I'LL FOREVER LOVE YOU 7 "Sarah baby we need to go the others are starting to get angry at us," I said while we were in each others arms. But Cuddle Bear I don't wanna leave, I was just having so much fun with you and this was a wonderful moment, I know Sarah it was wonderful for me too but baby we have to go but I promise you that next time that it would be better,greater and there will be no disturbances and just remember I love you and I meant every single word that I said, I love you too Ethan. Okay we better start putting our clothes back on and head for the food court. A few minutes later we were done so we made sure that no one saw us coming out of the storage room, when the coast was clear we quickly made our way to the food court where everyone was waiting. When we got there almost every ones faces were filled with angry expressions except for Rory, anyway Rory is always clueless by the way." Where have you guys been?" asked Benny and Erica in unison, well "Sarah and I were at the movies then we went to get drinks and ice-cream" I lied. We were hoping that this excuse that we were giving them worked but luckly it did. "So where are we gonna eat?" Rory said while making that wired smile that he made earlier this morning, there is just something wrong with that guy." How about pizza palace?" I suggested, yeah Ethan why not after you made me starve because you two decided to take your own time doing whatever God knows what for the mother fucking 3 hours! You were supposed to be here you know that Ethan! Benny I understand that your angry and I'm sorry for that but you don't have to shout at us..." No Ethan!"I was cut off by Sarah. Don't say sorry to this jerk! We understand that we were late but you don't have to go around acting like a total bitch Benny! What the hell is wrong with you, when ever you get our asses in to trouble because your bad at magic we don't get that angry at you because we know that your an idiot sometimes and also because your also our friend so if you still have a problem then deal with it! Almost everybody at the mall turned to look at us ,well Sarah mostly. Come on Ethan lets get out of here! Wow Sarah was super angry, she was about to go full on vampire on Benny and all of us were watching her shouting at Benny with our mouths wide open, she totally left Benny speechless. Sarah grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the mall all the way to her car. I got inside the car without questoining her, I could see that she was in an angry mood and I didn't wanna make it worse. The whole car ride was quiet until we reached my house. Sarah pulled over on the driveway before she faced me, her face expression was normal as if nothing ever happened today at the food court with Benny. Ethan I'm sorry for what just happened but Benny was acting like a total jerk so thats why I had to do that... No no its okay babe you don't have to apologize, Benny deserved it, he was acting pretty mean way worse then Erica when she's hungry. Sarah gave out a small chuckle as I said that, Thanks Ethan your welcome my sweet, she quickly gave me peck on the lips. We got inside my house, it seemed like no one was at home my parents had gone to work and Jane must'ev gone to stay at her friends house for the day. I closed the door behined Sarah and plopped down on the living room couch dramatically sighing, Sarah did the same landing beside me."So what do you wanna do?" Sarah asked while taking my hands into hers," let me show you what I wanna do" I said as our lips met. The kiss was slow at first then after a few minutes it became heated as my hands made their way to Sarah's ass and boobs, I quickly picked her up from the couch and ran up the stairs our lips never parting. When we got to my room I locked the door and laid Sarah on my bed then I put my body on top of hers, before we could even kiss my phone rang. I dug it out off my pocket and looked at the screen, it read mom on the caller ID so I answered it. Hey mom, hey Ethan listen your dad and I arn't coming home for the weekend and we're taking your sister with us, so make sure your safe and NO PARTIES! I will have to ask Sarah to stay for the weekend so my house won't burn down. Okay mom and there is no need to call Sarah because she is here with me so I can pass the message to her, okay bye and don't do anything funny you two, okay bye mom. I hung up and tossed my phone so it could land on the lamp stand. I turned back to Sarah"looks like your staying here with me tonight" I said in a flirty voice, she smiled at me"I would love that Mr Morgan," she said in a seductive way as she unbottoned my shirt then she kissed me passionately, we kept on making out on my bed with me on top of Sarah and my shirt somewhere on my bedroom floor. I slowly took off Sarah's tank top followed by her Victoria's Secret bra, I was slowly admiring her beautiful petite body and those soft breasts that made me drool earlier. I gently cupped them and started playing with them as Sarah gave out soft moans,never parting our lips Sarah's hands slowly made their way to my jeans and slowly took them off, I did the same too with her skinny jeans as we continued with our make out and feeling each others bodies. In a few minutes we were both left with only our underwear on. I kissed between Sarah's thighs and slowly made my way up to her neck sucking on it leaving hickies behind, Sarah's moans became louder and louder then I moved to her soft breasts sucking on them passionately, this time groans coming out of her mouth. She slipped her finguers into my brown locks and held on my heard tightly as I made her groan in pleasure. I resumed back to kissing her on the lips as my hands made their way to her underwear slowly slipping it off. I kissed between her thighs again recieving more graons from Sarah. I made my way back up her body leaving trails of siliver behind as I reconnected with her inviting soft pink lips. This is so romantic with a romantic song called skin by rihanna playing in the back round and the room being dark with scented candles lit. Sarah turned us over now she was the one on top, she removed my boxers with a devious smile on her face, she looked so freaken beautiful with the candle light illuminating on her caramel skin God how did I get so lucky that I'm about to make love to a Godess. She kissed down my navel all the way to my member giving it small and soft kisses until she bent down and put it in her mouth, she slowly sucked up and down as I was giving out soft moans of setisfaction allowing my finguers to dig into her beautiful soft brown hair trying not to cum into her mouth. Uhhhh Sarrrah please stop, as I said that she went more faster also using her vampire speed, nnooo pleaseee Sarah stop imaa aboutt tttto cumm uhhh Sarahh. She wouldn't listen she just kept going faster, uhh I can't take it anymore I cumed in Sarah's mouth and she just licked it off like it was ice-cream, she crawl ed back up and planted her lips on mine, a few minutes later she removed her lips from mine and whispered softly into my ear: take me now I want you inside me. I was about to do what she told me to do until she stopped me, Ethan maybe we should use protection just in case, oh sure my love your so right. I leaned to the side to open my nightstand carboard and took out a condom, I opened it while smiling at her, she just flashed me that beautiful signature smile of her's. When I was done putting it on I just looked at her with my eyes full of concern," whats wrong Ethan?" She asked as she stroked my cheek gently, Sarah it's just that are you sure that you want this? Yes Ethan I'm sure more then ever I just only wanna share this moment with you Ethan because your the only one in my life, I'll forever love you Ethan Morgan, and with those words I knew I had to do this for both Sarah and I. I leaned in to kiss her so she wouldn't feel the pain as I slid in inside of her. Sarah released a moan full of hurt and pleasure I stopped kissing her and looked at her worry written all over my face. Sarah are you okay? Yeah Ethan just keep going, I started moving up and down earning moans and groans full of pleasure from her. "Come on Ethan go faster!" Sarah yelled, I quickened my pace and soon we were both moaning in pleasure, I kissed her softly while our bodies were grinding together in rythm. It was getting pretty hot our bodies sweating making the sheets wet in the process. I kept going in harder and faster allowing more pleasure to come out as I was now slowly kissing on her neck. I could feel it I was about cum I kept going faster, Sarah's groans became much more louder then they already were. A few minutes later we finally reached the climax. I landed on my back on the bed and Sarah crawled up to me and gave me a kiss before she rested her head on my wet chest, I pulled the blankets over us feeling her soaking wet hair in the process. I wrapped my arms around her protectivly and whispered in her ear I love you Sarah, I love you too Cuddle Bear. I kissed her on her forehead then I asked her how was it? A blush appeared on her face," it was so amazing I'm so glad that your the only one that I gave my body to and I promise that you will be the only one to own it." She said as she gave me her signature smile. "So how did it go for you Cuddle Bear?" She asked me as she stroked on my bare chest. It was wonderful Sarah, you were really amazing, no you were really great Ethan, well thanks Sarah. We stayed like that saying sweet nothings to each other for a few minutes until Sarah asked me? Are you hungry babe? Yeah pretty much, okay I'll make some dinner. After she said that she got up and wore the shirt I was wearing which looked pretty big on her since she has a small body and she took my boxers too before she gave me a big smile and a kiss on the lips then she walked out of my room. I got up and took a white v neck shirt out of my closet and wore my jeans then I went downstairs. When I reached the living room I looked at my watch it read 6:00 pm, wow Sarah and I have been in my room for 4 hours, "anyway"I said shrugging it off and sat on the couch switching the TV on.

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