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"You added another peircing Orihara-kun?" Shinra asked, observing his friend's newly added snake bites. The raven shrugged his shoulders in response, not as a way of saying "I don't know" but more of "so what" to his question.

"It keeps me from cutting doesn't it?" He asked in a monotone as he usually did. Shinra gave a small huff before setting his books down on the desk next to him. "Its still a form of self-harm. Therefor it hasn't changed anything."

He hugged Izaya from the side, burying his face in his shoulder. "I just want you to stop hurting yourself altogether." The other teen didn't respond, just continued with his sketches. He was working on some landscape of a rocky mountain. Shinra watched him focus, finding it interesting when his dear friend was drawing. He looked back over the raven's face, counting all the peircings.

On his right ear he had five small hoops, two silver studs, and a small gage. The same was on his left ear besides an extra stud. He had a peircing on his right eyebrow, a nose ring, and now snakebites.

He looked at his hair, noting the nearly unnoticeable light blue on the tips of his hair. He wore the same jacket everyday, it was mostly black besides the sleeves and hood which were striped with electric blue. He also wore black skinny jeans which somewhat hid his wide hips.

Izaya hated his body, he was constantly mistaken for a girl or was groped by random people, many of them older men. He was suspended once for going into the boy's bathroom because he looked so much like a girl. It irritated him. His parents were no help either. His mother always called him her prescious little girl that she never had. And his father took him shopping in the women's section last year.

Lately his parents have become more irritable because they weren't making enough money and were going to possibly lose their house. He was told to just focus on school and not worry because they would have everything figured out soon. He was snapped out of his thoughts when the teacher finally walked in, a blonde boy walking in behind him.

"Class, I would like you to meet our new student. This is Shizuo Heiwajima." Izaya's heart suddenly fluttered when he looked at the other boy, a small blush covering his cheeks.

The blonde was tall, lean but somewhat muscular, no visible peircings or tattoos. He was wearing a plain blue t-shirt with faded blue jeans. Shizuo walked over to the empty desk, which just happened to be next to Izaya. Shinra tapped on the raven's shoulder, startling him out of his thoughts.

"Your face is a little red." The brunette pointed to his own cheeks to emphasize his words. Izaya reacted by pulling his hood over his head quickly to hide his face. The bell rang a few minutes later and the students filed out quietly, Shinra out with them. The raven finally pulled his hood off to breathe, the blonde still next to him.

"You alright?" His blush deepened slightly, making Shizuo look at him with concern. He stood up and moved closer, placing his hand to Izaya's forehead. "You're kinda warm...what's your name?"

He stuttered for a minute before finally finding his voice. "I-Izaya..." The other teen smiled before holding his hand to him. "I'm Shizuo. Let's go get some lunch." His blush remained, but he stood up reluctantly following him out the door to the cafeteria.

Really short but more is coming.