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Chapter 1 - Want To Be Starting Something

He didn't need to talk to anyone else.

Because that would take another week and another story to do.

Medium awareness? Baljeet needed to get away from that.

The weekend (and with it the conversations he had with his mom and Mishti had been good for him in terms of getting his mind back on track, but that feeling was rapidly leaving. Monday had arrived, and knowing his mind wouldn't be able to take any more, he decided that he would have to think of a plan.

Two weeks ago, Baljeet had gotten a present from whom he had now surmised to be Ginger Hirano, one of Isabella's troop members. It was someone who he had a friendship with, but that had been thrown for a tizzy during Picture Day. Their conversation had been very revealing to him, and it had only festered into his mind for all of this time.

But he was going to get to the bottom of it.

...As soon as he got a chance to.

Which had not happened so far.

Baljeet reviewed the day's events in his head. He had surmised that the morning would have been the best opportunity to talk to her. This part, he knew, wouldn't be hard. Every day, when he came to school, she followed the same routine: he would go to his locker, gather his materials, and Ginger would greet him with a hearty "Hi, Baljeet". The boy from two weeks ago would have just passed it off as being courteous, but now...that was a different story.

And today had been no different. Unfortunately, approximately five seconds after she said hi, Buford came forward with his routine wedgie.

So that was out.

This did not deter Baljeet, however, he figured that he would have plenty of other opportunities during the day.

That didn't happen.

They didn't share any morning classes with each other, but they did have the same lunch period. It still did not help him; Ginger would usually sit with her best friend Holly, whereas Baljeet would be regulated to be with Irving and Django (whenever he was there). It wasn't the worst of company, but with Django's schedule, he would be stuck with the wily fanboy and his numerous questions about future Big Ideas.

So lunch was out too.

Which left Science class.

It was the one class that they shared, and it was at the end of the day. He enjoyed the subject, but by the time he walked into the classroom, his overthinking and sore posterior were getting to him. He took his seat near the window, two minutes early as per usual.

Ginger walked in with the rest of the class a short time later, carrying her heavy Science text. Baljeet noticed they were having a very heated discussion about something, but the whispers were too quiet for him to make out anything. She sat down to his right, stopping only to turn to Baljeet, giving him a quick wave hello.

Normally, he would only give a curt nod to acknowledge her, but since he was on a mission, he figured that something else would be appropriate. Fighting the urge to wince from his soreness, he waved back with a warm smile. Ginger's cheeks went pink, and with a small squeak, returned to her book.

Well, that was a start.

Baljeet did not have much time to revel in this discovery, for the rest of the class began to file into the room, followed closely by the teacher, Mr. Darwin. As the bell rang, he strode to the front of the class, gesturing wildly with his yardstick.

"Good afternoon, class! Another week, another chance to explore the wonders of science!"

Baljeet smiled. Mr. Darwin was by far the most enthusiastic out of his teachers, and that quality helped after a hard day of studying and Buford.

And adding his whole problems with Ginger, of course.

"This week, we will be exploring a subject that has mystified scientists, normal folk, and many a woodland creature alike." He clapped his hands once, and the lights instantly went off. He clapped them again, and many little dots of light began to shine on the ceiling."

"The galaxy. So much unexplored potential, and in unscientific terms, so much big empty space. The things that astronomers look at on a daily basis are just as mysterious as they were thousands of years ago when they first set their eyes upward."

Baljeet was excited. Now this was a subject that he could get into.

Mr. Darwin spent the majority of the session pointing out various constellations and celestial objects. Baljeet, despite all of his fascination, kept sneaking a glance over at Ginger. She was also looking upward, her mouth open in awe. It seemed like she was just as excited about the subject as he was. He looked down at his notes, and without thinking, he wrote "Stargazing" in the margin.

"And now that we have the basics of what to expect from the nighttime sky..."

Mr. Darwin clapped again, and the lights came back on, temporarily blinding the class.

"That is exactly what you'll be doing for this weeks project."

Baljeet set his pencil down, intrigued.

"You and one of your classmates will be making your very own star charts. You will go out three nights this week, make a star chart, and write a short essay on what your observations were. You will present your findings next Monday with your partner, so make sure to leave plenty of time to coordinate meetings with him or her during the week."

Mr. Darwin motioned to his right, where Baljeet just noticed a large box next to the desk. "I will be providing you with your own telescopes and chart paper. Make sure to take very good care of your instruments, because I will not be giving you another one if you break it.

"One last thing before you decide your partners," he added as she sat down at his desk. "You are not limited to this class when choosing who you're going to work with. You can chose anyone else from any other of my classes. Just be in mind in that case, you will have to make two presentations. If you do so, however, I'll be sure to give you some extra credit."


The last bell of the day rang, causing the usual bumrush toward the door.

"Schedule your presentations later in the week when you've gotten some data," Mr. Darwin yelled to his fleeing students.

Baljeet walked out with the rest of his classmates, thinking hard about the project. He opened his locker to put his book inside...

And that's when it hit him.

"Wow, Baljeet," he whispered to himself. "For being such an intelligent kid, you are really dumb sometimes."

Perhaps trying to speak to her doing school wasn't the best idea after all.

Maybe this project would give him the chance he needed to figure things out.

His brain churning, Baljeet closed his locker, now with a clear plan in mind.

Now just to implement it.

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