The sad story of Smudger

Dear friends

After getting dragged up the incline and ending up in a muddy pond duke decides to tell Duncan the story of smudger. This is the story duke told. Enjoy!

One winter's night duke, sir Handel and petersam were resting in the shed when Duncan rolled into the shed covered in mud.

Duke glared at Duncan

'Sir Handle and petersam told me all about you shenanigans on the incline that would never...

Duncan knew what was coming next.

Suit his grace said Duncan we know!

Duke was becoming increasingly annoyed by Duncan's attitude

'You ought to watch your attitude young one and learn to respect the trucks and your elders your cockiness will get you nowhere fast' said duke

Never mind granpuff you're only young once

Well you had better mind

Why? asked Duncan

Well many years ago I knew an engine just like you, let me tell you his story, I wouldn't want you to make the mistakes he did and go the same way

So everyone listened And this is the story duke told

'Like I say it was many years ago, long before you came her e

'Engines had come and gone but the time came for manager to buy one more'

'The engines name was smudger, he was a rather odd fellow if you ask me but like any new engine he was enthusiastic and eager to impress, I was quite fond of him.

Until his work ethic went to pot

Why what happened? Asked Duncan who was starting to see similarities between himself and smudger.

He started to often come off the rails and became rough with the trucks. Manager at times when he needed a second opinion with things regarding the railway often came to me. Did he come? Asked Duncan

Oh yes said duke like he always did.

'Duke we've taken smudger to the steam works and examined him carefully but he still derails any ideas?

'I think it's just a phase teething troubles maybe, give him one more chance'

I promised I'd take smudger under my wing and mould him into an example for the other engines on the mid sodor railway'

Did it work? Asked Duncan

I tried, I warned him to be careful but smudger being smudger he took no notice, I remember one time he derailed just outside the top station. He looked up at me and said 'listen dukey who worries about a few spills? We do here I said but he just giggled in his silly way.

The next morning manager came early and spoke severely to smudger.

'Duke persuaded me to give you a second chance but you've blown it, I have a plan that will make you really useful at last, an example to the other engines.

Why? Said Duncan in a state of shock he did he do?

He turned him into a generator, he's still there behind our shed he'll never move again.

You wouldn't want to join him would you Duncan?

Duncan said nothing and stayed silent and still for the rest of the evening.