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Harry went bounding down the stairs of the burrow, laughing as he passed Ron hurrying out of the room where Hermione was sleeping, hastily tucking in his shirt as he joined Harry. Molly had called them all down for breakfast and Harry was starving.

Today was the first of September and Harry, along with Hermione and Ron had agreed to go back and do their seventh year, making them now eighth years. McGonagall had made the announcement after the castle had been rebuilt, pleading with those who had missed their seventh year to return for an eighth as their education was important.

All that Harry did in the war and all his life he found he no longer wanted to be an auror, fighting bad people he figured he did enough of that to last a lifetime. He still wanted to help people though so after a lot of thinking he decided he wanted to be a healer.

Poppy would be remaining at Hogwarts so he would seek her help and hope that she would take him under her wing and teach him all she knows.

"Are you sure you don't want to be an auror Harry?" Ron had asked after they all had their breakfast.

"Yes Ron. I have done too much fighting."

"Well at least now the war is over you two can get back together." Ron said, pointing at both Harry and Ginny.

"Ron me and Harry are not getting back together. We are better as friends."

"You are?"

"Yes, besides I see Ginny more as a sister than anything else."

"Do you have your eye on anyone then?" Hermione asked.

"No not really. I don't even know what my type is. I will just have to see what this year brings."

"Well now Harry that isn't entirely true, there is a certain something you want a partner to have." Ginny grinned.

"Ginny." Harry warned but Ginny merely smiled and ignored him.

"What's that?" Ron asked.

"A cock." Ginny answered, laughing when her brother spat out the pumpkin juice he had just drank.

"Ronald." Molly scolded as she walked into the kitchen from outside. "Go and change quickly, you all have to leave in twenty minutes to get to Kings cross station on time."

"You don't like red heads do you mate?" Ron asked as he stood up.


"Then I am okay with it." he said and hurried upstairs to change leaving Hermione to roll her eyes at him. "Why didn't you tell us Harry?"

"I was afraid how you take it."

"Harry you are like my brother. I will take you in any way you come." she smiled.

Harry loaded his things onto the train and made his way down the corridor, looking for an empty compartment.

"Harry. Eighth years have their own carriage. Come on." Hermione said.

"Okay I'm coming." He smiled as she hurried off. "Ginny. Empty compartment here."

"Oh thank you Harry." She smiled as she and Luna walked into the empty compartment and began to chat and laugh. He was about to move on when he got shoved into the closed door. "Watch it Potter."

"You want a hand with that broom Malfoy."

The blond stopped and turned. "What broom?"

"The one up your arse."

"Very funny Potter," he snapped and stormed off.

Harry shook his head and slowly followed Malfoy to the eighth year carriage. If Malfoy came back he wondered which other Slytherins came back. He had to wonder about Malfoy though, what had happened during the war and how he had acted he would have thought that it would change him for the better. Obviously not.

Harry walked into the eighth year carriage and saw Ron and Hermione sat side by side. Ron's arm around her shoulders, holding her close to him as she had a book in her lap, turning the pages with her left hand as her right one rested on his upper thigh.

Harry went to make his way across to them when someone called out his name, turning his head, he smiled when he saw who called him. Remus and Tonks were sat side by side, holding hands. "Remus, Tonks. What are you both doing here?"

"We are your professors for the year Harry." Remus smiled. "I will be your Charms Professor and Tonks will be your Defence Against The Dark Arts Professor."

"Charms? What happened to Flitwick?"

"After the war he had enough so Minerva asked me and I accepted."

"What about Teddy?"

"My mum is having him until the weekend, giving us a chance to settle in before picking him up." Tonks said.

"Well I'm glad you are both here. I missed having Remus as a Professor when he left."

"I won't be there just for the year either."

"You won't?"

"No. Minerva wants us to stay for as long as possible and I did enjoy that year here and Tonks wants a steadier job."

Harry smiled and hugged them both before making his way over to Neville who was sat on his own. He felt Neville would be better company as Ron and Hermione were now kissing.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey Nev. I am surprised to find you here. I thought you did your last year."

"I spent most of that time hiding and the rest of it getting beat up for not doing unforgivables on the first years. I want to finish school properly."

"Me too Nev."

"I wonder who we will have as a dorm mate."

"What do you mean?"

"Well McGonagall wants to put a stop to house rivalry so she is putting us in pairs saying we either learn to live with each other or kill each other, either way she will have peace."

Harry slouched back. "Why do I have a feeling I am sharing with Malfoy?" he groaned.

Much to Harry's relief he didn't get Malfoy as a dorm mate, he got Blaise who called a truce whilst they were unpacking. Turns out Blaise was grateful for Harry beating Voldemort and was now free to be himself instead of acting as though he supported him. "It was horrible. It was either support him and live or don't support him and die."

"I didn't support him and I lived."

"Well you're special aren't you." Blaise grinned.

Harry smiled back and picked up his toiletries and began to unpack them in the bathroom.

Blaise had just started to unpack when the door opened. "Oh I don't know what's worse for Harry. Having you as his dorm mate or Malfoy. You are both as bad as each other."

Blaise turned around and saw Ginny Weasley stood there. "Ginevra."



"Harry." She said, smiling as she hurried forwards and hugged him. "I see you have Zabini. I would say at least it isn't Malfoy but they are both as bad as each other."

"Blaise is alright Ginny. We have made friends, Blaise never supported Voldemort in the war. It was either act as though you did or be killed, he couldn't tell anyone about how he really felt."

"That's right. If Voldemort knew I hated him he would have killed me and if my parents found out they would have killed me as well as they thought more of him than their own son. I'm glad Harry killed him. I can actually be the person I am now."

"Is he serious?" Ginny asked Harry who was now laughing.

"Yes Ginny he is."

Ginny walked over to Blaise. "You want to make friends with Harry?"


"You are thankful for him winning the war?"


"Is Harry the only Gryffindor you want to be friends with?"

"No. The more the merrier. I can finally be myself."

"So we are going to see a whole new you?"


"Are you gay?"

"Ginny!" Harry exclaimed.


"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No. I'm single."

"Well hello." Ginny smiled, giving him a flirtatious look as she moved closer to the Slytherin who was smirking.

"Okay Ginny that's enough for now. We need to finish unpacking." Harry said as he placed his hands on her upper arms and directed her to the door.

"Sorry about her."

"She's fine. More than fine."

"You want her Blaise just remember. Don't call her Ginevra. Only her mother calls her that when she is mad."

"Gotcha. Thanks."

Harry and Blaise had just finished unpacking when the door opened and Malfoy came walking in, dropping down on Blaise's bed, laying flat on his back with his arms up, hands behind his head.

"I do sympathise with you Blaise for having to share with scar head here. I have Longbottom. It makes me regret coming back now I know who I have to put up with."

"It's Nev who will have everyone's sympathy when they find out who he has to share with." Harry snapped.

"How Longbottom is he will always get sympathy." The blond sneered.

Harry stood from his bed. "What do you mean by how he is?" Harry said as he advanced on Malfoy who didn't move and kept the smirk off his face when Blaise held him back..

"Don't rise to it mate," he warned.

"Mate?" Malfoy snapped as he sat up and got off the bed. "What do you mean 'mate'? You have not made peace with Potter here have you."

"Yes Draco. War is over, we shouldn't be fighting and bickering, we should all be thankful we have come out the other end of it living. Besides, the wanker is dead, you don't have to act up anymore, be yourself."

Blaise sighed and let go of Harry when Draco scoffed and stormed off, leaving the dorm with a slam of the door.

"Are you sure you are alright being friends with me? He seems pissed off with you now."

"That's alright Harry. He will calm down. He always does...eventually."


"Oh yeah, you watch. First he will ignore me and make sure to face the other way if I look at him, then he will watch me when he thinks I am not looking, then I will ask him to stop this nonsense and talk to me again and he will tell me to stay away from him."


"Oh yeah. Here is the best bit though, even though he told me to stay away from him he will make sure I am always near him until I just ask to be friends and he says yes."

"And you go through this every time you do something he doesn't like?"

"Yep. Well that's us unpacked. Lets go and get something to eat, see who has been paired up together."

When they entered the great hall for dinner they saw a separate table had been set up for the returning eighth years. Ron was talking to Hermione who was blushing, Seamus and Dean were talking and laughing and Neville sat next to them, smiling every now and then, his eyes wandering over to Luna every now and then.

Draco saw them enter and turned his head and began talking to Theo. Blaise smirked and looked at Harry. "What did I tell you. Lets piss him off even more and sit with Neville."

Harry laughed and followed Blaise to sit beside Neville. Him on his left and Blaise on Neville's right.

"I see you keep looking Nev. Haven't you asked Luna out yet? I thought you told her you was mad for her."

"I did. I still am. It's just that..."


"I told her that because I thought I was going to be dead within hours to come."

Blaise frowned. "Wait a minute. You Neville, stood up to Voldemort, looked after all those in your seventh year and stood up to the death eaters, killed that wankers snake, the only thing he cared about and you are too scared to walk up to a girl and ask her to go out with you?"


Blaise laughed. "You are funny."

"And you are confusing me. Why are you even acknowledging me?"

"This Blaise you see Nev is the real one. He couldn't be himself with Voldemort still in power if he did he would have killed him and if his parents knew they would have done."

"Really?" he asked, looking from Blaise to Harry.


"Friends Neville?" Blaise asked, holding his hand out.

"Yeah okay." Neville said, smiling as he took his hand and shook it. But quickly withdrew his hand when he saw Draco glaring.

"Oh don't mind him Neville. If he starts moaning or calling you names, let it fall on deaf ears. He just isn't happy at the minute because I am friends with Harry." Blaise assured his new friend when he caught Draco's glare.

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