My name is Sebastian, Sebastian Michaelis, and welcome to my wretched life.

I am part of the noble family, Michaelis, the first son of Harold Andrew Michaelis and his wife Katherine Marie Michaelis. I have a younger sibling, who was known as, Claude Michaelis. Our family is a clan of mercenaries trained to kill.

I was eight when my father started my training. I was a prodigy, I learn lessons fast and I can do advanced techniques easily and skillfully. By the age of eleven I was already fully trained. My parents then decided to hire tutors for me to study manners, mathematics, history and many more. This time I was the perfect son they could ever think of.

On December 14, 1881, my family was invited by the Phantomhive family to their daughter's 5th birthday. Of course we accepted, little did I know that that day was going to be the start of my beautiful tragedy.

My family has been a part of a classified contract. An agreement established by our forefathers, a partnership between our distinguished family and the notorious Phantomhive family. Collaboration in business, and underground work, but most of all, the contract states the tradition of the Michaelis heir getting betrothed to the oldest daughter of the Phantomhive family.

This is my journal. I can only hope that the one reading this will be smart enough to keep my secrets untold. This story of mine contains secrets kept away by lies from our surface society. The truth hidden from history.

The story of what really happened.