Oh my, feels just like I don't try

Look so good I might die

All I know is everybody loves me

Head down, swaying to my own sound

Flashes in my face now

All I know is everybody loves me

Everybody loves me, everybody loves me

Well I, play the music, don't stop till I turn gray

~"Everybody Loves Me" OneRepublic

Kirk was slightly embarrassed whenever he caught a spare second to think. Spock had all but thrown him onto the bed, and in the few minutes that had passed Jim had been the only one to make any noise. The Vulcan smirked against his stomach when he moaned – Kirk had always been a very vocal lover and the things Spock was doing to his chest were worth voicing pleasure. He could feel the man's excitement thrumming through his fingertips but he had yet to make Spock break composure. Hmmm.

Kirk caught the mischievous hands and pulled Spock into another intense kiss, shifting slightly while Spock was occupied with his tongue to lock a foot behind his knee. Strength was on the Vulcan's side, but surprise was Kirk's specialty. He broke away from Spock's mouth and pulled as he twisted his torso to flip their positions. It worked – he situated himself of Spock's lap and grinned down at the lifted eyebrow. He grabbed one of Spock's hands and brought it up to his mouth and licked a line up his palm, pausing as Spock's breath hitched and looking back to the very aroused Vulcan.

"I aced the xenobiology course, but I never thought I'd get the chance to study Vulcan anatomy in depth." Kirk kept his eyes on Spock as he closed his mouth around the first two fingers of the captured hand and sucked, feeling quite confident as he drew a low groan from Spock. He didn't get to explore the sounds further, however, as Spock whipped his hands away from Kirk and grabbed his hips, grinding up viciously as Kirk moaned loudly, caught off-guard.

"I expect you to be versed well in the subject, as you will not have the opportunity to study other species' characteristics for the foreseeable future." Only Spock could make 'I want to be with you' sound so intellectual and so hot, Kirk thought. Hell yes.

What came out of his mouth was much less intelligible. "Fuck – ah – Spock, top drawer to th-ooh god – the left." He managed to grunt out. Spock smirked as he deftly removed the lube from the bedside drawer without breaking the rhythmic friction of their hips, almost bucking Jim off his lap as he scooted up the bed to take his pants off. Kirk helped frantically, practically ripping the slacks from Spock's legs as soon as the fly was undone. He heard a slight hiss as he yanked down the boxer-briefs identical to his own, but was soon distracted by the large, green tinged cock that emerged and stood expectantly a few inches from Kirk's nose. Jim almost paused in his quest in order to show the Vulcan just what his lips could accomplish but he was too impatient and he straightened up and leaned back on his elbows to allow Spock to pull off the now unnecessary underwear that he still wore.

As soon as they were flung to a corner of the room he opened his legs so his first officer could slide in and he couldn't help thinking that he damn well belonged there. Spock smirked as he opened the lube and spread it onto his fingers; obviously the touch telepath agreed. Kirk's eyes nearly rolled back in his head when Spock pushed a finger into his ass slowly, the long digit stretching him slightly. His first was taking his fucking time as he added another finger and then three were pushing in and out of Jim. Spock became just as impatient as Jim at this point, finishing preparation with lightning speed as soon as Jim bucked and moaned when his prostate was brushed.

Without warning the fingers slid out and Spock abruptly pushed into the man below him, stilling for a moment as Kirk adjusted to his size. Jim hadn't been with a man in a while. He opened his eyes and looked up at Spock, nodding once before he was promptly fucked into the mattress.

Spock was making small noises now, a sheen visible on his flushed skin as he thrust continuously into Kirk, leaning down to silence both of them as he kissed Kirk hard. Kirk's arms wound around Spock's back, his head falling back from Spock's as he gasped – Spock was hitting his prostate directly now, eliciting harsh groans from both as Kirk's muscles tightened. Kirk almost unconsciously slid a hand down the Vulcan's back and grabbed Spock's, moving their fingers instantly to kiss. Kirk had a fleeting thought, of his compulsion to hold the hand of the lovers he was closest with since he was a teenager, before Spock growled and thrust particularly hard, the intensity of the sex wiping everything from his head.

Suddenly he had an idea, pulling Spock's hand up to his face and pausing to moan before he held the fingers to his temple, gazing half-lidded up at Spock's shocked look. "Are you –hah– sure?" Spock slowed slightly, rocking sinuously against Kirk's ass in a deviant fluid motion. "Yesss" the captain moaned out, pulling Spock down into a kiss as Spock positioned his fingers and initiated the meld.

The space behind Kirk's eyes exploded into color as he felt his thoughts twist with Spock's, catching a glimpse of the deep, intimate affection he felt for Spock mirrored in the other's mind. He could feel everything, from the frustration about Kirk endangering his own safety to the longing he felt whenever they passed each other on the bridge to the love that had been locked up in Spock's head for months now. The intensity of the emotion surprised Kirk for a moment until he examined his own feelings on display for Spock – they were of the same deep roots and subtle strength.

This exploration of the meld lasted a few seconds only, because through it Kirk could also feel every movement made by both he and Spock, his head briefly going white as his orgasm shook through him. Spock came just a moment later, moaning lowly as he emptied into Kirk, slumping forward onto Kirk as they both fought to catch their breaths. He looked up as Kirk chuckled quietly after a minute, frowning until Kirk caught his eyes and smiled.

"I feel like this should be the conclusion to all of our friendly games together." The Vulcan smiled warmly, a true smile that made Jim's chest tighten slightly. "Love ya, Spock."

"And I, you, Jim."

So this was my first lemon written ever. Let me know what you think, I had a lot of fun writing it! Can't wait to see the new Trek movie, I heard it's got some exciting moments for us KS shippers. Read, review, request if you want! Sorry this took so long to get out!