I was walking with my two best friend Grace and Elanor whom both happened to be Anime Otakus like where walking to There house on a gloomy rainy day in we didn't mind,so we kept walking and talking and talked about our ships,from Hetalia and stuff but where we not aware of the eyes watching us."You're sure this is them al?"Artie asked smiling to al."yeah I'm sure why the FUCK would I bring you here if I was not sure Artie?"Artie shrugged and smiled."what do you think,Vlad?"they looked at the tall grumpy Russian,"Da...that's defiantly them..."he grumbled Grace and Elanor where not aware of them walking behind us until I turned around and questioned"Who are they?!"to my friends. Elanor replied,"I dunno but they look creepy!"Grace made a suggestion,"they'll leave us alone if we leave them alone..."I nodded and turned where just about home when they made there was tooken by the tallest one elanor by the sorta blondish one,and me I didn't get caught...yet

I sunk low into a bush hiding blending in aswell as I could,hiding from them.I looked at there base...Grace was in there,I had to save her and Elanor!I first had to think of a plan though.
\-in the 2p!allies base-/

Elanor bit Olivers'[1] hand,he frowned and winced ad let her go."oh deary me,this is not [2] can you please escort these young ladies to the Axis,Tell Lovi and Gill it's a peace treaty from us."Elanor was was being torn from her home and one of her .I was hiding from them because I didn't want to be a piece of there property or was being sent to Gill whilst her sister to Lovi. Elanor was outraged and started yelling and resisting and struggling. Yao[3] was tired and knocked her Grace went along with it.

-back to me-

I growled and decided to just break in and take grace and go I had hot wired a car already so it was already in place and everything.I took my pistol out of my boot and I knew there would be a loud alarm went I Broke in.I planted a bomb on the front door and then ran behind an abandoned car and detonated it and then ran threw the blown up doors with a siren blaring in my ears.