Naruto Namikaze

12 Years Ago

*Minato's POV*

Here he is. After nine months my son is finally born. What father wouldn't have been happy if their child was just born? But this happy moment was short lived when a masked man came in, killed all of the ANBU, Biwako, Taji, and kidnapped Naruto threatening to kill him if I didn't hand over Kushina. I manage to slip Naruto out of his grasp but the masked man put a paper bomb on him intending to kill Naruto and injure me.


'Boom'. That was a close one. I thank Kami I learned that technique otherwise I would've died hundreds of times. I turned around and he was gone without a trace.

"Kushina. Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine." She said between breaths.

That seal is really taking a toll on her. I have to find that guy and end this quick otherwise the kyuubi will break out.

"I'll be back."

"Be careful." She said.

"Don't worry I'm always careful. See ya in a flash." I said with a fox-like grin.

I used the Hiraishin no Jutsu to go to the hokage tower and told the third the situation that unfolded.

"I see. Since this is also a personal matter I presume you will be able to take care of this." He said after a smoke of his pipe.

"Alright. I'll finish before anybody else gets killed."

With that I left to me and Kushina's house and put on my hokage robes and went to find this guy which didn't take long since he found me.

"Minato Namikaze." He said coldly under his mask.

"What do you know about me?"

"A lot actually. Former sensei, nicknamed The Yellow Flash, husband to Kushina Uzumaki, father to your newborn son Naruto, fourth hokage and protector to this dump of a village." He said sinisterly.

"You will regret insulting my village."

"I think you got bigger problems than me." He said.

Just than a roar escaped the air from none other than the kyuubi no kitsune.

"You should worry about the fox destroying everyone one you hold dear and me killing you."

I left and made it to the village only to find shinobi dying by the fox. The fox must've sensed me because it turned around to look at me on the monument.

"What surprised to see me?"

It gathered a bunch of chakra into a giant ball and shot it at me. I used my special kunai to teleport the blast away from here.

"Beautiful isn't it. One's sharingan can cause this much chaos." The masked man said when he suddenly appeared.

"Who are you. Why are you attacking the leaf?"

"What good would that have been if I told you. You'll all be finished in no time." He said as he took off his hood.

"There is no hope for you." He said.

He did some sort of time and space jutsu that almost sucked me through another dimension. Like I said before I thank Kami I learned Flying Raijin technique. I ended up at a training ground in the leaf and that guy followed.

"You can't run from me." He said.

A ninja who can control the nine tails and slip in and out of the village undetected.

"Are you Madara Uchiha?"

"What do you think? He said.

I threw a kunai at him and it went right through.

"Wanna try that again." He said.

"You bet." I said as I charged a rasengan and we both rushed at each other. I used my free hand to throw a kunai at him. As soon as it passed through l teleported above him and hit him with a full-power rasengan.

"Flying Raijin level 2."

When the smoke cleared, I was surprised by what I saw. His arm appears to be falling apart like it's made of clay.

"Just what the hell are you?"

"You bastard. You will pay for that." He said. His voice was mixed with anger and exhaustion.

He did a familiar hand sign that all Uchiha's know.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu." He said.

Two giant fireballs came at me. I gotta act fast. I dodged the fireballs, ran in front of him, and put a contract seal on his stomach.

"The nine tails is no longer under your command."

"Shit" He said.

"Just give up already."

That guy used that same time and space jutsu to escape but not before saying…

"Hope you can save your village." He said as his voice faded.

Kushina. That's how that guy got the fox. He used some sort of technique to release the kyuubi from the seal. Then he used the sharingan to control the kyuubi so it can destroy the village. I have to find her then fix this. I went back to the cave and searched everywhere close by. She was found in some valley breathing hard. I took her and Naruto somewhere safe into the village then went to go fight the fox. I went to the hokage monument, jumped off, and did something Jaraiya taught me.

"Summoning Jutsu."

A cloud of smoke engulfed the area when a giant toad appeared. His name is Gamabunta.

"Minato why the hell would you summon me here of all times." He said with anger in his voice.

"Relax Gamabunta. I had a perfectly good reason why I summoned you."

"Really. What is it?" The toad said.

"Look forward."

I saw Bunta look forward at the fox with its tails lashing out.

"Oh I see. The kyuubi no kitsune. Alright I'll help you this time but anything other than this, I'm going back to Mount Myoboku. Do you hear me?" He said.

"Got it."

Bunta jumped into the air, sword taken out, and almost stabbed the fox. The fox ran to us and almost clawed us. I jumped off Bunta into the air and formed a bigger version of the rasengan.

"Giant rasengan."

It hit the fox dead on. I used this time to jump by Kushina and used the Reaper death seal on the fox. If I now seal it in Kushina she might die. She was containing the beast with some sort of soul binding chains. Guess I don't have a choice. I'm sorry Naruto but I have to seal the fox in you. I used every bit of chakra I had into that jutsu and he still not even half sealed. The fox pointed his claw at me but at the last second he pointed it at Naruto if it weren't for me and Kushina it would've killed Naruto but instead it fatally injured me and her.

"Kushina. What are you doing?"

"Hey if it's your responsibility to protect Naruto don't you think it's mine also. Besides you have to finish up the jutsu." She said.

"I wish I could but as you can see I don't have enough chakra left."

"I still have some chakra left maybe I can help." She said.

"It's risky but it just might work."

In the end we only sealed half of the fox inside Naruto. But the half was enough for the foxes' body to have been sealed in as well. Seconds later, Kushina died from chakra exhaustion and from the seal. Sarutobi appeared with several anbu.

"Minato what happened?" He asked.

I told him the story of what just occurred.

"I see. You." He said.

He pointed to an anbu member with a cat mask on.

"Can you go get a medical team?" He said

"That won't be necessary. I'm finna die before they come so let me talk to you in private." When we was out of ear range. "Naruto won't be known as the person with a demon in him, but as a hero who risked his life to capture the kyuubi. And also don't tell anyone he's my son just yet. What you tell everyone else is up to you. That's my final request as a hokage."

"Alright. Just to be clear when to tell him?" He said.

"Whenever you feel is right."

After the end of that sentence I died. The only regret I ever had was that I couldn't protect two of my former students and my wife.

*6 years later*

3rd person

A boy was running down the street behind was an angry mob filled with civilian and ninja (Mostly chunin). The boy had blond hair, green shorts, light blue sleeves with a white shirt. The boy had a pretty good lead against the mob. He turned right into an alley only to find it's a dead end. So he hid behind the dumpster till they passed or so he thought.

"I saw him turn over here." A villager said.

"Search everywhere for him. We can't let that demon get away." A chunin said.

The boy was behind the dumpster scared out of his mind. Scared that someone might catch him. Scared that this time they might kill him. One villager looked behind the dumpster thinking that the demon is back here.

'He's back here. He has to be otherwise I'll be pissed.' That villager thought. He checked in the back to find the boy only to see him shaking scarily.

"There he is get him!" The villager said. The boy tried to make a break for it but two chunin were blocking his way. He was trapped in the alley. One chunin threw 2 kunai at both of the boys' knees so he wouldn't try to run again. Then the villagers started beating him with their hands and anything they can pick up that can damage him.

'Why. Why do they only attack me?' The boy thought. One chunin stabbed him in the stomach just inches below his heart. Then the boy passed out.

"Okay I think he's had enough. Let's get outta here before the Sandaime shows up." A villager said.

"I think it's already too late to leave." A voice said behind them. Everyone turned around to find the third hokage and a few anbu standing behind them.

"Hokage-Sama." They all said.

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the current hokage after Minato's passing. He is known for training three sannin and being trained by The Shodai Hokage and The Nidaime Hokage.

"Now what is the meaning of all this?" Sarutobi asked.

"Hey we didn't start all this. It's all this demons' fault." A chunin said. As soon as he finished that sentence, Sarutobi killed the man by stabbing him through the chest with a kunai setting him as an example.

"Everyone here has 5 seconds to get the hell away from this alley. 5.4…" As soon as he said that the whole angry mob turned scared and ran away as fast as possible.

"Kakashi." When he said that an anbu member with a dog mask and silver hair appeared right next to him.

"Yes hokage-sama." Kakashi said.

"Can you please take Naruto to the hospital?" He asked.

"Sure thing." Kakashi said. He grabbed Naruto from Sarutobi and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop until he made it to the hospital. When he got there he asked one of the nurses for help. The nurse took Naruto into an empty hospital room and started treating his wounds.

*A few hours later*

Sarutobi was in the hospital waiting to see if Naruto was alright or not. A nurse came in and told Sarutobi that Naruto will okay and that he is lucky to be alive. In the room, Naruto was just waking up.

'The villagers always attack me and only me for no reason.' He thought. Just then, Sarutobi came into the.

"Oh hey Ojiisan how is't going?" Naruto said.

'Might as well tell him. What harm can be done by doing that?' Sarutobi thought.

"Naruto I have to tell you something important. What ever I say is confidential you can't tell nobody unless you feel ready to do so." He said.

"What is it?" Naruto asked.

"You know of the fourth hokage right?" Sarutobi asked.

"Yeah what about him?" Naruto asked.

"Well you see 6 years ago on October 10th his son was born. When the kyuubi attacked, he had no choice but to seal it in his son. That boy was you Naruto." Sarutobi explained. When Sarutobi finished that sentence, Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. He now understands why the village treated him this way why they treated him like a demon.

"Naruto I would've told you earlier but I didn't want your fathers' enemies going after you. I can't tell you much about your father but one person can." Hiruzen said.

"Who would that be?" Naruto added.

"That would be me." A new voice said through the window. He was a tall man wearing a green short kimono shirt with matching pants, a mesh armour, a red haori, and wooden sandals.

"Ah Jiraiya so glad you can make it." Hiruzen said.

"No problem Sarutobi sensei." Jiraiya said.

"Naruto this is Jiraiya. For the next six years he's gonna train you so you can become a better ninja and teach you more about your father." Sarutobi said as he threw Naruto a scroll.

"What's this." Naruto said.

"A list of jutsus your father learnt and some that I learnt." Sarutobi said.

"But wait I still don't know who my mom is." Naruto said.

"I can answer that. Your mom was Kushina Uzumaki of the Uzumaki Clan the former container of the kyuubi no kitsune." Jiraiya said as he showed Naruto the picture of his mom. She had red hair and wore a long green dress.

"I just wish I could've met both of them." Naruto said with sadness in his voice.

"I know Naruto so what do you wanna do?" Sarutobi said.

"I wanna go on the training trip so I can surpass my dad as a better hokage." He said with determination in his eyes.

"Very well then. After you get discharged from here pack your stuff and meet me at the village gate tommorow morning alright."

"OK." Naruto said with excitement.

And so the tale of Naruto Namikaze begins hope you enjoyed this chapter.