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28th November 2009

He could feel the soft muscles of her back shifting beneath the palm of his hand as he tucked her in closer towards him. His head swirling with noisy doubts and uncertainties, a stark difference compared to the silent and peaceful night. It's a wonder why they kept up this…, unhealthy relationship. In the long run it will never end up well, especially with his luck something is bound to happen sooner rather than later – he already has a shit ton of fuck ups in his past to prove the matter. They were never meant to be. It was all just a spur of the moment thing, a sudden desperate need to be with someone…intimately.

"You're thinking too loud, Lovi."

Petite hands came up to stroke his cheeks, soft and gentle, a sigh brushing past his collarbone. Shaking his head, he reached up to take her hand between his and slowly traced the pads of his fingers along her palm, down the wrist and across her arm. Feeling the bumps of her ribs, he felt a sudden bout of sadness and reluctantly dropped his hand.

"No I'm not and I hate it when you call me that."

She pressed herself closer to him - the scent of sex, sweat and her current shampoo filling his senses, and scoffed, ignoring the latter part of his sentence. "Oh I know you, mi querido. Don't bother lying."

Taking a deep breath, he clenched his eyes shut and pressed his lips against her shoulder. "I can't do this anymore Adella."

He could feel the very moment her body stiffened, the hand between their bodies pressing itself onto his chest and pushing him away. "What do you mean 'I can't do this'?" she mocked, evoking a slight twitch of annoyance inside him.

Pulling away completely, he gestured to their two naked forms underneath the bedsheets. "This, Adella," he hissed with his hands thrown about for emphasis, "This whole fucking 'thing' we have. We… I can't. I'm not…"

"This is not a 'thing', Lovino. We agreed on that – sweet and simple." She frowned, bunching up the sheets against her chest as she sat up.

A soft groan escaped his lips and he threw his arm across his eyes. "Firstly, it's Romano and yes, we did but you have to agree that nothing about this is sweet, neither is it simple for fuck's sake. We can't keep doing this to ourselves! You have a boyfriend Adella, mio dio. This is… we shouldn't be doing this."

All of a sudden a pillow slammed itself into his body, causing him to curl up around his body. "Oh fuck you Lovino. Don't act all high and mighty with me. If I remember correctly, this whole 'thing'-"

"Fuck, you have got to stop doing that."

"This whole 'thing'," She seethed, narrowing her eyes at him, "was your idea. Not mine. I came here just to talk, Lovi. Why I continued this with you… Why I've been doing this with you all this while, I have no clue but since you want to stop? Go ahead, be my guest. You seem so fucking pathetic I'd probably stop this shit soon anyway."

After shouting her last words, she immediately turned her back on him effectively shutting him off. He combed through his damp hair back with shaky hands and gently he got off the bed, silently craving for a smoke. He could hear the soft heaving breaths as she tried to hold back her sobs and he felt a sudden pang of guilt. He never meant it to be this way and they were drunk for god's sake! He was pulling on his shirt before he felt a small tug on his belt loop.


Turning around to face her, he noticed how she bowed her head – in sadness or in shame? Her chocolate brown locks fell and hid her eyes as she leaned closer towards him. "I really wanted to talk to you, you know."

With a heavy heart, he pulled away her hand to grasp it tightly in his. "About?"

"I…I was going to break up with him okay." His eyes widened and his mouth gaped. Before he could even talk he felt her tugging him in closer and the very next moment he was facing forest green eyes.

"Lovino, I'm pregnant."

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