The Dragon Chosen

Chapter 1: Finding a Friend

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It was a beautiful day in Kanto, Pallet Town. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all the bugs were napping quietly in trees. 6 year old Ash Ketchum was running through the large forest in tears, he had just been bullied by his used to be best friend Gary Oak, the grandson of the world famous Pokémon professor Oak.


Ash had been "fishing" in the lake for a Gyarados, although that was very unlikely considering that their species lived in the deep sea and not in small lakes but that did not stop the young child from trying.

The reason for the young Childs enthusiasm was that he had taken a liking to all dragon and dragon like Pokémon in the world. He had watched the recent League tournaments of each of the 5 regions and had been dazed b the wonders of the strong dragons. He had seen random trainers with 1 or 2 dragon types on their team that were usually their strongest Pokémon or the expert dragon trainers such as Lance; the joint Kanto and Jhoto Champion, Drake; one of the Hoenn Elite 4 and Clair the Blackthorn city gym leader.

Each and every time he saw a dragon type he was amazed by their power and endurance and made a goal for himself to be a Dragon Pokémon Master: to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world and specialize in Dragon types.

He sat there for hours waiting for the ferocious sea snake but he caught nothing apart from some seaweed. After a few more minutes he was board out of his mind and decided to leave and go home.

On the way home he spotted his best friend Gary Oak reading a book titled "Pokémon habitats and Nature" in his garden with a lot of different books and notes scattered around him. "Hey Gary, want to play", Gary looked up and said with a sneer "No Ashy-Boy, unlike you I take my goals seriously and don't play around all day long". I frowned "you can't study all the time; you need to learn to have fun".

I frowned again and was started to get annoyed. Gary has been like this for a couple of weeks; he keeps on insulting me and hasn't played with me at all. "What happened to you"? "I don't know what you're talking about Ashy-Boy".

I got pissed, not because he I calling me that stupid nickname of mine but because he has been ignoring me for weeks on end and I am really worried about him, but all he does is insult me so I exploded.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I have been trying to help you but you have been acting like a jerk". Then he also exploded, "YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT MY PROBLEM, my problem is that you are annoying me; listen to yourself, you want to be a Dragon master but you don't even know anything about them you just think that everything is going to happen to you by magic, you need to know things. Like how to catch a Pokémon, raise them, make food for them and other important things. The reason I stopped staying with you is because you are holding me back, you are just a wannabe who will never do anything in life".

I was shocked, very shocked. I usually have an argument with him like quite a lot but it never went this far. I felt something moist go down my face I looked down and saw something that I thought Gary will never make me do; cry.

I looked up at him and gave him a cold and icy glare that I never gave to anyone before; he looked shocked at me and then maybe a bit guilty but I did not care. "Fine, if that's the way you want then I will leave you alone and you will never hear me again".

He looked even more shocked, "wait ash I a" but I didn't care. I turned around and ran into the forest with tears going down my face.

"Flashback" End

So here I was, running through the forest with no destination in mind but just trying to get away. I finally found a big hidden clearing deep within the forest which surprised me. I spent almost all my time in the forest and knew the place like the back of my hand. I looked around more closely and saw how huge the field actually was; I could fit half of all Oaks ranch here and still have enough space for a small cottage. I also noticed that I was a good distance away from Pallet town.

I smiled knowing that I found a new hiding place away from everybody, especially Gary. I sat down against a tree next to me and thought. 'If Gary thinks I am a weak I will show him, I will train my Pokémon to be the best and be the strongest Dragon master in the world'. After a few more minutes of sitting there and stopping my tears I decided to go home, until I heard an ear splitting BOOM.

I looked up to see a gigantic half invisible aircraft. At first I thought it was some rich man that decided to show off, but then I saw 2 objects flying in the air having what looked to be a battle.

Who is the owner of the giant space ship? What Pokémon are having a battle in the air? What is happening?

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