Frodo dropped his jaw, when he saw his uncle Bilbo for the first since he left, he walked over to the Hobbit that should look older with greying hair but what he sees is a young Hobbit with golden bouncy curls with bright blue eyes, holding onto a dwarf's arms "Uncle Bilbo?" the blonde Hobbit turns around to see his nephew

"Frodo." He calls out warping his arms around him "Are you okay?" he asked Frodo nodded

"What happen to you?" he asked

"Ummm not too sure myself." He said he smiled

"Why are you on the arms of a dwarf?" He asked, Bilbo blinked at Frodo and then looked at Thorin

"I'm just going to talk to Frodo." He said, Thorin nodded and kissed Bilbo on the forehead and whispered to him that made his face blush.

Bilbo took Frodo away; while Thorin threw death glares at any elves that walked passed him or wished him a good day, finding a nice quiet place to sit, they found a small balcony that was coved with bright green plants and hanging flowers, "Bilbo what is going on? I don't understand why you look like this?" he said

"I don't either, one moment I was hugging Thorin and then when he looked back at me I was young again, does it matter?"

"I guest not." He said, rubbing his head "S…So who is Thorin." He asked

"The king of Erebor and my lover." He said

"L…Lover?" Frodo choked, Bilbo chuckled and ran his hands though the boy's locks and then gave a sad smile

"Frodo there are many things that you might not understand, but I am afraid after you journey you might understand all of it." He said softly, Frodo nodded

"How long have you two been lovers?"

"Ummm good question, I'm not sure if 60 years or just the last week or so, he's a good…dwarf and a good king." He said "Annnnnd a good father well I hope so." He said touching his stomachs

"Your not are you?" the dark hair Hobbit said with shock

"No not yet, but there are plans my dear boy."

"Will you tell me the full story?"

"One day."

Thorin walked over to the pair and pulled Bilbo into a hug and kissed him on the lip's, Frodo blushed and turned his head away while they kissed, but every so often taking side looks from the corner of his eyes, to see them tongues and all in a passionate kiss, when they finely pulled apart Bilbo looked dazed "Master Frodo it is nice to meet you, Bilbo talks about you." Thorin said holding his hand out; Frodo took his hand and shook it

"Y…You to King Thorin." Thorin gave a bark of laughter and smiled

"You can call me Thorin, your family now my boy."

"Okay .