Chapter 19: Escapes and Explosives

Now how the hell is it that I am the one lost in this stupid place? Sesshomaru thought to himself, stomping his way around the hallways of this smelly disgusting place. The sight of the blood on the walls and the torn clothes in the rooms made his stomach turn. How will these women ever be able to rejoin society?

It had been over an hour since he last saw Miroku, and his job hadn't even been completed. He was suppose to let Miroku start a distraction and then he was going to find Inuyasha. Easy enough right? The radiating odor of the Half demon should give him away even if we was in another state.

But the only problem was that he COULDN'T SMELL INUYASHA?!

How in the hell did that happen? His nose was so keen on picking up scents, especially those of his annoying half brother that he was able to track him down in every run away mission he planned at their old home.


Your getting old.

Pfft, yeah right. Like he ever really aged. Well he did but not like everyone else, while they got older each year he still looked young and ravishing as always. He never -aged- the way everyone else did. Sure he turned a year older, but he never looked it. And his athletic abilities weren't that of a 29 year old, he was far more physically fit than Inuyasha. The half demon man hadn't even unlocked his true abilities yet, much to their fathers dissapointment. Maybe it's one of the reasons Inuyasha tried so hard to succeed, to achieve his fathers approval. To bad the man passed away before he could see Inuyasha's true success.

But now what was happening to Sesshomaru? Did his nose age? Is that even possible? Did he become soft? Maybe he needs to train more. He smell the cent of humans and half blooded guards around, but he couldn't make out his brother.

Half brother.

Maybe one day he'll forget about the half blood line that separates them, but for now he can't. His fathers affair was enough to tear their family apart when they were younger, and after Inuyasha and his mother came to live with them life was a running riot.

But why was he thinking of this now?! Almost 20 years later and he's thinking of this? Right now?!

"I have to focus" He muttered as crouched slightly, his hands behind him as he prepared to sprint. He was fast, maybe too fast for these narrow hallways but that didn't matter. He had to find Inuyasha, cover as much ground as he could. How else would he find him?

He leaped off of his feet and into action, tearing through the cement hallways. He passed a few guards who were pinned against the wall as he flew by, the force crushing their bodies into the cement. They groaned and fell to their knees leaving Sesshomaru with a smile painted neatly on his face. He switched from hallway to hallway, Left, right, left, left, left, right, where every he had to go he went. He came across more guards and again they were defeated without him even touching them, it was an easy win. No scent had aroused not even a little, but something did catch Sesshomaru. A scream coming from the other direction to which he was headed, causing him to stop dead in his tracks.

"What the hell?" Another petrified scream was heard, but this time it was more clear that a man was screaming.


Sesshomaru knew it wasn't Inuyasha, and debated about whether he should go towards it. It wasn't anyone he knew actually, definitely not Miroku. He's heard his girlish shriek before, this wasn't as high pitched as that.

He shook his head; he knew he had to go back and see what was happening. As he jumped into another sprint down the hallway he heard the scream again, and followed it. He came crashing into a side room around the corner of a dark hallway, where three guards laid dead on the floor. He looked over the bodies and listened quietly, the sound of panting coming from a little farther into the room. He stepped closer to the darker side of the room, another door revealing itself in the shadows.

"Oh god please don't do this!" a voice called.

Sesshomaru walked calmly into the room, his arms held out in front of him as if ready to attack what ever came. But as he looked into the dimly lighted room he saw what felt like an impossible movie scene to him.

"PLEASE HELP!" A guard croaked as his hands wrapped around a pair that was tightly grasping his neck. He kicked at the killer who had him suspended above the floor, his face changing to a pale blue in the mere seconds Sesshomaru saw him. The hands, with finger nails that stretched over the tips of the fingers; belonged too Inuyasha. Inuyasha who had only an hour ago been known to be captured was now standing in front of Sesshomaru, with red eyes blazing in anger. His teeth were sharp and snarling, his hair wild and body some what more sculptured. He snarled at the guard before cracking his wrists to the side seemingly breaking the poor mans neck. He dropped the body to the floor and turned his face to meet Sesshomaru's who stared back in disbelief.

"Inuyasha your..." He stopped as Inuyasha started to walk towards him.

"Whoa wait Inuyasha calm down!" Sesshomaru said as he placed his feet firmly apart, ready to do what ever was necessary. Inuyasha growled at him and brought his hands up as if to fight.

"Look you don't want to do this Inuyasha. You have to control this, you have to gain control Inuyasha." Sesshomaru said. Just as the words left his mouth Inuyasha's hand clenched into a fist and hooked right into the left side of Sesshomaru's face. The full blooded demon fell back a bit, but kept his stance. "I've been waiting to beat the evil out of you for a long time." Sesshomaru said.

Inuyasha only growled in return.

Somewhere inside the center of this slave ring, a room with high ceilings and cold walls held an office for Koga. Most of him time was spent here doing what ever he pleased, and now that his precious place was falling apart it only seemed natural that he would hide out there until the steam blazed over. But someone else who had a little power in this operation wasn't going to let him hide away, not after all the work she had played into it. So it was no surprise to Koga that Kikyo would come busting through his door with foul words and an angry Naraku behind her.

"You're just going to sit here and let us deal with it all?!" Kikyo yelled, her fists crashing down onto the desk in front of her.

"Why not? You and Naraku are more than capable of handling this yourselves, that's why your officers." Koga insisted.

"I'm an officer because I supply you with the women for this slave ring! Not because I'm suppose to deal with your problems for you!" Kikyo seethed.

"Is this how you feel as well Naraku?" Koga asked looking over the angered female before him.

"I'm sorry to say it is Koga. We have been partners in this for a long time but I can't let you sit back and watch our hard work vanish before your eyes." Naraku said.

Koga shook his head and clicked his tongue, as if to laugh at them to their faces. "Boys and girls you don't seem to get it. Our hard work isn't 'vanishing' it's merely having a bad day."

"A bad day?! A bad day?! More than half of our slaves have either been killed or escaped and the others are being rallied up to over power us and your saying this is nothing but a BAD DAY?!" Kikyo cried.

"My dear it is only a bad day. Do you honestly think I had no plan B in case this place fell under? Have you know trust in me? This is my life's work, obviously I'd have some emergency plan ready for this kind of moment." Koga smiled.

"Well if you do have some big plan to save the day might you mind filling us in on it?" Naraku asked.

"It's simple enough, Inuyasha is on a rampage killing my guards am I correct? And those precious friends of his are leading a revolt- which by the way good job on letting Kagome escape Kikyo. I see we'll have some job changes when we start over. But back to the matter at hand, with all of this happening these people still missed a step in this board game. They have to spin the dice, but now it's my turn." Koga reached into the top left drawer of his desk, pulling out a map. He laid it across the table and with a black market circled three distinct areas on it. "I always knew one day we might need these in case the police finally got smart and found us, but looks like we'll have to use it on some meddling adults instead. Anyway, these areas mark the location for several explosives. Once detonated every exit out of here will be blocked off. Once the remaining survivors are trapped inside we can release a deadly gas that will paralyze their nervous systems. Thankfully I have a detonator that I can use safely above this place, so we can escape. Would have been pointless to kill ourselves with it right? Anyway I can't remember if they die from a flesh eating diseased caused by the gas or extreme seizures that cause excruciating pain but either way they will be dead within a matter of minutes. All we need is a good cover up for the media, but I don't think that will be too hard to forge. Even then this may be good to get out, give the police a warning that we will do anything to survive. Genius right?"

Kikyo and Naraku exchanged looks before nodding and turning back to him.

"Good" Koga said as he stood up and walked around the desk. He turned to Kikyo, leaning his head next to hers to whisper in her ear. "If you ever doubt me again, I will fuck you harder than when you first came here. And trust me, you won't like it this time." He spat as he walked passed Naraku, a cold chill entering the room as he exited.

"You better follow me," He called "We only have so long to leave before they find us."

Ten minutes prior..

"God Miroku do you even know how to read a map!"

"Yeah we've been walking around for hours!"

"My feet hurt!"

"Oh calm down it's only been five minutes."

"Miroku please!"

"Did you see me stab that guard back there?"

"Yeah that was good."

"Miroku come on where do we go!"

"Ugh..." Miroku groaned as he rubbed his fingers on his forehead. The map wasn't an easy one to read as every damn hallway looked the same, if only the thing had a location device. Something that said 'you are here' when he really needed it.

"Miroku, a lot of these women are scared." Kagome said as she came up behind him, placing a supportive hand on his shoulder. "Maybe we should just look for an exit rather than the leaders office."

"You heard them all before they want to kill him, end this once and for all." Miroku sighed.

"But what if he isn't even here anymore? What if he left?" Sango chimed in.

"Then god help us because that means this is far from over." Miroku stated.

"Look Miroku you tried your hardest. Hell maybe Sesshomaru and Inuyasha already found the guy and killed him ya know? Besides these women are starved and delusional, there's no way they could have taken on this lead man even if they wanted to. You saw how much trouble we had fighting those five guards, they killed two of the women! Not a lot, but still the rest are tired and scared now. How can they keep fighting?" Sango pleaded.

Miroku gritted his teeth and stared at the map "Even if I wanted to find the exit it would still take some time. This damn map looks the same everywhere, and so does this horrid building. It's not like I can smell an exit."

"Jinkotsu isn't there anything you can do?" Kagome said.

"Are you kidding? I've been down here for years I haven't seen the light in just as long as they have." Jinkotsu muttered.

"Wow really?" Sango asked.

"You think slaves are the only think Kaiak treats unreasonably? The only people he's ever given true care for are his officers Kikyo and Naraku." Jinkotsu said. "I never even wanted to be apart of this, if Koga didn't pay off my gambling debt I would still be rummaging through life. Now I've been his free worker ever since. He's a manipulator see, he never let's anyone go. All these guards? They only love it here because the food, and women, are free. I however have a better out look on life. That's why I reached out to Inuyasha in the first place, but now it seems like it was all a waist because were going to die down here."

"Don't be so sure of that Jinkotsu, we can still-"

"No we can't! I know I should have said this earlier but I thought we would be safe by now. Kaiak...or Koga, has a rigged system of explosions to trap every down here in these hallways while a gas that will kill us is released. I only know this because I work in the blue prints room. I saw where every explosion is, but it probably doesn't matter now because he could set them off at any minutes and-"

"Jinkotsu stop!" Sango yelled as she threw her hand over his mouth. She looked passed him at the terrified group of women behind them.

"There's explosives here?!"

"And a gas that can kill us?!"

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?!"

"We're all going to die!"

"No please everyone calm down!" Jinkotsu yelled as he pulled his face away from Sango's hand. "Look I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier but.." He slumped against the wall as his hand came up to cup his forehead, "I just...didn't want to panic were all so hopeful and I thought we were going to escape sooner...I didn't think you guys would actually try to find Koga.."

"Who is Koga?" Sango asked, trying to divert the conversation.

"He's Kaiak, it's an alias he came up with. His real name is Koga Talaka, he lived in Tokyo Japan before he emigrated to the US to start this hole slave ring."

"And how do you know all of this?" Miroku asked.

"I told you I work in the blue prints room. Aside from structural blue prints I also have "human" ones. Biography's, back ground checks, arrest records you name it. Koga was very smart he wanted no one traced to him and he wanted every bit of information he could have. He wanted me to search through his a few years ago."

"Why?" Miroku asked.

"Something about his mothers abandonment, I don't know. I found her in his records but I couldn't trace her or even her old life. He was very upset, maybe that's why he started this whole kidnapping mothers think. He use to just snatch women, but then he took orders, and soon he changed his targets to mothers only. Maybe he was hoping to find his, though I don't know what he would have done with her." Jinkotsu said.

"He wasn't just smart but he was paranoid. He wanted to make sure no one had the skills to ever over power him. And if they did he wanted dirt on them. I hate to say it but Koga is a genius." Jinkotsu mumbled.

"Hmm...Jinkotsu...if I gave you the map, could you possibly lead us to that blue print room?" Miroku asked as he held the map out towards him.

"I could...but I don't know how long it would take. We'd be better off finding an exit..-"

"Don't worry about that. I have an idea, a plan I should say. But it can only be done if you find us that room." Miroku said.

Jinkotsu reached out and took the map from him, opening it up. He nodded and smiled. "Miroku, I have good news for you."

"What's that?" Miroku asked.

Jinkotsu held up the map and pointed his finger to a spot on the map. "This is the blue print room, and lucky for us I know just how to get there."

"Inuyasha you have to calm down!" Sesshomaru yelled as he dodged one punch, two punches, a kick, duck! "I don't want to have to hurt you more than I've had to!"

Inuyasha growled, his arm covered in streaks of blood that descended from three long slashes in his upper arm.

"Inuyasha please, I may not love you but I value your life. What about Kagome? How would she feel if she saw you like this? What about-"

Inuyasha paused and raised his head up high, sniffing a bit. Sesshomaru watched in confusion as Inuyasha brought his eyes down to look at him before running out of the room.