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Mission briefing.

Usually I would be slacking behind Kaldur's back while he brings the rest of the Team up to speed with what is going on and stuff. But today I was alert and pumped with adrenaline. I seriously couldn't wait till it was my turn to share my update. The anticipation was killing me! As I wondered how they would react to this, I chuckled softly with excitement.

Mal looked over and gave an expression that seemed like he was thinking about checking me into a shrink's office. At this point I don't really care how badly I was keeping my composure; I could barely restraint myself from jumping up and screaming "WALLY IS ALIVE!" let alone stop grinning like an idiot.

I scanned through the rest of the Team. Bart was bouncing around at the back in an even more obvious glee with Jaime inching away to avoid getting constantly bumped into. As we exchanged a glance, his eyes gleamed even brighter. Artemis had to go over and clamp a hand on to the kid's mouth to stop him from squealing and interrupting Kaldur. But I could see Artemis was also scarcely in control as well, it was only the discipline she had trained herself to master that was keeping her from exploding. M'gann and Conner weren't any better in curbing their enthusiasm too. Kaldur on the other hand is remaining as stoic as ever. Still, even he has a tiny glint of thrill in his voice.

"Alright, that is all of our current mission updates. Now Nightwing a piece of good news for everyone," he gestured me the spotlight.

Fourteen pair of eyes stared at me in expectation. I took a deep breath and recited the news I had prepared all morning for.

- TIME SKIP ON SPEECH - (It was like a total recap on everything. I didn't think it was needed.)

Absolute stunted silence lasted for a full three minutes; it was lasting a little too long and extremely uncomfortable, even Kaldur and me started fidgeting. But sure enough was finally broken by La'gaan.

"Neptune's Beard… soooo… Wally is alive?!" he demanded.


"And he is in the Arctic now?" Jaime prodded.


Nine faces resumed gaping at each other. Then they stampeded towards the Zeta-tubes – led by Bart nonetheless. Kaldur, Artemis and I held back. I briefly wondered was anyone going to pause and think about how sub-zero cold it was in the Arctic.

Recognized: Nightwing B01

I came out last from the Zeta-tube carrying an extra twelve overcoats I manage to scour up; only Kaldur bothered to wait for me. Even Artemis decided to abandon us too.

Kaldur wordlessly took half of my burden and walked along a path that looked like it was created by an elephant charging by.

When we reached, I could see Virgil, Jaime, Mal, Tim, Conner and Gar (in a polar bear form) hanging around outside. My guess was that there wasn't enough space in there and the six of them are dressed the warmest. I handed them the overcoats as Kaldur ducked into the tent to pass out his pile.

"Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?" Tim mumbled looking longingly at the tent. Wally had been as much of a brother to Tim as I had been to him. Sigh I didn't answer; I just stared at the snow.

The Team spent the whole day at the Arctic. In due course, most of the League caught wind of this and popped by to see Wally and give support. The Wests and Garricks came by, dressed liked four puffballs waddling around; even Roy did too, but no surprise there.

Soon, as the days went by, the number of visitors lessened. And by the end of the month, Wally had finally fully re-formed, heartbeat holding steady and we were able to pick up his brainwaves as well!

As I leaped through the night sky of Blüdhaven I kept a small grin on my face, my body was tuned into autopilot mode, leaving my mind free to wander. I recapped what Barry told me today: 'Wally is coming back soon' was basically what he screamed the entire time, stating that he should most likely come around in another week or so. Then they can move on to Phase Two which was getting Wally out from the canister. At long last, my bro is coming back! WOW! Just wow…

"Gimme the purse lady, I don't wanna waste my bullets." A deep voice growled from below. Sigh business as usual though in the streets of Blüdhaven.

"Head in the game Dick. You can celebrate when you get home," I swung in, boots planting straight into the guy's chest. "That's no way to treat a lady."

He went down quick enough, roped him up and called the cops for picked duty. I turned around. The lady had disappeared. Well, that was usually what happens anyways, seeing that this was a two way alley. No one in their right mind would stay to watch a live beat 'em up if given a chance to escape. I nodded at my work and leaped off.

I tuned my body back into autopilot and let my mind roam again. I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular as I followed my usual patrol route and leaped off to another part of the city when suddenly:


(D) GAH!

I was so shocked; I fell two feet short from the opposite building's roof. Instinct kicked in and I grabbed a window ledge and flipped myself back up the topside of the roof.

(D) M'gann! How many times have I told you?! Don't scare me like that! I could have died!

(M) Where are you?! Wally is awake!

I froze. Then blatantly sprinted to the Zeta-tube.

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