Author Note: As promised, the sequel to New In Town and second in the series.


Title: Kingly Duties (if anyone has a better idea for a title, tell so in your review because I'm bad at titles)

Summary: Danny and Raven are happily together, but what happens when they discover the meaning behind a prophecy? A prophecy that explains so much to Danny, but…what will he do? To make things worse, Vlad found him…

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

Rated: T

Crossover: Danny Phantom and Teen Titans

Story Relation: Sequel to New In Town and second in the series

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim Teen Titans.

Notes: This is a year after New In Town and the Titans know Danny as Chris and don't know about his old life…yet…



You know what, things were going a lot better than I expected. Raven respected my wishes and none of the Titans know that I was once Danny Fenton. They just know me as Chris Tempo. That was good. Robin still didn't like me, even if I've been here for a year, but he was warming up to me (especially since he knows my parents killed me-even if he doesn't know all the details since I refused to say anything). I visited the Tower a lot in my free time. Starfire wouldn't stop calling Friend Chris, but she's warmed up to me. I guess since Dani and I are the only two people who actually somewhat like her cooking. Cyborg and I became friends as well. I help him upgrade the systems and everything.

Dani came with me when I visited the Tower. She hung out with Beastboy half of the time. They would play video games and as normal, BB would lose. She played Cyborg and he lost too. The other half of the time, she was with Starfire. Those two would do girly things. At least I think they would. I'm not sure what they do.

The down side was that Robin wouldn't let me stay the night in Raven's room. Besides, I don't think I want to move things that fast. Even if it's been a year. I will only do that if and when Raven's ready. Though, Raven and I are obviously closely together. She told me about her father and what she was. After that, we've grown even closer (which is why I do sneak into her room at night).

Of course, Robin did offer me a room at the Tower and said that Dani could come too (I didn't tell them she had powers though, not yet). I refused. I still wanted to stay with the Tempest. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into that place. Not really, but I did actually like running it. Dani did too.

Speaking of Dani, she wasn't so found of the things I did. She didn't like the fact that I did steal, though she (and the Titans) were happy when I gave up being Red X. I only returned the suit because it would show Raven that I trusted the Titans, though that's still a bit on edge.

Though, Dani and Beastboy are getting along well. I wonder if that will grow into something, but until then I will tease her mercilessly about it (even if they did get together, I still wouldn't stop teasing them).

Currently, I was in Raven's room. It was night and I only wore my sweat pants (we didn't do anything). Raven keeps my sweat pants here for the nights that I do spend in her room. Yeah, I do spend the night in her room and sometimes she spends the night in my room at the Tempest. As a result, both places have extra clothes.

Anyway, I was in my sweatpants laying on Raven's bed. Raven laid with her head against my chest and I had one arm under my head and the other over her shoulders. We were half asleep.

A lot has happened the past year, that's for sure, but I still can't stop thinking about it. The way Walker acted, it was…out there…It wasn't normal….

"What's wrong?"
I looked at Raven. It still amazed me how she can say something with value, and mean it, but still somehow sound monotone all the time.

"It's Walker."

She raised an eyebrow.
"What about him?"
"It's weird. The way he just left after he found out I was a full ghost."
"Perhaps it was 'respect for the dead?'"

I looked deep in thought.

"It seemed more than that. He said that all charges were dropped-"


I looked at her sheepishly.
"Well, he's the Ghost Zone police, so to say, and I broke a lot of rules."
"Somehow that doesn't surprise me."

I chuckled slightly.

"Still, he just…left…it was odd…"

She sighed and got up. I pouted and she rolled her eyes.
"I have a book you may want to look at. It may explain a few things."

She handed me a book. It was the book she got from the Tempest. I smirked when I saw the names. I knew who wrote it. Ghost Writer and Clockwork. It was obvious. I recall that I have glanced through the book, but not actually read it.

"How so?"

She scowled and I gulped. I took the book.