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WARNING: Kinda OOC of Lovino but come on, there's a child!

Before she went away, things were already falling apart between them. It was just over a year ago when they started to drift apart. They argued every single time they meet in the morning, shouting at the top of their lungs and will only stop after the same cry from their daughter. It was as though they were a recording that had broken after many years of misuse. Repeating the same shit every single day. Soon after that, they never spoke to one another. Not even a single blink was made towards the others direction. Lovino comes by her house in the morning, gives her a small nod and they turn to do their own things. Lovino playing and chatting with Carmen, while Adella does her best to hide the sweet whispers she made towards another man on her phone. It was as obvious as the sun during the day but Lovino did nothing. What could he possibly do?

But it wasn't like that before. It was a rough ride still but it wasn't that bad. There were days when they were at each other's throats but there were days where they spent it like any other normal couple. Those were the days when Lovino's hopes soared high. When he thought that " Yeah, probably this relationship could work after all." Those days were the fondest of his memories despite all that had happened. How he would play it all over again in his head whenever he had time to spare, with Carmen's small head resting on his chest as she slept during their peaceful afternoon naps. There is one memory in particular, in which he would smile and laugh to himself every single time he relives it in his head. One memory in particular made him thought that probably living with Adella won't be so bad...

!~~~ 5 Years Ago. ~~~~!

"It's as simple as 1-2-3 Lovi. Come on, you can do this."

"You're seriously comparing this to numbers? " Lovino raised a single eyebrow as he looked up towards his lover, mocking a bitch face while trying but failing to keep his smile to himself. " By the way, insulting me won't help."

"If insulting you won't help, what about this?" She leaned in towards the Italian, a sly smile on her face. Lovino stilled as he felt her hot breath on the nape of his neck, wondering with utmost curiosity. "Idiot."

"What the fuu-"

"Nah-ah-ah... No cursing in front of our baby." Adella simply giggled, as she tickled the still naked baby causing the little infant to burst out with small little fits of laughter. "See, your father is such an old fart! Isn't he Carmen? Isn't he?"

"Now that just doesn't make sense idiot and don't call me an old fart in front of Carmen! If that's what she calls me, you are so going to get it from me." Lovino muttered with much less bite than expected.

"Get what? A doggy?" She laughed as she dodged away from his grabbing hands.

"I'm going to get her to call you Grandma," Lovino gave her a smug smile before leaning towards the giggling baby. "Now isn't she one of the most wrinkly old woman you've ever seen, bella mia?"

"How dare you!" Adella shrieked as she playfully punched him on the shoulder. With a soft smile lingering on her lips, she finally placed her hands on her waist with a new set of determination. "Come on Lovi, finish it up. I think Carmen's becoming uncomfortable."

Nodding his head anxiously, Lovino took a deep breath and did as he was instructed. The smell was slightly unbearable but he took it with indifference, except for a little twitch at the corner of his eye. It took him longer than he had expected but the success still lingers in his heart. Picking the infant of only 8 months old up from the table, he took in the fresh powdery smell coming from the child. She looks clean and fresh, and also clearly satisfied with the new set of diapers.

"There you go! Now wasn't that as easy as-"

"Don't start Adella." Lovino smiled as he leaned the child's head on his shoulder and then gave her a small peck on the lips. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She grinned as she cleared away the mess from the table.


As Lovino stood by the kitchen counter, cutting up some potatoes and putting them into the blender for their growing girl, he could hear the soft giggles of his child. Lovino started to wonder where all that cuteness Carmen has came from, and after a few minutes of thinking, Lovino was ninety-five percent sure it isn't from him. With a small snicker, Lovino poured the pureed sweet potatoes into a bowl. Currently they're on a trial-and-error stage with Carmen's food, trying to figure out which ones she likes best. For a small kid that can't even talk, she's unbelievably picky. The last time they gave her something she didn't like, it ended up on the front of his shirt.

With a hopeful look on his face, Lovino brought the food out towards the living room. It took him by surprise that the first thing he saw, was her standing. Hands on the couch to steady her shaky limbs and a wide smile clear on her face. She seemed overjoyed for a little girl who doesn't understand the true meaning of her success. "Oh mio dio, you're standing bella mia!"


Hearing the gleeful tone in Papa's voice, she started for him. She pulled away from the couch and found herself struggling on her own two feet. Her eyes dropped down to where a part of her body touches the cool ground. It seems small. Every part of her seems so small. Why is that? Looking at Papa's feet, they look so big. Why is that? Mama's feet look big as well.

"Carmen!" That word. She heard Mama call her that countless of times, even Papa. Whenever they say that, they will always smile at her. Even when they say things very loudly to each other, they smile whenever they say that word. So, hearing Papa call out that word, she instantly turned to look at him. His eyes are wide, like the food Mama sometimes eat but the colour is that of something that Mama call "Chokat".

Papa's arms were wide open, and she knows what that means. Papa want hug! Papa and Mama always does that when they want hug. With a short cry of joy, she couldn't help but put her hands together. It makes a wonderful noise, it makes her happy! Whenever she feels happy, she puts her hands together many times and Mama will always follow with her.

"Carmen! Come here il mio amore!" Papa's voice called out again. His hands were patting his legs and were then opened up towards her once more. It repeated a couple of times before she decided that Papa probably want hug badly. With a smile, she brought her leg forward only to feel it wobbling after that. She want it to stop but it wouldn't. She felt her leg give way below her before she is caught by gentle hands.

Turning sideways, she sees Mama smiling. "Try again Cariño! Go on! Go to Papa!"

She always liked it whenever she sees Mama smile. Mama looks pretty when Mama smiles. "Papa go." She muttered clumsily as she was placed back on her own two feet. Her legs are still shaking but she held still. All she did was look down at her two feet and see it move itself one at a time. She took one more step before suddenly her legs gave way again but before she hit the hard ground, a pair of arms came up and wrapped around her, pulling her up into the air. "You did it Carmen! You walked!"

"I'm so proud of you!" She felt herself twirling about, air flowing all around her, tingling every part of her body before she felt a warm heat engulf her whole body. As she looked around, she saw Mama and Papa both hugging her, laughing and smiling.

"Good job bella mia!"

"Well done Carmen!"

Seeing the smiles on their faces, she knows that they are happy. She probably did good! If they are happy, she's happy! She started putting her hands together in joy as she giggled and bounced about in Papa's arms. "Carmen goo-job!"


Still high from the excitement, Lovino stopped himself from twirling and handed her to her mother, who gladly brought her into her arms and hugged the daylights out of the child. "Are you hungry Carmen?"

"Si!" She giggled once more as she wrapper her small arms around her mother's neck.

"What did you make for her?" Adella questioned as she stood next to Lovino near the dinner table, gently placing the child onto her high chair.

"Some pureed potatoes, nice and simple but it'll give her all the nutrients she need to walk as much as she probably will in the future." Lovino answered, gently thumbing the soft cheek of his small child. "She's going to be a handful."

"Si. I agree with that." Adella answered, however softly. Something in her tone pulled back his attention towards her.

Her eyes were glistened with worry as she looked over her child. As she bit her bottom lip to stop it from quivering, Lovino could read her like a book. With a small smile, he simply pulled her into his arms and gently rested her head on his shoulder. Rubbing the small of her back, he whispered into her ear. "It's okay. I'll be with you every step of the way Adella. You won't have to take care of her all by yourself."

After a few soft sniffles, she gave him a soft peck on the cheek before finally letting go. "Thanks Lovi."


"Papa? What are you smiling about?" Carmen lifted her head from her father's lap, a weary look on her face.

"Nothing, I just remembered something." Lovino answered softly, combing through her thick hair with his fingers.

"Oh." She muttered as she looked down onto the floor before looking back at him with a curious glint in her eyes. "What about?"

"Hmm..., let's just say it's about me having to change a certain someone's diapers when she was very, very little." Lovino grinned as he patted the child's head.

Hearing that, Carmen instantly pouted as she stubbornly folded her arms. "I have never used diapers!"

"Oh sure, keep thinking that." He chuckled as Carmen merely puffed out her cheeks and stuck out her tongue.

Once they quietened down, Carmen leaned onto him. Her face covered by her own strands of hair. A quiet sob escaped her lips. "Extraño a mi mama." (I miss my mama.)

"Yo también," (Me too.) He gathered her into his embraced and gently patted her back. "Tienes sueño?" (Are you sleepy?)

"Si." She whispered, wrapping her arms around the older man's neck as she was carried to her bedroom.

It isn't wrong for one to miss their mother. It doesn't matter whether the mother had made the right or even the wrong choices throughout their entire lives. One's blood can never change and Lovino can respect that. He really misses her too. For many reasons, not only one...

So how was it? ahaha I've been researching so much about kids I feel as though I'm about to have one myself! I tried to make Carmen's POV work by putting it into a mindset of a child. Hopefully all those psychology lessons I went through paid off...

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