cock in his mouth again. He can always pretend Naruto was not there... it will be hard, but it wasn't impossible... he was being punished after all...

"Don't keep me waiting otouto..." Itachi whispered, his voice so low and husky that it want straight to Sasuke's cock.

He reached for Itachi's belt and unbuckled it. Itachi rested his back and slanted his sitting position. The movement gave Sasuke easy access to unbutton his slacks and unzip it. The young raven did his chore, fingers trembling - Itachi didn't like to be rushed, so no matter how it was killing him right now... he needed to go along Itachi's wishes.

Sasuke pulled the garter of Itachi's briefs down, his erection sprang out - almost touching the tip of his nose. Itachi grinned. Sasuke looked to cute, being all flushed and embarrassed. God, he wanted to fuck Sasuke right now... but he need to play with them a little more. He was a patient man after all.

Sasuke looked at Itachi's cock. He held on to it's length with both hands, gently squeezing it as he moved his fingers about. He eyed Itachi and saw that the older man's eyes were glittering with mischief. "Do it Sasuke..." Itachi urged his brother.

Sasuke positioned the tip of Itachi's turgid shaft before his mouth. He took a deep breath - trying to get courage to suck Itachi off while Naruto looked. He will have to blackmail the blond not to talk about this in the future.

Itachi reached for the back of Sasuke's head and pulled him closer to him. Sasuke's warm breath blew around his cock, making it weep with anticipation "Sasuke..." Itachi growled. Sasuke slowly let his tongue out and licked the tip of Itachi's cock.

Itachi gave out a contented sigh as Sasuke started to lap him up. "That is good... hmmm... now slide your tongue to the right... ahhh, there..." Itachi cooed. Sasuke listened to his lover's demands. He didn't mind following Itachi... it made him feel good when Itachi was giving him wordy praises.

Sasuke's tongue was dancing all over his length. The pressured sucks and the teeth scraping against his skin was extremely delicious. Sasuke was doing wonderful, feeling the young raven gain more confidence as he continued to give out grunts and little groans. Itachi closed his eyes as he sighed loudly - yep, Sasuke was really good at this.

Naruto was almost choking with what he was seeing. He never expected any of this. He was scared to blink - he could not believe what he was seeing. He was seeing Sasuke giving Itachi a blow job. And heavens, the elder Uchiha was gifted!

Seeing Sasuke so obedient, on his knees and the way Sasuke's tongue flicked over Itachi's length made his throat go dry. His breathing started to get uneven that he needed to open his mouth to be able to breath properly. He can feel himself getting hard as well.

Itachi's dark eyes suddenly darted towards him. Naruto started to blush, he knew he needed to look away - but oh! The view was magnetizing that he just couldn't.

"Come here Naruto..." Itachi called to him with a sly smirk on his lips.

Naruto blinked a few times... was he hearing things? Did Itachi just asked him to join them? He remained silent as he tried to get his breathing stable.

"I... uh, I don't think it's a good idea..." Naruto stated. Itachi chuckled and shook his head. He motioned the blond to move closer. "It - oh, God *gasps*... is... come over here..." Itachi stated in between heavy breaths.

Naruto took small steps until he was standing beside Sasuke. The raven didn't look up, he was still eating Itachi with gusto, hoping to please the man and perhaps stop the punishment.

"Kneel Naruto..." Itachi mumbled, his voice in a low growl. The blond went down. Sasuke darted his dark eyes towards Itachi. That look alone was enough to make Itahi cum. Sasuke' dark eyes staring at him, slender fingers around his cock and moist pink lips around his arousal's tip - was simply mind blowing. But, he was still sane... he needed to punish Naruto too for his own judgement's pleasure.

"Sasuke... share some to Naruto..." Itachi stated as if he was just telling them the color of his shoes. With a suctioned pop, Sasuke released Itachi's hard shaft. He looked at Naruto who was all crimson right now.

He honesly didn't want to share Itachi. As if again his brain was screaming, Itachi grabbed his cock and directed it to Naruto.

"Itachi!" Sasuke growled. Possessiveness were one of the Uchiha's greatest flaws. But it was normal. When they owned, they loved it with deadly passion.

Itachi watched as Naruto shyly took hold of his cock with one of his tanned hands. The blond's hand was cold and rough. He watched intently as the blond studied him. He knew he had an impressive package... and looking how the blond marvelled over it made his ego grow twice it's normal high.

"I really don't know why you prefer toys..." Itachi murmured as he watched Naruto gently lick him.

Sasuke moved over, taking over Itachi's right corner as the blond owned the left. He leaned over and started to lick Itachi again, his free hand cupped Itachi's balls and massaged them. Itachi groaned. Having two mouths pleasure you was a rare treat.

Their tongues accidentally touched, sending Sasuke and Naruto into an embarrassing halt.

"What's the matter?" Itachi asked, grinning widely. This is what he wanted. He wanted Sasuke and Naruto to break their awkwardness. Itachi have witness his bestfriend fuck before his eyes. He even joked about how loud Kisame could get. He wanted Sasuke and Naruto to be comfortable with each other. Afterall, he really didn't intend on punishing them - they were innocent. He just wanted them to have this delightful experience.

Itachi made Sasuke get up and turn his back on him. He pulled the towel off and heard Naruto gasp. Sasuke was well endowed in his own rights. He didn't know if Naruto have seen Sasuke naked and fully erected, but the gasp gave him the answer he needed.

"Sasuke..." Naruto whispered. "Beautiful , isn't he?" Itachi stated as his slender fingers traced the veins around Sasuke's cock.

"Touch him Naruto... taste him while you are at it..." Itachi asked the blond.

Sasuke was looking intently as the blond reached for him, running his thumb against the weeping slit. Biting his inner cheek, Sasuke tried to control the groan from coming out. "Oh, fuck..." Sasuke groaned in between gritted teeth as he felt Itachi's intruding tongue in his ass.

Hearing Sasuke grunting and mewling like a pampered tabby cat, made Naruto blush. He looked at Itachi and got a nod. He understood what the elder raven wanted him to do.

"Fuck, Naruto!" Sasuke gasped, his eyes flew open as he felt Naruto's mouth on his cock. He felt his knees tremble helplessly. Itachi continued to wriggle his tongue in and out of Sasuke's hole as Naruto lapped his cock. Itachi could feel the tremors circulating all over his brother's body. Sasuke was trembling like mad.

"Nii-san! Naruto! Stop! Oh, God!" Sasuke groaned loudly as he tried so hard to stay standing. Naruto was sucking him beautifully as well as Itachi was tongue-fucking him the way he wanted. If this was the punishment Itachi had in mind - he was losing all his restraints right now...

"You really want us to stop? Neh, Sasuke?" Itachi asked as he stopped playing with Sasuke. He gently bit the soft skin of Sasuke's right buttock, making the youg raven jerk his body upward - thus pushing his cock deeper into Naruto's willing mouth. "Fuck!" Sasuke gasped.

"Come Sasuke, take a seat..." Itachi stated as he lured his brother down towards him. Itachi held Sasuke's hips and gently rubbed his erection against Sasuke's ass as he sat down. Naruto - who was enjoying his treat didn't let go if Sasuke's cock. He leaned over as well, still lapping Sasuke with quick sucks and licks as if he was melting.

"Ngghhh..." Sasuke groaned in between gritted teeth. He was in a state of delirium. He was confused - yes. But this confusion was definitely good. He didn't even want to comprehend why Itachi was allowing this to happen. Itachi was always surprising him when it comes to intimacy.

"Come on Sasuke... is that all you can say?" Itachi coaxed him. Sasuke was dying inside. He wanted so much from this but his pride was holding him from indulging.

His attention towards Itachi's entry was temporarily broken as he felt Naruto's teeth scraping against his length. Sasuke usually makes the sexiest sounds life has to offer. He wondered how loud the blond could get too.

With a pop, Naruto released Sasuke's throbbing manhood as he watched Itachi move behind Sasuke. Instincts caught the best of him. His hands flew to his cock, gripping the pulsating muscle in his hand a bit tighter than he wanted.

"Look Sasuke, Naruto is turned on as you are... why don't you take him?" Itachi suggested.

"Please, teme..." the blond begged. His eyes were hazed. The tanned body glistened with sweat. Sasuke won't deny that his bestfriend was hot - and heairng him beg was too much for his self control.

Naruto was there, naked and hands on his pride. Sasuke didn't need to be a genius to understand that the blond wanted to get fucked. Whatever morals he was thinking earlier were already gone to another place. Naruto looked delicious in that position... sitting before him and Itachi in all his naked glory with a matching erection that was all red and needy.

As he was about to reach for Naruto, Itachi pulled Sasuke. His back collided on Itachi's naked chest. "Just this once Sasuke... I am not going to share you ever again..." the elder raven whispered huskily on his ear. He shivered and gave a nod.

Itachi let him go and watched as his brother positioned himself behind the loud blond who went on all fours. He licked his lips as he looked. It was obvious that Sasuke was hesitant, after all it was Naruto... someone he had known all his life.

But it seemed that the blond wanted it to happen. He was a needy, whimpering naked mess before them. Itachi would gladly take Naruto, but he knew that the blond trusted Sasuke more than him.

"Sasuke..." Naruto groaned as he urged the young raven to fill him. Sasuke's face was flushed as he held Naruto's hips. Itachi already prepared the blond earlier as they played. "Sasuke, please..." Naruto whimpered. Naruto didn't care if he sounded too eager - he was, there was no denying that.

Itachi moved faced Naruto. He cupped the surprised blond's face and kissed him. Sasuke's eyes grew large as he watched his brother kiss his bestfriend.

Naruto's arms flew around Itachi's neck. Their tongues danced, making Sasuke's mouth water.

He gently took hold of Naruto's hips and with his thumb, opened the cheek that protected the blond's quivering hole. Naruto was definitely tanned all over, his delicious golden skin was flawless. He leaned over and gave the puckered love hole a small lick.

"Hahhh Sasuke!" Naruto groaned, his body arching up. Itachi had to chuckle, Naruto was loud alright. He held Naruto in place to let Sasuke have his fun. Kissing Naruto was fun, the blond tasted like oranges and a spicy hint of ramen.

Sasuke could hear his heart pounding loudly against his chest. He sucked his finger and inserted it into Naruto's eager hole. He felt the blond tremble a bit, maybe from the excitement. He slowly slid the single digit in and out, earning pleasured moans from Naruto. Sasuke felt his ego build up. Small as it may seem, the responses Naruto was giving him was enough to make him needy as well.

"Naruto... you make the most interesting sounds..." Itachi commented as he released the blond from his kisses. He offered his cock to Naruto, spreading his legs apart for more access. Naruto who supported his weight with his hands took him without second thoughts. Itachi groaned as he felt Naruto suck him. He didn't want any comparison - but he had to admit, the blond was definitely good as well.

Itachi's brows furrowed a bit as he felt Naruto bite him. He looked up and realized that Sasuke was already inserting a third finger in the blond. "Nnghmm..." the blond moaned over Sasuke's ministrations. The humming of Naruto's mouth as he took Itachi in felt good, the vibration of the air mixed with the pressured sucks felt extremely good.

Sasuke decided that he wanted to claim the blond. He removed his slick fingers and replaced it with his weeping cock. Pearls of precum glistened at the pink tip. It was Sasuke's first time to take charge and Itachi wanted to see it.

"Ahh - Sasuke!" Naruto screamed in surprise as Sasuke pushed himself into Naruto's tight hole. No lube was placed so it was going to be difficult, but he knew the blond can manage soon enough - judging from the soft mewls that accompanied the groans of discomfort. Sasuke prepared his friend well.

Naruto released Itachi's cock to make him breathe better. Sasuke pounded into him, slowly at first. The pace was making Naruto crazy. He always wanted it fast and hard. "Sasuke... dammit..." Naruto grunted, lost for words. Sasuke understood what the man needed.

"Hah!" Naruto's screams of pleasure started to fill the kitchen. Itachi's mouth watered. Every scream the blond was making went straight to his groin.

"Itachi!" Sasuke gasped as he felt his brother's arms around him from behind. "You are doing good Sasuke..." the elder raven cooed as he trailed his tongue on Sasuke's nape. Itachi's hand went to Sasuke's mouth and obediently the young raven suckled on his fingers.

With precise moves he, Itachi pulled his wet fingers from his brother's mouth and slowly intruded Sasuke. He followed Sasuke's rhythm as he continued to pound into Naruto. Sasuke was in could number nine. The delicious tightness that enveloped him up front and the mischievous fingers behind him was driving him wild.

Itachi can sense Sasuke was at the verge of sexual delirium. He removed his fingers, spread his pre-cum along his length and hastily shoved his burning cock in his brother's tight ass.

"Ahhh..." Sasuke groaned as Itachi claimed him. He can hear his brother cooing behind his back. Itachi's hands were everywhere... touching him... feeling him... he shivered uncontrollably as he savored the feel of Itachi's hands and Naruto's tightness.

His mind was in limbo, the delicious feelings were swirling around him - making him loose his sanity. This probably would be one of the greatest sex he ever had. He will never let Itachi forget about this... and he will not even try to hide this from Naruto either.

"Sasuke... ahhhh... Sasuke..." Naruto was whimpering louder than earlier. Sasuke's mind comprehended that he was getting close. Itachi increased his pace as well, matching his own thrusts - faster and faster until he felt Sasuke grip him hard. "Fuck!" Sasuke bellowed as he released his load. A few thrusts behind, Itachi filled Sasuke to the brim. They collapsed on the cold tiles, all breathing heavily and dazed from the aftermath of their orgasm.

When their breathing went to their normal pace, Itachi broke the silence. "Anyone hungry?" he asked. Sasuke looked at Itachi and saw his brother smirking at him. Naruto, who was on Itachi's left side rolled up "Me... I am hungry..." he chuckled. The smile on Sasuke's lips started to grow. He eyed Naruto and the blond smiled warmly back at him.

Consenting adults, that was what they were. And in the long run, they always have each other to turn to. Itachi reached out to Sasuke and the young raven snuggled closer to Itachi's side.

Itachi planted a kiss on Sasuke's forehead... "Now... no more playing of toys anymore without me , huh?" Itachi teased and both Naruto and Sasuke laughed.


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