I'll Forever Love You

Ethan's POV

It was Friday night and Sarah was coming over to babysit my little sister Jane. I was in my room sitting on my bed , while I was clashing my palms up and down on my knees , the reason why I was doing this was because I was nervous ,It started when Benny dared me to ask Sarah out tonight ,not that I had a problem with It ,I realy love her but I'm too scared that she will reject me ,besides I don't know if she loves or even likes me the way I do, but who knows she might even reject me, I'M A NERD! I yelled in anger .Right after doing that my phone rang; surprisingly it was Benny so I pressed the answer button. Hey Benny what's up? Wait Ethan did you ask Sarah out already? No she's not here yet, besides Benny I'm scared that she will reject me. Sarah won't like a guy like me I mean look at me I'm a nerd she wouldn't like me at all, I said sorrow. Come on E! Stop being such a wimp and be a man and just ask her out already! If you don't I'll put a spell on you besides I thought you loved her! He yelled. I do but! But what Ethan just do it! Benny almost exploded in rage. Fine I'll do it! I yelled back then I hung up, suddenly the door bell rang, it might be Sarah I thought nervously.

Sarah's POV

I was nervous as I walked into the Morgan household as Ethan's mom invited me inside before she yelled Jane, Ethan your babysitter's here, then they closed the door on their way out leaving while Jane asked if I could play dolls with her.

One hour later

I finally to Jane to bed, wondering why Ethan didn't come downstairs tonight, curiosity taking the best of me, I couldn't stop thinking about him, my mind was so full of his cute face I just couldn't help myself. I loved him since the day I saved him from becoming a vampire. I really do love him course every time I see him my undead heart skips a beat then my chest heaves up and down even though I'm a vampire I don't really need to breath but Ethan is the only one that can make that happen, which makes me feel like a human again it is so wonderful. I just can't stand not being around him. Oh Ethan with his adorable face and those cute orbs of his and I love it when he gives me that geeky lop-sided smile it just makes him so cute, but I would never admit my true feelings about him to anyone or even him, I thought as I came face to face with the door of his room. I knocked on the door as I started getting nervous and all sweaty on my forehead as he pulled the door open. Oh hi Sarah, he said as he invited me inside. I was just getting heated and my cheeks turned into a shade of blood red, as I turned around to look at him I started feeling weak then I collapsed