Three months

It has been three months since Wally's death and I'm still slouching in my room brooding about it. Heh my parents, Jay, Tula, so many others… You'd think I get used to the sadness already.

But every time I start letting my mind wander, it drifts to those happy memories we shared, I choke up and my eyes start to sting. Sigh. I glanced over to the stack of notes I still haven't even read yet. Well, homework isn't gonna take pity on me and start doing itself. I picked up my science notes and started reading.

'Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change from one form to another.' Hmm when did college notes start covering even the bare basics? Forget it; science can flunk itself for all I care. I slumped even farther down and closed my eyes; maybe a nap would clear my mind.

Something began gnawing in the back of my mind, 'matter cannot be destroyed'…

My eyes snapped open and my mind started racing. Three months ago, when Wally… ceased to exist… nothing was left behind, was there? Is he really REALLY gone? I slipped on my sunglasses ran to the nearest Zeta-tube.

Recognized: Nightwing B01


"Hey Kaldur, is Flash around? I really need to ask him something."

"I just passed by him in the courtyard. Time still has not made it any better." Kaldur sighed as his eyes glazed over. "What has brought you here? Not that I do not wish to see you my friend."

"I've got a theory, but I need to run it pass Barry first."

Kaldur nodded and I took off for the courtyard.

Sure enough I find Barry standing next to Wally's hologram. I passed the other fallen heroes careful not to let my eyes lingering too long in case my eyes start watering again, I needed to get my theory out first. I can cry all I want later when I realize this new hope is just another lost cause. Still, my eyes slid over to the Robin hologram… the familiar aching took over, my lips trembled dangerously. "Later…" I told myself. Since when did I become such I crybaby?

"Flash!" I called. Barry looked up, surprised he wasn't alone anymore. "Listen, I've got a theory on something and I need your science expertise."

"Okay?" Flash mumbled, clearly confused.

"Science: Matter changes it cannot just disappear or fade away suddenly can it?" He shook his head cautiously. "When Wally…erm… there was no disintegration residue, no ashes, no nothing. So maybe, just MAYBE Wally isn't really gone just… I don't know... sent to another dimension or something?"

Barry's eyes widen as he tried to piece my theory together with logical science. A minute passes, then another, then another. Then I began to feel dread setting in, I let myself hope and now-

"Yes! Yes! Why didn't I notice this? Nightwing your theory might actually be correct!" He sped off leaving me alone in the courtyard. I glanced up at the Kid Flash hologram.

"Hang in there buddy, we'll find a way to bring you back." I turned and sprinted after Flash.