Sirens Scream Green


Summary: Harley, Selina, and Ivy are back together ready to take on Gotham once again. Though with Catwoman's clandestine affairs with Bats and Harley's with the Joker cause the girls more drama for them than expected. Will Ivy be able to deal with her increasing feelings of frustration or will someone change her perspective of men? Hint: Cat/Bat,Harl/Jokes,Ivy/Riddles

Chapter 34: Promise

Ivy was silent more than usual which Selina and Harley both noticed. They thought of different ways to try to cheer her up. Including talking her into trying her own plant's knock out pollen which didn't work. Selina called a repairman who fixed the roof's leak forcing Ivy out of her room for awhile. Both Selina and Harley lounged lazily in the living room, silently taking quick glances at the elephant in the room. Finally Selina released a sigh and put down her magazine as she was lounging on the couch.

"Okay we need to talk," Selina started. Harley who laid on the floor doing Sudoku placed her pen behind her ear and looked up at Ivy as well. Ivy sat across from both of them, crossing her arms.

"Why?" Ivy asked simply. Selina rolled her eyes along with her head.

"Well you've been dreary all week and it's even worse cause it's cloudy!" Selina said pointing outside.

"What's this got to do with me?" Ivy asked defensively.

"Well, me and Harley got to thinkin," Selina said looking at Harley for support who nodded.

"What... happened while we were gone?" Selina asked. Ivy looked confused and angry at the same time.

"What are you talking about?" Ivy asked pretending to be ignorant. Selina shrugged looking away frustrated.

"Its like ya changed Red!" Harley bellowed then shrunk back at Ivy's glare. "Just a little bit," she added. Ivy shook her head.

"I'm just upset about how things went down that's all," Ivy replied.

"With what? I mean we're both here, back home safe! What's there to be angry about?" Selina asked. Ivy looked away and swallowed. "Did something happened with you and the Riddler?" Selina asked out nervously. Harley's eyes widen as her jaw dropped as her head snapped toward Ivy. Ivy shook her head.

"No... nothing... nothing but unanswered questions!" Ivy seethed as she sat up and grabbed her trench coat and stepped out slamming the door behind her. Both Selina and Harley glanced at each other then back at the door.

"Bingo," Harley said making a face.

Ivy drove toward Riddler's penthouse. She quietly rode the elevator up making sure she had enough seeds this time. She walked up toward his door about to knock when she noticed a note on the door.

When you look up I tower above all faces. Come find me if you dare.

Ivy read slowly to herself becoming upset. "A riddle," she said pulling it off the door heading back down. The only part she understood that first he was expecting her, secondly he wasn't home. Ivy silently thought to herself on the elevator ride back down to the ground floor. Was it a tall person? Someone full of themselves? Of course it was, it's the Riddler after all. The door opened and Ivy stepped out back toward her car. She started driving home frustrated and angry. She got on to the freeway and then noticed it her eyes widen staring at it. The Clocktower to her right. Ivy cut across a few cars to enter the exit ramp and headed toward the Clocktower. Within minutes she parked by the tower entrance. She noticed the entrance was locked. Though the hours clearly stated open. Ivy decided to go around back and found that the a back entrance was unlocked. She pulled open the door growing nervous. She shook her head pushing those feelings away. She examined the area, looking for any sign for him. All other doors were locked but one. The emergency exit to the stairs. Ivy huffed as she entered the stairwell and started climbing the incredibly high Clocktower. After another exhausting ten minutes Ivy reached the top of the Clocktower. She entered the Clock room. It was loud full of cogs and grinding metal but she could sense him. She knew he was near. She looked around and noticed that a door to the outside was partially opened. She walked up and climbed the small set of steps and opened the door a heavy misty breeze blew her hair wildly. She walked around the ledge making her way to the front of the Clocktower where she found him sitting on the ledge holding on to his cane thinking to himself. He looked up toward her and smiled.

"Took you long enough," Riddler said simply as he popped a mint in his mouth. Ivy's placed a hand on her hip as she rolled her eyes. "I waited here for about two days. Leaving at night of course," he said with a grin as he stood up and stretched. "Well now you're here and I'm betting your mad," he said as he faced her placing his cane down in front of him glancing back down at Gotham. Ivy looked down as well quickly looking back at him. She took off her trench coat which slowly started slipping away with the increasingly growing wind. Riddler perked a brow. "Alright let's do this," he said.

"Why?" Ivy asked.

"Why what? That's a very vague question," he replied smartly.

"How did you find out how to cure Harley within hours when it practically took weeks to find her!?" Ivy asked angrily. Riddler smiled.

"Now we're getting somewhere," he said amused. "Simple that one took a bit of work actually. There are only a few brain-washers and hypnotist that could do such whackjob on Harley like that," he started. "Almost all weren't even in Gotham except two of course they would both be in Arkham but when I found out one wasn't it was the only logical choice. It was just a few phone calls to prove that plan had succeeded and my speculation was true," Riddler answered. Ivy perked a brow satisfied with that explanation then grimaced.

"That doesn't answer the second half of the question," Ivy spoke up. Riddler looked up at her then smiled.

"Oh you are here for business," he teased arrogantly. "Why don't you take a guess!" he announced loudly lifting his arms in the air along with his cane. Ivy shook her head looking down containing her anger.

"No! No more games! I'm sick of games! I just want the truth!" Ivy said angrily as she threw out her hands and tried gassing him with some of her seeds. Riddler coughed for a minute but the smoke cleared quickly. He shook his head and looked back up at her.

"That wasn't a guess," he said bitterly. Ivy stepped forward as close as possible without touching him. She smiled sweetly releasing some of her pheromones. "Tell me now and I won't kill you," Ivy demanded. Riddler stepped back laughing pushing her back with his cane. Ivy stepped back angrily and a bit confused.

"Talk about your options here," he said loosening his tie. "Okay I'll tell you what. If I tell you... you promise not to kill me?" he asked. Ivy crossed her arms and glared.

"Yes," she said through gritted teeth.

"Even after I tell you, you're going to want to kill me... so promise," he said strongly. Ivy lifted her head up looking away briefly.

"I promise," she said as calm as she could muster.

"Alright where to begin. Ah let's start from the point you and I met at Penguin's grand opening at Iceberg Lounge. The start of all your problems!" he said knowingly. "Heard you guys had a lot of fun but you know double crossing and gun fights aren't really my kind of thing. Of course I high tailed it out of there," he spewed.

"So you did know," Ivy said remembering her conversation with Selina. Good luck you're going to need it. She remembered. She crossed her arms. "So I'm guessing Penguin and Two Face let you in on their little plan?" she asked. Riddler threw his head back and laughed.

"HA! Well yes...because I planned it," he said arrogantly. Ivy's eyes widen with shock. "Of course you weren't originally part of the plan. When Penguin asked how to take out all of his competition. When I realized that it wasn't Two Face who stole Penguin's arsenal. When I suggested a truce and invite everyone they wanted out of their hair. Wasn't too surprised when you and friends showed up," he said with a shrug. Ivy swallowed growing angry. "After all you're the real cause of the war between them this time around or should I say Selina?" he said feigning thinking to himself. Ivy shook her head.

"You bastard," she said angrily. Riddler stepped back laughing.

"I'm not done yet," he said raising his hands up as he turned pacing away from her. "So a few days later you walk up to my door, demand me to let you in," he started pacing toward her. "You put this whole sob story about how Harley and Selina got into this big fight. Blah Blah Blah! You paid some of the cash and as a man of my word, how can I say no," he said with a half shrug and a tip of his hat. "So we play this game. So I halfheartedly did my job at first. I'll admit it but then you started bickering demanding evidence... you slave driver you," he said as he shook his head. "So I call up some of my people and find out that Penguin caught Catwoman and handed her kittyness to Two Face! Wow," he said as he stepped forward. "I also find out a little something about Harley," he said thinking about it. "But for some reason whenever I was around you I never had the urge to tell. Maybe it was your cold hearted business like demeanor or maybe your voluptuous allure. Somehow I just never got around to telling you. Then you decide to go on this rampage and drive off toward Penguins place!" he scoffed. "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk," he let out as he shook his head. "You know how hard it was to call Penguin warning him that you were coming while calling Echo, Query, trying to stop you or at least slow you down at the same time!" he asked.

"You didn't! You're lying!" Ivy said shaking her head stepping back.

"Am I?" he questioned bitterly. "Well I'll tell you what I did not expect you guys to put Penguin out of the picture. Luckily I promised him to help him out just in case all things went wrong which they did. How could it not with Nightwing and you in the way. Then that's when it dawned on me!" he said stepping forward lifting his hands up crazily. "The way you controlled Nightwing, Echo and Query. How easy it was to intoxicate them with your...pheromones," he said disgustingly. "The real reason why I never spoke up about Selina and Harley. The real reason I held their lives on the line," he admitted calmly. "I realized I just wanted to be around you. Thus holding off the answers to your questions those couple of times we met. YET the only way I would ever want to do that was only if I was partially intoxicated with your pheromones. Enough to leave me with my central thought but enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I was around you," he said angrily as he looked back out at Gotham. Ivy looked away angry at herself. It was her fault! She realized scolding herself internally.

"Edward I-" she started.

"You know how angry I was..." he seethed shaking his head. "When I realized what you had done... I knew... I knew I had to get even. All I wanted to do was to make you suffer and I knew that you already were," he said grinning. "I just had to string you along a bit longer," he revealed proudly.

"How... that's not possible," Ivy uttered taking a step forward her hands to her sides turning into fists. Riddler smirked.

"Oh yes it is. Especially when I asked old Jonathan Crane for a favor," he said pulling out his mint box. "See these babies they're sort of an anti-toxin. Well not really, it makes so that my body temporarily ignores the affects of pheromones," he said. "Keeping me out of your venomous grasp! That's right it was I who told Black Mask where to find a hypnotist! And when I found out which of the two who, it was I who tracked him down. It was I who suggested Val to take that bait that got him caught by Two Face! I paid Two Face to beat the password out of Val. I informed the Joker and let him on about the password," he yelled at her angrily. Ivy suddenly stepped forward about to slap him. Though Riddler stepped back trying to block the blow knocking the small pill box out of his hands. It flew off the ledge toward the ground. Ivy watched as it fell while it started sprinkling.

"This whole time? You were... never under my pheromones?" she asked herself looking away thinking about it. "Even now?!" she said realizing the truth looking up at him eyes wide. She tried to remember the first time he had used them. Then it came to her their date. Ivy closed her eyes and slammed her fist into the clock breaking the small area of glass. "NO! You bastard!" she cried out. "You'll pay!" Ivy said angrily as vines grew wildly and lashed out toward him. Riddler pulled out a gun but dropped it when one of the vines smacked his hands. They soon wrapped around his arms and ankles forcing him on his knees, knocking off his hat, as the rain came down faster.

"I'm not...finished!" Riddler yelled out as he struggled with Ivy's vines.

"Silence! Not another word from your scathing mouth!" Ivy said shaking her head. Her ego was bruised as she stepped back trying to keep her balance. "All of it... was a lie! All of it was your fault! Your doing! You DID IT!" she shrieked. Forcing her vines to wrap around him quicker. They wrapped around his torso and part of his legs. Though he struggled all the same.

"It wasn't all a lie!" he yelled out.

"Shut up!" she yelled back.

"It's the truth...that night... it wasn't suppose to … happen!" he yelled as he tried pulling the vines from around his waist and chest. Ivy grew numb as she tried her best to zone him out. Zone out the cold harsh rain that stung her eyes and distracted her concentration. "That night we...shared... those emotions... I felt them!" he said. Riddler held his hands up around his neck knowing Ivy would tried to strangle him with her vines, which she did. "I know... I know now what I did was wrong," he managed to speak. "I was just too angry... and confused because even though I wasn't under your pheromones... I...I kept...thinking about you!" he said losing his strength. The vines wrapping tightly around his neck.

"You're a liar," she said coldly.

"Yes I am!" he said proudly with a crazed grin.

"I could snap you neck so easily Edward," Ivy spoke simply. He blinked as he looked up at her.

"And... so this is... it... if you want to kill me! Fine do it!" he yelled out insanely. "If I'm going to... die I would rather... die from...the...hands...of...a ..beauti...woman than...Bat," he said growing pale. Ivy released an evil grin as she forced her vines to choke the life out of him. Choke him as a weed choked a flower. "Why... so...angry...reh," he breathed as he let out a long gasp as his eyes rolled up, tears streaming. He blinked looking up at the sky before closing his eyes. What a stupid question, I should end him now, she thought squeezing tighter then suddenly stopped. She felt strangely numb as her gripped loosened. She lowered her hand thinking over his words. Anger set in once more but only for a second when she realized the real reason why she was so angry. She stepped back, the numbing feeling growing once again as a moment of clarity dawned on her. She was afraid. Fear, she was truly afraid. Afraid of being weak, afraid of feeling emotions, afraid of carrying about her fellow race, the race she hated the most.

She stepped back again blinking as she looked back down at Riddler lying lifeless. A moment of emotional weakness came to her as she started breathing heavily. She blinked back to reality, shivering in the rain. She looked at her hands pruning up. She shook her head it was a long time since it happened, since her accident. Her hair was drenched as it weighed her down. She slowly stepped forward hugging herself. She bent down turning Edward on his back, examining him. She checked for his pulse, she wasn't sure if it was weak or not there at all. Ivy bent low closer to his face to hear if he was breathing. It was extremely hard to tell with the pouring rain. Then she felt it, a breath, Ivy leaned back up and gasped. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She pulled him closer to toward the clocks face, where the rain didn't hit well because of the angle it was coming. She stood back up and stared at him for a bit. The real reason why she was angry at Edward. He reminded her of her fear. Not just any hallucination like Scarecrows, a real fear. The fear of being human.

Ivy hugged herself as she stepped backward she turned around and walked back inside the Clocktower. Being around Edward brought out the worst inside of her, the human side of her. He reminded her of humility, reminded her anger, reminded her of lust, reminded her of fear. All where traits that made humanity seem so petty, she always believed she was above all that. She made her way out of the Clocktower still shivering as their air conditioner was on. She walked out to the rain, the warm rain, she looked up absorbing it, sprinkling her as if a human sprinkled a watering can to a plant.

She walked up to a payphone and called the cops stating their was a suicidal man on top of the Clocktower, sleeping. She didn't bother putting her convertible's top back up as it continued to rain as she drove back home. Her mind wandered as the rain started to flood the inside of her car, ruining her interior. She reveled in the fact that she can commune and control plant life. It made her feel superior to all others around her. Making her realize that they were the only species that deserved to live on this planet. It was a god like feeling. Even though she hid it well and kept it under control. She always thought she was better than Harley and Selina. Flawed but tolerable meat sacks that she kept around like pets, but it wasn't true. No matter how she wanted it to be it wasn't. She did care for their well being. They were more than just pets, they were human just like the half she always resented. They were unique individuals that cherished her friendship.

Ivy pulled back to their home and slowly walked up to the house. She paused to look at it. They made this happen. They made this home. They were a group and had many memories of being together as one. Ivy smiled lightly as she climbed the few steps that lead to their porch. She lifted her hand on the door and knocked. They were her comrades. The door opened and Selina gasped as she stepped back letting her in.

"Pam you're soaked!" Selina gasped as she closed the door.

"Is she back?" Harley asked stepping out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, go get a towel!" Selina said and Harley ran off to the powder room. Soon she came with a towel and wrapped it around Ivy, who sat down wrapped around a towel silently.

"Are ya alright?" Harley asked Ivy who her hugged herself shivering. Ivy let out a barely noticeable nod with a small smile.

"Yes I'm fine," Ivy replied.

"What happened?" Selina asked concernedly. Ivy shook her head then smiled.

"I kept my promise...not to kill him," she whispered simply. She was part human flaws and all.

-+The End+-

Added Notes: One day in the far future they may be a sequel. I got plot ideas but not enough time. Reviews are deeply appreciated.