The Dragon Chosen

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Chapter 3: Mystery Dragons

"I warned you, Salamence hyper beam" she ordered. The Dragon opened his jaws and fired an orange beam of energy at me. I don't know what happened next but just when I thought I was a goner the weirdest thing happened. I put my hands in front of me and suddenly the beam got directed up to wards the aircraft hitting one of the engines.

I was shocked; I was not supposed to survive that. I looked down at my hands and saw a faint blue glow around them but I had no time to ponder that. I quickly jumped at the women while she was shocked and knocked her down and smashed her cannon to the ground.

She glared at me and kicked me right in the stomach knocking all the air out of me. "Miss J authorities are on their way" her ear piece beeped.

"Let's leave then

"But, we can't leave; engine 3 and cargo 5 are dragging us down

"Then dispose of it

"But we have people in th-

"Just do it


She gave me one last glare before hopping on her Salamence, "we will meet again, and when we do it will be for the last time" she threatened and flew away. Before I could do something I saw a huge cargo fall down right next to me causing the door to open with huge objects falling down on me. Before I was squashed by a crate I grabbed onto a round object and rolled out of the way. But it managed to get my left arm; I heard a sickening crack, then I was pulled away and gone in a purple light and lost consciousnesses.

Latias POV

I was shocked; this human in front of me risked his life to save me. He took a hyper beam for somebody he didn't know. No human I met so far has been that kind to me. They all tried to capture me and sell me for money. I have been on the run ever since I can remember. This in all honesty is not too long.

I am quite small even for my species size. I was playing in a garden with somebody; but I can't remember who my memories are getting very fuzzy. Then out of nowhere a bunch of people with big red R on their jackets come out of the bushes and throw a net over me. I try to move it with my physic powers put something is blocking me from doing so.

I gave a cry and my friend came rushing out of nowhere and attacked them; he fought them and destroyed them quiet easily. Before we could rest in relief a huge carrier suddenly appeared in the sky and before I could react I was shot with a small beam making me lose unconsciousness. Which I didn't know then but caused me to lose my memory.

I woke up in front of a silver haired woman, she gave me a cruel smile and from what I read from her mind I could she had no good intentions, I tried to struggle out but nothing was working. "Try all you want, you will never get out" she sneered. I was confused until I looked down and gasped, all my body until my neck was stone. Not only that but I was in a big jar. I was going to send shout for help but she just laughed and turned a knob on my jar and I saw only black. After a couple of days I was sitting in the giant deck still frozen up till my neck.

After a couple of days of doing nothing and being frozen I was taken out, I found myself on the main deck being observed by the crew. "Doesn't look to much like a legendary if it can get captured so easily" said the head grunt. I glared at him but it did nothing.

All the crew members were looking at me mockingly making fun of me, but they underestimated me. I looked up in the sky and with my physic powers shouted out for help. At first nothing happened and I lost hope but out of nowhere thunder was heard over the sky and a huge thunderbolt came out of nowhere and struck one of the engines. Causing the aircraft to tilt over making the jar break and setting me free.

Then I tried leaving the area but the silvered haired women, who I later learned is Hunter J battled me and the rest is known.

I was snapped out of my memories or lack of them when I heard a groan from the human.


"Ugggggh", my head felt like it was put through a blender and my arm was killing me. I stood up shakily, where was I? I looked around and saw the forest I was in, at first I was confused then all of a sudden it hit me.

My fight with Gary, finding a clearing in the forest, stopping the poacher from getting the POKEMON. Where was the Pokémon and how did I get here? Taking something round?

I took a look and found a big golden egg next to a tree behind me. I may be only be 7 years old but I know a Pokémon egg when I see one. The poacher must have been quite the success; a purely golden egg has never been heard of; by me at least. Well too bad for her. 1 for the good guy zero for the bad.

I was going to look around until out of nowhere it appeared which scared me and caused me to scream "AHHHHHHHHH" (Manly of course) that made me to trip and fall on my butt.

I must have scared it too because it suddenly disappeared into thin air. I slow stood up and put my hands up trying to convince the mysterious creature that I wasn't a threat. "Come on out please, I am sorry for scaring you I didn't mean to"

For a couple of seconds nothing happened which made me panic thinking I scared it away. But then slowly reappeared, I gave a small smile and it must have trusted me because it came closer.

I gave an even bigger smile, "come on, I am not going to hurt you" I said. It gave a small coo and came forward. When it came close enough I petted it on the head a little then it came even closer and started nuzzling me.

"Thanks for saving me; if it wasn't for you I would be dead, whatever your name is". "Latias". I whipped my head around to see where that came from but I couldn't see anything. I don't know what happened but it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Is a friendship going to form between them? Are they going to be questioned by Officer Jenny? Is Ash going to be separated from Latias? Can he understand her? What's inside the egg?

Find out next week on "The Dragon Chosen"

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