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Thank the gods for my gold coin. It was my good luck charm, and I carried it everywhere. Even in my death.

It went sorta like a Mean Girls situation, the one where Regina got run over by the bus. Except I was Regina, my worst enemy, Nadine, was Cady, and I didn't survive the experience.

"One gold coin," the cloak dude ask for as he held out his thin, bony hand. "Where are you going to take me in that old boat. It doesn't look safe. I don't want to die." He chuckled. "Don't you know, Ophelia Mitropolous? You ARE dead. Are you getting rusty on your Greek mythology? I'm Charon, and if you ever want to reach your destination, you need to give me your gold coin."

I had NO idea how this creepy guy knew my name, but I didn't question him and I placed my coin in his hand. He pulled me on board and we began to ride.

"This is the Underworld, my dear. Soon we will be at the Fields of Asphodel where you will receive your trial. If you died a hero, you will be sent to Elysium. If you did horrible deeds in your lifetime, you will be punished." "Like Sisyphius's punishment of rolling the boulder up a hill for eternity?" I asked. With a chortle, Charon replied. "No, we haven't been using those useless punishments for ages. The heroes in Elysium are getting bored. Not many people, you know. They need services, entertainment if you will. We are hosting the Punish Games in a few days. Like the Olympics, the Punish Games are held every 4 years for the heroes entertainment. The punished souls will take part and the sole winner of the Condemned Cup will be given a prize more valuable that life. At least that's what Master Hades said."

I wondered what punishments awaited my deeds as we arrived.

"Good luck, Lady Ophelia. May the gods be with you." Charon said as he disappeared into the shadows.

I walked into the spotlight as a voice spoke.

"Ahh... Ophelia Mitropolous. Age 16, height 5'10", black hair, brown eyes, mastermind criminal. We've been waiting for you."