"Fili come on! What are we waiting for, your beard to grow taller? Come on!" Kili leaned against the tree with an amused smile, his eyes fixed on his brother who was still struggling for something inside.
"At this rate we won't get practicing before the sunset." He pointed out with a laugh, surveying the familiar garden area they would be sparring in.

Fili grumbled as he pulled his hair back into a tail swiftly wrapping a thing piece of leather around it to keep it in place. How his younger brother was so chipper tin the mornings he'd never understand.
"No, Kili," he shot back, laughter in his voice, "I'm waiting for your scruff to grow." Satisfied that the hair wouldn't bother him anymore, Fili marched outside. "Ready to go to bed, sulking about your loss the whole way?"

Kili actually pouted, throwing his brother a glare as he walked on the other side of the yard taking his spot. "You know that a too long beard would only be on the way in archery." He pointed out lifting his hands up before his face.
"Besides, I don't have to keep my hair or beard away from my eyes like you have to." He added with a laugh. "You're going down, no matter what you say. And I do not sulk!"

"We'll see about that, won't we?" Fili smirked as he took his own position, stance very similar to Kili's. It was an old dance by now, once that took place more out of habit than the actual need to spar with someone. It was the only time of the day where almost no one interrupted them, the time where they could circle around each other and exchange blows and jabs and laugh about it later.
FIli never enjoyed hurting his brother but this was vital for both of them. "You do sulk, Kili. You just never notice it." He was merely trying to taunt his brother into action.

Kili snarled silently and lunged at his brother after finding a perfect oppoturnity, connecting his fist with Fili's arm trying to kick his legs from underneath him.
Fili raised his arm to block the fist, jumping back barely in time to avoid the kick aimed at his legs. Grinning widely, Fili took a second to assess the situation before launching himself forward, swinging a fist at Kili's shoulder.
His other hand was still protectively placed in front of his own body, just in case Kili would try to attack him.

Kili cursed silently as Fili managed to block his attack, twisting his body away sideway from his brother's attempt to hit his shoulder (seriously, shoulder?)
He took a step back and aimed a kick behind Fili's knees, arms pressed against his sides in case FIli tired to harm them.
Fili jerked as the kick connected, tumbling to the ground and getting right back up to his feet, grinning happily at his brother. He might not have been able to hit Kili's shoulder to throw him off balance but his brother had scored a hit.
He stayed mostly crouched, lashing out with a leg to swipe Kili's legs right out from beneath him.

Kili grinned as he felt Fili get hit by his attack, but was a little too slow for the counter and felt Fili's leg swipe his own from the ground, ending up on the grass on his back with a small gasp. He blinked at the sky for a moment before rising on his knees and brutally tackling his brother on the ground laughing.
With a shout, Fili went down again and yet he laughed as well, squirming under Kili before he locked his legs around his brother's waist, rolling them around until he was the one on the top. Pleased, Fili grinned down at Kili. "Are you ready to surrender, Kili?"

"You should know I won't surrender easily." Kili grinned bucking his hips up in attempt to make Fili lose his ballance.
To his utter embarrassment, Fili did lose his balance and he fell forward, forehead connecting rather painfully with Kili's. Groaning, he struggled to regain his balance for a moment, sitting up to give his brother a bemused look. "Really?"
"You weren't supposed to fall forward." Kili whined rubbing his forehead with a small pout. He tried to figure out a way to get up, a small grin taking over his lips and he dug his fingers against Fili's sides tickling him.

Yelping, Fili started to squirm, swatting at Kili's hand before rolling off of his brother, landing next to him with a laugh. Then he started his counter-attack, tickling Kili's side in return, even managing to try and tickle Kili's neck.
Kili squeaked, trying to squirm away from Fili's fingers barely able to push down a shudder that wanted to work through his body at the touch on his neck. He rolled over, grabbing Fili's wrists as he sat on top of his brother, pinning his hands down with a grin. "What are you going to do now?"

Fili gave his brother a playful look before schooling his expression into mock-surrender, going limp beneath his brother as he jutted out his chin rebelliously. "I surrender to you, Kili." He was hoping it would throw his brother off enough to make him relax his grip.
"Damn right you do." Kili grinned feeling Fili go limp under him, his own grip relaxing a little even if he didn't move away from his brother.

Assured that he had surprise on his side, Fili surged up, headbutting Kili as he tried to slip his wrists out of Kili's grasp. He managing to free one of his hands, using it to push at Kili's shoulder to try and push him over.
Kili let out a noise of surprise, too dazed from the headbut to figh back against his brother and fell off, halfly drappled over him and whined. "That's not fair!"
"I doubt Orcs are going to care about being fair," Fili laughed and quickly reclaiming his spot by rolling on top of his brother. "Surrender now and I won't tell Mother about all those cookies you stole last week. She still hasn't figured out who it was."
"I doupt they would treathen me with cookies either." He shot back squirming under Fili. "You're not playing fair! Besides I'm nearly full grown adult, I don't need to steal cookies anymore." He bluffed lifting his head up.

"And what would you call fair?" Fili's voice was laced with affection when he finally got up and offered a hand to his brother to help him back up on his feet.
"Something that has nothing to do with threatening." Kili chuckled taking the offered hand, but Fili pulled a little too hard while he tried to jump up and he ended up stumbling and colliding with his brother.
"Careful!" Fili caught Kili's shoulders and held on for a few seconds before pushing his brother back, heart hammering loudly in his chest. He forced himself to ignore it and grinned instead. "I wasn't threatening you, Kili."

"Yes you were, about cookies I never ate." Kili grinned back at him, jumping a step back and lifted his hands up. "Well then…shall we contiue?"
Fili smirked and nodded, jumping into action first this time. He didn't rely on another kick this time, instead opting to try and aim a hit at Kili's chest, hoping it would make his brother stumble.
Kili grinned twisting his body sideways just before Fili would hit him and grabbed a hold of his arm, pushing his shoulder against Fili's chest and threw him over his head on the ground. "You alright?" He asked with a laugh, peering down at his brother.

Fili's breath was knocked out of him, especially now that his back was screaming in protest. Roughly, he grabbed Kili's hands and jerked at them before kicking his legs out beneath him once more.
It had worked less than a minute ago, so…

With both his hands caught and legs sweeped from underneath him, Kili yelped ending back on top of his brother, making a small noise of protest before he laughed. "See what you did? We're both down again!"
"Thank for for stating the obvious, Kili." With a quiet shake of his head, Fili moved until he was propped up on his elbows, cheeks slightly red from their sparring and face practically glowing with satisfaction and happiness.

He leaned in to bump his forehead against Kili's as an affectionate gesture but the his back protested again and he winced, clsoing his eyes. It was only when he opened them again that he noticed how close his face was to Kili's and he froze. His own heartbeat was filling his ears and it sounded loud, too loud.

Kili swore his heart stopped, eyes wide as he stared right back at Fili's shocked eyes, their faces so close he could feel Fili's breath against his own lips, sending a spiral of unexpected heat through him.
"I…I-" Kili swallowed thickly, his world narrowed only at his brother and the look on his face before he hesistantelly brushed his fingers against the braids in Fili's hair, smiling nervously. Why he didn't pull way, Kili didn't know…all he knew was that it felt so right to be there at the moment.

Fili was leaning into the touch before he realized what he was doing, pulled in by his brother's smile and the look in his eyes.
Something twisted in his chest, some sort of want that he had never been able to place before. It had been there for a while now, waiting, occasionally rearing its head before settling down again, leaving Fili confused as to why his emotions would play such a trick on him.
They were close enough that Fili could feel the heat radiating off of Kili's face. It would just take a small movement, nothing more than a nudge to get them even closer, to give it, to just…

Hesitantly, Fili pressed his lips against Kili's, eyes shut as if he wasn't sure if he wanted to see his brother's reaction.

Kili's eyes widened, and his whole body went rigid against his brother's as he felt those soft lips against his own, just brushing together as if testing what was alright. His breath left him in a shudder, fingers tightening their grip from Fili's braids and he slowly responded the kiss, adding just the hint of pressure.
It felt natural, it was like a next step in their relationship that had just waited to be taken, two hearts beating as one.

The intensity of it made Kili go lightheaded, bracing his other arm on the ground beside Fili's head to keep himself up.

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