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The Portal in our Backyard

Tomorrow will be our Science Oral Defense about out Investigatory Project. Good think our science teacher allowed us to group ourselves according to friendship. I gathered all Adventure Time lovers, who were actually all my best friends. I invited my group mates in our house.

So here they are, we're taking a break and waiting the pumpkin muffins to bake. We went up the attic and decided to play "Spin The Bottle". I suggested the game, they know I was green minded. It's true, but I don't want anything to happen this day. What? They agreed to play the game, so look who's talking. Haha.

Cameron sat beside me, Richard as well. Every member is here, they really wanted the pumpkin muffins to bake fast. Jill, Maxine, Lance were also here, they really wanted to play the game.

"You're enjoying this even though we didn't start yet. Nice" I said with a chuckle.

Jill invited Yujin, from another section, which bothered us, but it's cool. I had a crush on him when I was on 5th Grade, besides, Jeriko got serious JEALOUSY problem with him last time. I call him "Cracker" last school year, which annoyed Jeriko and Gio. Those two hated him very much. (A/N: No offense, Jill, Yujin!)

"Who goes first?" I asked. Maxine was grinning, even Richard, but his was sheepish.

"Alright, I'll go first" I volunteered. They laughed, Camie did the hardest.

"Oh dude. Yujin and Lance are only boys, I suggest you hope Yujin" whispered Camie, she nudged me hard with her elbow.

"Shut up. I don't belong to him. I belong to Marshall Lee. I kept on telling you!" I said slapping her hard.

"Ow" she uttered and made a cute face. "Whatever" I said rolling my eyes. My heart throbs as the bottle spun. It kept on spinning, I got impatient. It landed on Jill.

"Hahahaha" laughed Richard, he kept on laughing.

"Girls to girls, Hug. Boy to girl, kiss, right?" Camie asked reassuringly. I nodded. I gave Jill a bear hug, which was so tight, I wanna squeeze her to a pulp.

"Alright enough. I'll go next" Camie volunteered cheerfully. She spun the bottle and it landed on Richard.

"A hug!" I snapped. "But..I'm a boy" said Richard. "No you're a girl" teased Lance.

"Ugh, fine. A hug will do!" he agreed.

"OMG! He admitted it!" shrieked Camie.

"Oh yeah!" we all agreed which Richard punched my arm. "Dude, let's get this over with!" he yelled at Camie.

They both hugged each other cutely which made me giggle a little.

Then something sparkled from the window. It's bright light, and it glowed very bright which made me cover my eyes.

"A UFO!" shouted Maxine.

"A meteor!" shrieked Camie.

We both rushed to the backyard, which the light was coming from. There was a circular ball of light, a portal, to be exact. I saw it one of the movies and games I played. I can see fresh green grass, and a tree which looked familiar.

"What's this?!" I asked them.

They all shrugged, but still shocked.

"A portal, I guess. How did it get here?!" asked Maxine.

But then the tree looked very familiar to us!

"It's a portal to Ooo! Isn't that Finn and Jake's treehouse?!" shrieked Richard.

Yes it is the tree. We wanted to get in, but we know it's dangerous.

"I want to go in this portal!" I suggested.

"Dude, it's too dangerous" said Yujin, finally he spoke! I rolled my eyes, went closer to the portal and set one foot in. And I felt coldness, I jerked backwards, and fell, but Richard caught me.

"It's cold in Ooo?" he asked.

"Probably. But I hope this is Aaa. I'll finally see Marshall Lee in person!" I yelled.

Everyone agreed. Lance was chuckling from behind. "What?" I asked him.

Richard released me.

"I'm going in there! Ooo or not. It's amazing!" I cried.

Yujin grabbed my arm. "I'm coming with you! I want to be popular in there" he sang like Marshall.

"Who else?" I asked.

Maxine stepped forward, with Jill and Camie. Which left Richard and Lance.

"So what you two?" I asked them.

"I'm going with you!" shouted Richard and hopped beside me.

"Lance?" asked Jill.

"Alright. But I'm doing this because I wanted to cross a portal myself. Let's do this!" said Lance with a shrug.

And together we held hands, and jumped into a very mysterious land.

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