Author Note: I wasn't originally gonna pair Beastboy with Dani, but it kind of just happened…plus I got to include TWO spit-take scenes. Also, the real plot is just about to start. I just wanted Beastboy and Dani out of the way, so to speak. Plus, this is gonna be kind of long. I am taking it slow, just letting happen, what needs to happen.



Princessbinas- The Titans don't know that Chris and Kris aren't their real names. When I said real names I meant the Titans' real names. IN other words, when their in disguise, Danny/Chris and Dani/Kris call the Titans by their real names. The only one who knows the truth is Raven.

Enchanting Elf- Opps. I forgot to add that in… BB lost the ring and found it after the date. How? Well, because the author said so and he's Beastboy.

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Chapter 2:

They were currently in Titan Tower. Robin was torn between amusement and scowling. Raven was amused. Starfire wasn't sure what to do. Cyborg wouldn't stop laughing.

It was early in the morning and Kris showed up at the tower. She said she was warning Beastboy. Before anyone could ask why, Chris came barging in.

Which led to Beastboy running from Chris- who had red eyes and his hair was flickering like flames. It was kind of funny to see a chicken Beastboy running around (literally, he transformed into a chicken), with Chris chasing him, and Kris chasing Chris.

"Dude," Beastboy said as he turned back, "You gave me permission to date her!"


Raven came up from behind and smacked Chris upside the head. His hair returned to normal, but his eyes still had a red glint.
"Eh, thanks Raven."

She smirked as she walked away. Chris sighed and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.


Beastboy was hysteric.

"Sorry?! Dude, you nearly ripped my head off!"

Kris rolled her eyes as she chuckled.

"Besides, Chris," she said with a glint in her eyes, "A certain ghost named Clockwork showed me a little video of you kissing Sam when you guys weren't even dating yet!"
Chris seemed to lose his 'cool demeanor.' Raven's jealousy flared. Kris' eyes widened.

"Crap," she muttered.

Chris sighed.
"1. It was a fake-out make out, it meant nothing. 2. You make it sound like we dated later," he looked to Raven, "which we didn't. I couldn't date someone who thinks I'm a monster- which I am. 3. Ouch. That hurt. I gotta go."

Chris, who usually refrained from using his powers too often, turned intangible and flew out of the Tower. Cyborg scratched his head.

"What just happened?"

Kris looked sad.

"I just mentioned something I really shouldn't have."

Raven's jealousy was still flared. However, by the way Chris spoke, it had hurt to mention this 'Sam.' If that's the case, she needed to speak with him. She disappeared to find him.

"I'm an idiot," Kris muttered.

"Yeah," Beastboy said with a playful look, "but you're my idiot."

Kris glared at him and he gulped. Cyborg laughed.


I ignored my jealous feelings to find Danny. I found him at the Tempest (which wasn't opened due to it being Sunday). He was drinking herbal tea, but he had a solemn expression.


He looked at me and my heart leaped with sorrow at his eyes. They were filled with sadness. I walked over.


He looked down.

"Raven….I'm sorry…I just couldn't….But I swear," he looked at me frantically, "Sam and I weren't like that! I swear! I mean, yes I did at one point really like her and then she betrayed me because of what I am…but…"

I bit my lip. He got up and wrapped his arms around me.
"No matter what, you are the only one for me, this I swear my afterlife too."

I knew I was blushing, but I couldn't help it. I hugged him back, tighter. When we were done hugging, there was a slight awkward silence.

"Did you read the book," I said to break the silence. He looked at me sheepishly and I sighed.

"You didn't read it, did you?"

"I haven't had time," he protested.

"Fine, then we'll go read it now."

I turned and went to his room above the Tempest with him following me.

"Wait, Raven…go back a page…"

Confused, I turned the page back one. It was the page that had the prophecy about the true Ghost King.

Pariah Dark was a feared figure all through history, life and death. The difference being in death, he was worshipped as a dark lord in some countries.

However, in death Pariah was the King of the Realm of the Dead, the Ghost Zone. A ghost of mighty power that was magnified by using two artifacts: The ring of rage and crown of fire. Neither had power separate besides marking the wearer as King of the Dead, together, however they did much more. Both items on one wearer would amplify the ghosts' powers ten fold.

As well as the artifacts, Pariah also had his loyal knight named Fright Knight. Fright Knight was a ghost of Halloween, his abilities being that of fear and his own sword (Soul Shredder) being able to grant each person its blade touches, live their worst nightmare. As well as that, Fright Knights' true obsession was that to serve the rightful King.

Pariah Dark used his items of power and his loyal Knight to spread fear and terror to both the realms of the living and that of the dead. Ghosts and the living alike feared Pariah. He was never truly defeated He was put into a coffin of forever slumber by using the power of several powerful Observers (see Page 210 for more information on them and the Master of Time).

However, Pariah Dark rose again and was freed. It was during his second reign that he was truly defeated by one man and one man alone. This man was no man. He was the only true halfa in existence and as a result, had much power.

This halfa defeated Pariah Dark, single-handedly, as well as Pariah's Knight multiple times and Pariah's army. This halfa, unknown to him, possessed the procession of an heir of sorts to King Of The Dead. As soon as the halfa would die, and become a full ghost, he shall become the King on his third death day.

"Ah shit."

I looked at Danny surprised. He put his head down.

"Danny," I said, "do you know something about this?"

"You could say that, considering I just figured out why Walker was acting weird…after all…apparently, I'm the Ghost King!"