Lovino looked around warily before walking down the pathway towards her house. The first time he had done so, he had taken nearly half an hour, admiring all the flowers and plants that decorated the lovely home. The house seemed so warm and inviting then, that Lovino could not have possibly thought that anything would happen to them. Even to the point of thinking that if their feelings for each other ever progressed to a much higher level, he wouldn't mind it one bit. However, life is a complete bitch. The moment he entered the house, he noticed that something was not right. It was eerily silent.

"Usually her brothers would be running around or something," Lovino muttered under his breath.

All of a sudden, he heard a particular sound much like the flushing of the toilet. Going around the house, he made his way slowly towards the toilet. "Adella? Is that you?"

He edged his hand closer towards the knob when suddenly he heard the sound of someone throwing up. Wincing away, he held his ground. "Adella?"

"Lovino?!" Her voice sounded from behind the door.

"Yea. What's going on? Are you okay?" He grasped the door knob, willing it to open but to no such luck.

"Lovi! Lovi, calm down. I'm okay." She assured him, noticing that her voice sounded clearer as though she was standing right in front of the door.

"Then why aren't you coming out? Adella, what the fuck is going on here?" He scowled.

Adella knew how Lovino hated being surprised, no matter it being neither good nor bad. He even hated the very idea of it. Actually, she would rather not face him now. She just wanted to go back to bed and think over what had happened. It had been like every other nights, simply enjoying each other's company which will eventually led to them enjoying rather a bit too much of each other. It was never an issue. They had a rough life and they wanted to get out of it, have a decent outlet for their grief, if you could even consider having sex, decent that is. It wasn't supposed to be anything serious, simply two friends helping each other out. She sighed, regretting every single night they spent together. The more they did it, the more addicted to it she got, much like a drug. She sobbed. She couldn't possibly lie to him forever, so... It's now or never.

Dragging herself up from the floor, she grabbed the item out of the sink.

It's positive.

"Lovi, please calm down before I tell you this." She pleaded, her eyes trickling with tears.

Seeing such an expression on her, he figured it would be best to follow her demands. He had never been good at dealing with crying women, so he tends to prevent himself from doing anything that would make them cry in the first place. "I'm calm. So, can you bloody well tell me what's going on?" Lovino questioned, looking at her worriedly.

She hesitated, mouth gaping open and then close over and over again. He could feel his blood starting to boil at every single twitch of her jaw. "Can you just fucking tell me already?" He shouted, no longer able to keep his cool.

"I'm pregnant."

OKAY! Well... that is done now ain't it? TEEHEE... This one seemed pretty half-assed to me actually because I only decided on this right at the very last minute. I thought of their relationship as more towards the Friends With Benefit type instead of the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, so after realizing she got pregnant, then they decided to date okay? I wanted this to be longer, showing Lovino's sense of responsibility and consideration towards the girl but, I'm just a lazy bastard~ Teehee. Yes there's no Mpreg. DEAL WITH IT.

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