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"Who are you?" I asked. "We are the three judges. We will decide your future here. Will you party for eternity, or suffer? Let the trial commence!"
I felt a stiff breeze blow thru my legs.
"Ophelia, is it true that when you were 10, you ran away from home?" The judge on the left questioned. "Yes, but-". "Is it true that you murdered a child wen you were 14?" "Yes but he was interfering with-". The questions wouldn't stop. One by one the judges retold my life's story in questions. From the moment my dad died to the last day I lived, the day when Officer Nadine, my former friend, caught me ransacking a jewelry store red handed. (FYI, that was today)

"Ophelia Mitropolous, you are forever condemned to the Fields of Punishment! You will be required to serve as a handmaiden in Elysium, and in three days time you will compete in the Punish Games! Jayden, another Punished soul, will be your trainer and guide. Good luck in Hell!" One of the judges said as the courtroom disappeared and a soul appeared.

His eyes were the same pale gray as te rest of the cursed souls, but you can tell that they used to be bright blue. His dark hair was shaggy and matted and gods, he was hot. (For a soul.)

"Hello, I'm Jayden Harrison. I was condemned sixty years ago, for treason." I waited for him to explain what he was punished for in more detail, but his expression told me that he wanted me to make the same introduction. "Ophelia Mitropolous. Five minutes ago, for my life." Jayden shook his head as he pointed to my arms. "You're pretty skinny, looks as if you have never excercised a day in your life. Gosh, I wonder why they chose YOU to be a competitor in the games."

I was starting to get annoyed with the guy. "Well, you must be pretty out of shape for being dead sixty years."

"Actually, I'm still pretty fit. I died a soldier in WW2." I didn't doubt him as he took of his ragged shirt and revealed his nice abs.

"Then how come you are not participating in the Games?" I asked. "I can't. You only get one shot. To many new souls every year. I competed in the first ever Punish Games. I got second, I lost to a guy named Paul Bunyan. He was American like me and apparently got condemned for destroying large parts of North America with his size. He was a natural athlete. 10 ft tall. Whew! It was nice having such authentic competition. But his victory cost me the chance at Elysium forever."

"Oh." I wasn't expecting such a story. Losing to the famous American folk hero!

"Well, lets get training." He said as he pulled a ping pong paddle and ball from thin air.