The Unnecessary Epilogue

Sirius Black was wrong on one account. Harry Potter and his two female companions came back to England after seven years not four. That gave Harry time to receive his Mastery in Defensive Arts, Transfiguration, Technomancy as well as a degrees in Muggle based Political Science and Sports Turf and Lawn Management. Harry was also qualified as a journeyman Farrier and often carried a miniature anvil in his pocket for emergencies.

Hermione Granger Potter returned to England with advanced degrees in Potions, Ancient Runes, Herbology and muggle degrees in Library Sciences, Art History and Gunsmithing. Hermione had finally bowed down to incessant nagging from a certain Scottish witch and was going to become the new Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts.

The visible reason for the return however was due to the third member of the married trio. Ginny Weasley Potter was traded in the summer from the Portland Pepper Imps of the New England Quidditch League in the United States to the Holyfield Harpies. After leading the combined North American leagues in scoring for two years, many fans on both side of the Atlantic were stunned that a trade of such monumental impact was made without one disagreeing word from the main person involved. Ginny was also interested in finishing her mastery of Runes, Charms and (for her father) Muggle studies. Ginny had creatively applied herself in her off hours and off-seasons and had Muggle degrees in Cartography, Chiropractory and Welding.

The truth of the matter was that the change in locale was initiated at the request of all three members of the Potter family. The wives had tired of the occasional visits from and to their original families and Harry had been turning down offers from Minerva McGonagall since the day she had taken over as Headmistress of Hogwarts. Harry now felt like coming home.

With the conquering and disappearance of the Dark Lord known as Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore found no reason to continue as Leader of the Light and retired to a small hidden cottage on the grounds of St. Andrew's Castle where he took to raising rare and colorful roses. He also developed another hobby and took as many mulligans as he wished while learning to play golf on one of the world's most famous and difficult courses. (Three of the Mulligan family reacted strongly to the repeated kidnappings and got protective orders again someone they actually couldn't remember.)

After greeting the Weasley and Granger families with a huge party on their return, the Potters settled down in the Potter Mansion study for a serious discussion. Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Amelia Bones Black and Arthur and Molly Weasley joined Sirius Black and the Potters for rounds of snooker, firewhiskey and comparing portfolio sizes.

Harry literally exploded with anger when he found out that Cornelius Fudge had been recently reelected Minister of Magic. Dobby, Ginny and Hermione were busy for a few minutes cleaning the ceiling, repairing broken windows and calming Harry down enough to stop him from returning to the Ministry building and leveling it to the ground. After discussing the deplorable political leadership Harry turned his attention to Headmistress McGonagall. "Please tell me things are going better at Hogwarts?"

"I'm afraid not Harry. The Board of Governor's keeps tightening the purse strings in favor of the older families. Even some have of the more progressive pureblood families have had restrictions placed up on them specifically limiting the number of children that can attend and the courses that are offered to them."

Harry strangely smiled. "Would you be averse to calling an emergency meeting of said stuck-ups tomorrow?"

"No. Should I have Madame Pomfrey standing by with blood replenishing potions and Skele-Grow?"

"Minerva, the rumors of my being a violent person have been greatly exaggerated."

Laughter rang around the study as Harry's wives and Sirius broke up laughing at the calm expression on Harry's face. Minerva McGonagall suddenly thought that making the meeting mandatory for the school's instructors might be a very good idea.

Xxxx xxxxx

The dozen members of the Board of Governors were getting tired of waiting. The headmistress had called for an emergency meeting but only said that future courses at the school were going to be the topic of discussion. They had been waiting in the Great Hall for almost an hour now and only the extended breakfast buffet and crab cake line had kept the mostly old men from leaving to head for their homes and wives. Strangely, the younger members of the Board, such as Neville Longbottom, Susan Bones and Luna Lovegood only partook of some tea and a butterbeer or two as they waited.

It was with some relief that the side door to the Hall finally opened and McGonagall walked in to take her place at the board table. She nodded to the people she was friends with and sat down. That she said nothing finally led the Chairman, one Draco Malfoy, to rap his gavel on the table and demand an answer for the summons.

Headmistress McGonagall stood and looked around at the dozen representatives and her staff and stood up. "I have nothing to say to most of you horribly ignorant people." She sat down but rose again when Draco's voice screamed out that she was about to be fired.

"I think not. By the way, the owner would like to talk to you."

With a loud crash of thunder, the main doors of the Great Hall were flung open and the majority of the governor's chairs disappeared. When those people climbed back to their feet, everyone looked to see a tall, lean but imposing figure stride up the main aisle to come to a bow before Professor McGonagall.

"You! What in Merlin's name do you think you're doing here Potter? You're interrupting an important meeting."

Most of the wizards had no idea what Harry was wearing other than it was a muggle creation. A three-piece tailored acromantula silk suit in dark grey only brought out the fiery green of Harry's eyes. Neville was happy to see that Harry was sporting a tie with the Hogwarts badge prominently displayed while Luna clapped her hands when she saw a crumpled-horn snorack tie-tac that went along with the tie.

"Hey, don't forget about us love." Heads turned again to see two gorgeous women wearing complimenting dresses with hemlines scandalously above their knees walk down the aisle to stand by Harry Potter's side.

Harry gave a wink to the assembled teachers who were all smiling to see Harry, Hermione and Ginny again. Harry however turned his attention back to the Chairman. "Draco, you don't listen any more now to people in authority any more than you did the first day you strutted into this hall like you owned it. Did you not listen to the Headmistress? The owner – me – wants to talk to you. Oh, and by the way, threatening to tell your father or the Minister of Magic doesn't work anymore on me today than it did seven years ago. I have something for you to see."

Harry reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and five wands instantly came out and were pointed at him. Harry stared at the other governor's and shook his head. "You people are just a little bit edgy today, aren't you?"

Harry pulled out a folded piece of paper and threw it on the table in front of Draco Malfoy. "You still do know how to read, right Mr. Malfoy?"

Draco sneered at Harry as he opened the paper. "This is obviously a forgery." Draco cast a fire spell on the piece of paper and the flames appeared but the paper refused to burn.

"Funny thing about that. When you register a deed with both the Ministry of Magic and Gringotts, it turns more or less impervious to damaging spells."

"What does the blasted thing say?" came the question from the man next to where Draco stood in shock. Draco refused to say anything but Ginny boldly walked up past Draco, picked it up and passed it to him. The wizard looked at it and swore!

Hermione Granger Potter spoke. "Language, language. Mr. Yaxley Jr., isn't it? The paper is the deed to Hogwarts School. It states that it belongs totally and completely to one Lord Harry Potter. As heir to all four founders, Harry's owns it lock, stock, barrel, ghosts and desks."

"That is impossible." Draco had finally found his voice. "The Last Heir of Slytherin was…"

"A self-delusional wizard who was born Tom Marvolo Riddle but called himself Lord Voldemort." Harry stepped forward and held his fist up in Draco Malfoy's face. Draco's visage went red and then white as he saw four very familiar rings adorning Harry's right hand. All four House badges were there on display.

Draco screamed and pointed his wand at Harry as did the four others. Harry knocked Draco's hand aside, took his wand, snapped it and then backhanded the slim wizard across the face in one smooth and unbelievably fast motion. Meanwhile Ginny and Hermione had silently summoned the other four threatening wands before anyone else could utter a spell.

The corner of Draco's mouth was bleeding as he recovered from the blow. "You'll pay for that Potter."

"I think not. Mrs. Black?"

A team of 6 aurors followed the head of the DMLE into the hall. "You called Lord Potter?"

"Yes Amelia. You were just a witness to an assault on the head of an Ancient and Noble House. Would you remind this idiot what the punishment is for that offence?"

Amelia smiled and Draco had a very bad feeling when he saw it. "Twenty five years in Azkaban for each offence. Since you have compounded the infraction by assaulting the head of six such houses…"

"Six?" Draco repeated a little weakly.

"You have no sense of history Mr. Malfoy. It's a wonder you graduated from here. Lord Potter holds the four House seats, his own and that of the house of Pendragon. I imagine your sentence will at least be two hundred and forty years by the time the Wizengamot gets through with you."

"The Minister will never allow that to happen to me."

A new, very deep voice joined the conversation. "The idiot is probably right Lord Potter. His vault transfers lot of galleons to Minister Fudge's on a regular basis. Maybe the goblins should deal with this coward; he has pulled a wand on a member of the Goblin Council after all."

Draco's jaw dropped as a full squadron of goblins in battle armor walked up to Harry Potter and saluted him. Harry bowed in return and then stepped forward to clasp hands with the leader.

"Greetings Ragnorak. I'm sorry you had to be rousted out for this… human."

Ragnorak roared in laughter – a sound not unlike a rusty hinged door swinging freely for the first time. "It is in our treaty for mutual defense friend Harry. The minute he pulled a wand on you, he committed a capital offence."

"Capital?" Draco repeated as a stain appeared on the front of his trousers.

"Well, I'll let you and Mrs. Black argue about who gets to try him first. I have some more business to conduct here before I leave. I shall be at Gringotts again this afternoon to revue my accounts."

"As you wish Lord Potter. We will take our leave now." The goblins bowed again and Draco Malfoy was both speechless and motionless as he was bound by a good number of goblin chains and Auror mufflers. The rest of the board of governors could only stare as Draco floated out of the main hall between the Aurors and the goblins.

Harry turned back to the rest of the board members. "In case you haven't understood the message yet, your services are no longer required. You are all fired and should leave the grounds immediately before I have you removed by force. This banishment does not apply to the other members of the board that I went to school with. Neville, Luna and Susan. You three and the teachers and I have a lot of work to do before school opens in the fall."

One of Draco's supporters finally found his backbone. "You can't do come in and do this. The Charter says…"

"The Charter says that the Board of Governors will serve in the place of the founders to best govern the school and promote the education of the magical children of England. That has not been done and I am the heir of Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor. Now would be the time to issue a formal challenge to my authority or challenge me to a wizard's duel. But I think you have more urgent matters to attend to."

"What could be more urgent that this travesty… Urgggh!" The man that had started to speak suddenly bent over and grabbed at his stomach in obvious distress.

"The Muggles that you casually ridicule and put down as inferior have created an amazing number of useful things that would make the magical world a lot more convenient. You have been unknowingly sampling one of their more unique problem solvers."

"What?" asked another board member as he lurched to his feet with a bleak expression on his face.

"My lovely wives thought you might be unwilling to listen to reason or leave after being told to do so. So I've had the school elves mix in a very strong laxative into the petit fours, crab cakes, and licorice whips you have been snacking on. They should be taking effect any second now…"

The rest of the remaining board members that had been munching on the buffet line got to their feet and quickly headed for the doors. Harry called out after their retreating forms. "By the way, all the toilets on this floor have been converted to pay–as-you-go for today; you'll need to deposit a galleon apiece just to enter. I thought it was time you actually contributed something worthwhile to the upkeep of the school."

Screams of embarrassment and hurled threats were soon the only evidence that there had been board members in the hall. Harry went over and kissed Ginny. "That was excellent. Remind me to send a thank you card to Fred and George for their 'Deviled Food' flavorings."

Ginny laughed, pushed Harry away and went over to give Hagrid a hug. Hermione had conjured up a thick briefcase and opened it on the table. She started handling out pamphlets to the teachers and the ex-board members. Harry came up and threw an arm around Hermione's shoulders as he explained what was in the handouts.

"Things are going to change rapidly around here. For starters, the tuition from students is going to go directly to the Hogwarts vault instead of the Ministry. We are hiring five more teachers for new subjects that actually mean something in the 20th century and not just the ones that were used in the 17th. Business and Accounting, Technomancy, Magical and Muggle Law preparation, International and Interspecies Relations and… Oh, what was the last Hermione?"

"Mind Magics!"

"Of course, I would forget that one. We will also be developing apprenticeships with the businesses in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley for those people that want to learn a trade rather than a professional career. In other words, we are transforming this institution into something that serves the individual student and our backward society."

"That is all well and good Harry.. Lord Potter" Professor Flitwick said. "But the Ministry will never agree to any of this."

"Good morning Filius and I know that the combined Ministry might object to what we are planning but they don't have to agree to anything. This is private property and a private school. Those that don't like the changes can send their children to other magical schools; however, I do believe that they will soon find out that transferring from Hogwarts might not be so simple. I have seen the entrance exams from other schools in the States and a few other places around the world and I do believe that only a portion of our current sixth and seventh year students might pass them."

Headmistress McGonagall took the sudden silence to stand. "For all those present, I wish to make new staff announcements at this time. Neville Longbottom will be the new Professor of Herbology as Professor Sprout eases into her retirement. Luna Lovegood will become an assistant Professor of Astronomy and Magical Augury. Susan Bones-Longbottom will be the coordinator of the Student Liaison Office."

There was a lot of applause, hugs and handshaking directed at the three ex-students.

The headmistress held up her hands to quiet the noise. "I have not quite finished yet. Mrs. Ginny Potter will be taking over the duties of Madam Hooch as she is leaving to go coach the Chudley Cannons. Mrs. Hermione Potter will be taking over as Professor of Transfiguration and her husband will be taking over the reins of Defensive Studies."

The old and new professors crowded around the Potter family and wished them congratulations and welcomes. Harry smiled at all the greetings and well wishes but held up his hand. "I have one last tidbit to throw out to let you know how much trouble we're about to get into. With Minerva's permission, we are opening the doors to all magical children who want an education. Goblins, centaurs, house elves, children of werefolk will all be welcome if they want to come and learn."

"That might bring the Ministry right down on your head Harry."

"I know Neville but that is a problem for another day. Let's look at the plans and see how many additional classrooms were going to have to open and reclaim from the abandoned sections of the school."

The new staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry started looking over the elaborate schedule that the three Potters had drawn up.

Xxxx xxxx

It had been four days since Lord Harry Potter had walked into Hogwarts and thrown the Board of Governors and the Magical World of Great Britain into turmoil. The full Wizengamot was now about to meet in an effort to decide how to deal with it.

Minister Fudge had gone into great detail explaining to the Chief Wizard his plan and the laws he wanted passed to strip Lord Potter of his titles and his claim to Hogwarts. The Chief Wizard pointed out that he might be inciting a civil war and that the "Man-Who-Conquered" was not without his own support and powers.

Minister Fudge could not be dissuaded. "He is but one wizard and a potential threat to this Ministry and our way of life. Once we declare him rogue he will lose support and we can toss him into Azkaban where he belongs."

"He may threaten to leave our country and take all his wealth with him. That sort of financial loss will undoubtedly wreck our economy. You really should be very careful Cornelius."

The Minister shook his head. "He wouldn't dare even contemplate an idea like that. He would be hurting his own extended family. Are you sure you don't want to act as an intermediary between us and Potter, Arthur?"

Arthur Weasley, a surprisingly effective and well-liked compromise for the high office, shook his head and then went to the Chief Wizard's podium. He banged his gavel a couple of times to stop the conversations in the room and then made the announcement that the meeting of the Wizengamot was open.

"The reason and first order of business before us today is a series of proposals that the Minister of Magic…"

"Excuse me. Point of order Chief Wizard."

All eyes turned to see Lord Harry Potter standing at the top of the aisle above the members of the Wizengamot. He was wearing formal dress robes that seemed to shimmer in the glare of the lights and the Potter family crest was prominently displayed over his left chest. He swept his head around and seemed to look every member of the body directly in the eyes. A few of the collected wizards and witches had a cold chill run down their spines as Harry seemed to evaluate everyone with a glance.

The mere presence of Harry Potter seemed to enrage Cornelius Waldo 'Gumdrop' Fudge. He stood and pointed at the wizard and yelled with an almost girlishly shrill voice. "Arrest that Criminal!"

Harry shook his head sadly and addressed the highest elected magical official in the land. "Didn't your mother ever tell you that it was rude to point? I don't think you have any basis or reason for having me arrested. Unless you have personally observed me jaywalking, tearing the tags off my mattresses or driving hippogriffs through Diagon Alley without a permit, I'm pretty sure that the Aurors can't arrest anyone who is a member of the Wizengamot while it is in session."

"You are NOT a member of the Wizengamot!" Fudge screamed out in frustration.

"That is exactly my point of order then. Chief Wizard Weasley I have a question."

"You may ask it Har.. Lord Potter."

Minister Fudge's face had turned an ugly shade of purple and Harry thought it would save a lot of time if the present Minister of Magic actually had a heart attack and removed himself from office.

"According to what I know of the rules of protocol for this august body, Section 19, Article 2, paragraph 3 states that any claims of assuming a family seat must be given precedence over the start of any old or new business of the Wizengamot. Does that rule still stand?"

Chief Wizard Weasley leafed through his copy of 'A Dummies Guide for Running the Wizengamot' for a minute and then looked up. "You are correct Lord Potter. Do you wish to make a claim on the Potter family seat now?"

Minister Fudge had resorted to banging his head on the desk he was sitting at. He was watching and listening to that 'criminal' become legitimized before he could have him proclaimed a rogue. It was infuriating but Fudge still had the votes to get Potter ostracized and removed from Hogwarts.

Harry looked around the room again before speaking. "I wish to claim all the family seats that I am entitled to."

There was a loud buzz that ran through the members "All? What All?'

Arthur Weasley smiled up at his son-in-law. "You may proceed then Lord Potter. Are you claiming the family title for the Potters first?"

There was a small smile on Harry's face. "I claim both House Potter and House Gryffindor for myself. I hereby appoint the following people to represent me for the following Houses:

"For House Hufflepuff, I appoint Mrs. Ginevra Weasley Potter." Ginny stepped up beside Harry and the crest for Hufflepuff appeared beside that of her Potter crest. She waved to her father who was trying to hide a very wide grin.

Harry continued. "For House Ravenclaw, I appoint Mrs. Hermione Granger Potter." There was a loud protest from certain sections of the gallery and the members of the group. Questions about muggleborn overrode the few voices that said 'mudblood'. Harry frowned and a roll of thunder suddenly went around the room. "As the head of an Ancient and Noble House, I have the right to name anyone I desire as my representative."

Chief Wizard Weasley banged his gavel and called for order. "Lord Gryffindor is correct. You may only protest this by issuing a direct House challenge to a duel."

"Thank you Chief Wizard. For Slytherin House, I, Lord Potter, do appoint Ragnorak Foeslayer."

A goblin clothed in wizarding robes appeared before the Chief Wizard's podium. He bowed to Lord Potter and then to Arthur Weasley. Once Arthur had recovered from this surprise, he banged on his gavel futilely. Harry pointed his wand at his throat and cast a sonorous charm. "Hold everyone! Unless you wish to open hostilities and declare war on the goblin nation, you will stand down. I have a personal treaty with the goblins. As my representative, Ragnorak will vote to support my position. If you challenge anyone, you will challenge me. Are there any takers? No? Then I will continue."

"For Pendragon House, I appoint an ally that has stood by me since my second year at Hogwarts and been a true and steadfast friend. I appoint Squire Dobby Friendelf."

There was another roar of surprise and anger as a strangely dressed House elf appeared out of thin air next to Lord Potter. His dress robe was open and the people close to the elf could see he had white jeans, red sneakers and a English flag t-shirt that read "Property of Potter's House of Pancakes and Dark Lord Extermination".

"Where should I go High Wizard Harry?"

"Just pick any open seat Dobby. Try to make some new friends."

"Whatever you say Boss." Dobby hopped down three steps and then made his way by and through six dumbstruck wizards to the first empty seat. "Excuse me, pardon me, was that your foot? Dobby is very sorry. Do you know Great Wizard Harry Potter? He freed me from cruel Masters."

Minister Fudge was trembling in anger. 'How dare this sorry excuse for a proper wizard appoint inferior creatures to the Ministry!' Cornelius tried to keep his voice steady as he rose to his feet. "Now that that is finished we can get to the new business Chief Wizard."


Fudge turned his eyes back to a standing member. Arthur spoke over the Minister's objections. "The Chair recognizes Lady… Ravenclaw?"

"Thank you Chief Wizard Weasley. The Minister has no legal standing here except as an observer for these proceedings. I also do not think Lord Potter was finished with his claims."

"Thank you for your observations, Lady Ravenclaw. Minister Fudge, I remind you that only standing members of the Wizengamot can bring forth new business. Lord Potter, do you have other seats you wish to claim at this time?"

"Yes I do."

"Are you going to waste the whole day with these worthless seats?" came the complaint from a wizard a dozen seats away from where Harry Potter stood.

"Mr. Yaxley Jr. Again. I do not think these seats or my time are worthless. I have only made appointments for the Ancient and Noble Houses so far. I still have the Noble Houses that I can claim and the other subservient Houses that still hold an absent but valid seat here."

Minister Fudge had dropped his head to his hands. At this rate, they would be here for the whole afternoon before he could get his plan for justice going against Harry "bleeping' Potter.

Chief Wizard Weasley scratched his head in thought. "Perhaps for the sake of saving time, you could submit a list of appointees and they could take their proper seats at our next meeting."

"Yes, that might be best as I understand it. I would beg the Wizengamot's indulgence to make one more appointment before we turn to proper business."

"Are there any objections to Lord Potter's proposal? A show of hands please for those objecting? Very well Lord Potter, the majority seems to be waiting for you last appointment for today."

"For the Noble House of Molar, I appoint Dr. Farley Granger." Harry snapped his fingers and a…. muggle appeared by Harry's side.

"I challenge the appointee to a House Duel of Supremacy." There was a gasp as Florence Yaxley jumped to his feet. "I will not stand by and watch our government contaminated by a muggle." Harry was about to respond to the challenge but Farley laid a hand on his forearm and whispered in his ear. Harry stared at the man for a couple of seconds and then gave a grudging nod.

"Mr. Granger accepts on the condition of holding the duel here and now." There was a new buzz that ran through the room as Yaxley and Granger moved slowly down to the main floor. Harry followed Dr. Granger down to the main floor while he explained the rules of a wizard's duel to him.

The combatants finally stood face to face across thirty feet of floor. Arthur Weasley stepped down to referee the duel. "I make one last appeal to each gentleman to quit this course of action. Do you wish to stop this?"

Neither man replied and Arthur sighed and looked at the pair. "Then let the duel commence. Gentlemen bow. En garde! On the count of three then.




Yaxley raised his arm to cast a disemboweling curse at the mere muggle scum. In return, Farley Granger ducked slightly and pulled a piece of metal from the small of his back. As Florence began to chant, there came two loud reports in the hall. The wizards and witches were aghast to see a hole and spurting blood suddenly appear in Yaxley's wand hand and then at his knee. The wizard screamed in pain and fell to the ground. The muggle, Dr. Granger, walked over and picked up the dropped wand as Yaxley continued to try stemming the two bleeding wounds.

Farley looked at the wand in his hand and then turned to the Chief Wizard. "I hope I do not have to kill this man to end the duel."

"No, the duel is over and you have taken over as the head of the House of Yaxley. All properties, privileges, assets and liabilities are now yours Mr. Granger. Congratulations."

"Would somebody take this man and get him healed?" Arthur Weasley nodded and two aurors came forward to lift Yaxley up and get him out of the room.

"Mr. Granger now holds two voting seats as a result of the House Supremacy duel." Mr. Weasley returned to the Chief Wizard podium in absolute silence, and Harry walked back up the stairs with his other father-in-law. Lady Ravenclaw, his daughter, was waiting for him on the steps. She hugged him briefly and smiled up at him. "I guess no wizard has ever faced somebody that is ex-SAS. You're still pretty accurate with that Walther PPK Dad."

"Thanks princess, but my first shot was supposed to hit his shoulder. Oh well, I think we should get back to our seats so your husband can start his revolution."

Hermione giggled and kissed her father. "Come sit with me Dad. This ought to be fun."

Arthur Weasley pounded on his gavel again. "I hope that concludes Lord Potter's business today. Let me warn the other members that Dr. Granger was well within his rights to defend himself against a magic user and that any reprisals aimed at him will be dealt with most severely by Lord Gryffindor."

None of the remaining members of the Wizengamot wanted to face the wizard that had eliminated Voldemort. The man who had sat next to Yaxley bravely stood and started to speak. "The Minister of Magic has made some proposals that I wish to introduce into law."

"Objection. Point of Precedence your wizardness."

All eyes turned back to look at Lord Harry Potter-Gryffindor-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Slytherin,e tc,etc. Arthur banged his gavel again until everyone had quieted down. "Yes, Lord Potter?"

"A matter of government security takes precedence over any new business."

"What matter of government security?" a raging Fudge screamed at the wizard.

"I wish to call for a vote of no confidence on the present Minister of Magic. His actions and inactions have resulted in a stagnation of Magical England and the policies and attitudes he represents have endangered us all to be invaded by the members of the ICW."

Arthur beat his gavel into pieces banging it on his podium. He gave up trying to restore order and looked to his son-in-law with shrugged shoulders. Harry looked at the general chaos going around him and cast a silencing spell on all the members of the Wizengamot. All the wizards and witches wearing the plum-colored robes became silent, magically and personally, when they found they couldn't talk or complain.

Arthur repaired his gavel and pounded on the podium sharply. He released the silencing spell and calmly made the announcement. "A vote of no confidence has been called for and will now be voted on."

Cornelius Fudge started wondering at this point if he could charge or write off his moving expenses to Lord Potter as he was the one making all this trouble. He looked around at the 50, no 49 people and hoped he had enough votes to remain in office.

"Those voting for Minister Fudge will signify by raising their hands." Cornelius counted about 32 people voting to keep him as Minister and sighed in relief.

"Those opposed?" The rest of the voters and the new seated ones including Lord Potter-Gryffindor came to 24 and Cornelius started to smile. It might take some time but he would eventually exact some revenge on what Harry Potter had done today.

Said Harry Potter stood when the buzz had subsided. "Lord Potter you wished to add something?" the Chief Wizard asked.

Harry smiled. "I wish to cast the other 49 votes and seats I hold in abstentia against Cornelius Fudge."

Two aurors carried the struggling crying man out of the hall to the embarrassment of all the representatives to the old traditional pureblood families. Arthur looked at his gavel carefully and wondered if it would survive the day.

"Our next order of business is to take nominations for the next Minister of Magic."

"I nominate the absent Draco Malfoy" came from one of the wizards in a higher seat.

There was laughter that came from two new members. Lady Hufflepuff raised her hand. "I believe he's otherwise engage for the next two hundred and fifty years."

"Are there any other serious nominations?"

"Lord Potter perhaps?" came from Squire Dobby.

Harry rose. "Thank you Dobby but I have other interest than governing the magical world. I think that job should go to a person who has some patience, a non-traditional perspective and a willingness to boldly go where no one has gone before."

"Sounds like Captain Kirk" Neville said quietly to his wife Susan up in the spectator seats.

"Who?" asked Susan.

"I'll explain later dear. I think Harry will be holding a celebration dinner later at Potter Manor.

The two turned their attention back to the standing speaker. "I and all the Houses and seats I represent nominate for the next Minister of Magic – Lord Sirius Black. Merlin help us all!"

Xxxx xxxx

Sirius Black was elected and became a force for change in the world of Magical England. With support from his friends and family, Lord Black made changes that removed the prejudices and stagnation and magical England was dragged into the 20th century.

Harry Potter?

Lord Potter eventually became Headmaster of Hogwarts and the children from all the magical races learned that pranks were always played by the headmaster at every Welcoming feast. The only ones really prepared for that were the six children that Harry sired by Ginny and Hermione.

Hermione succeeded Sirius Black as Minister of Magic and split her time between the Ministry and Hogwarts as Deputy Headmistress.

Ginny took over as Charms Professor with the retirement of Filius Flitwick. She, Harry, and Hermione often engaged in prank wars in the corridors and Great Hall to the delight of all the students. Hogwarts gained a reputation as not only the most progressive school in Europe but the one that had the longest list of applying students.

So mote it was and so mote it be!


(Author's Note. I had part of this sitting around in a dusty part of my computer and decided to finish it off while I was working on other chapters. It could be read alone but I decided it properly went with the Fourth Champion. Hope you liked it. CC)