They were all at the funeral, all of them except for Jace. He'd had a job offer he couldn't refuse and had gone to check up on it. Wendy was looking over the list, the list that gave the order they were set to die in and she frowned. "This list is wrong." Melissa sighed closing her eyes.

"I had the vision not you Wendy...I know what I saw."

"Then explain why there are only ten names but eleven of us?"


"There are ten of us here...but Jace couldn't come. You forgot someone." She took the list from Wendy looking over it herself.

Jace, Alexander, Alexandria, Kevin, Emily, Destiny, Taylor, Veil, Wendy(?), Melissa(?)

She looked up, looking over them and then she shivered. "Maci...were you going to get on that train with us?"

"Yea...till you freaked out." Melissa frowned looking down. That made no sense. She could see the deaths, clear as day.

Julie, smashed by the train, Jace impaled by a shard of metal, Alexander torn up by the train's wheels, Alexandria getting stabbed through with the pole, Kevin getting dragged out the window, Emily and Destiny getting sliced in half by the coupler link, the train flipping over and crushing Taylor, Veil getting flung out and onto the loose shard of the support...and then her and Wendy's deaths. The ones whose order she couldn't figure out. But Maci...Maci hadn't been on the train...had she? Her eyes glazed over, and she was back in that tunnel, seeing what she missed before.

The train jerking as it took a turn it wasn't meant to, Jace getting impaled, Maci trying to drag apart the subway doors, succeeding...and getting sliced in half when they shut again.

Jace getting impaled...Jace getting impaled...

A factory, eight people getting escorted out as one of them kicks and screams, crying, Jace walking past all of them, ignoring them as he steps into the factory...Jace thrown backwards, slamming into a wall, a shard of loose metal flying off of the generator and slicing through him.

"JACE NO!" She jerked upright, blood trailing from her eyes. Wendy and the others froze, and everyone turned to look at her. Wendy helped her up.

"Come on let's go..."

"No...NO! Jace...he's in trouble we can't...we have to..." She started hyperventilating as Wendy led her to her car, shouting at her.

"CALM DOWN! Where is he?"

Jace stepped out of his car, closing the door shut behind him as he tossed his cigarette to the side. He sighed as he started towards the factory shaking his head. His girlfriend was going crazy...and worse she'd been right...that wasn't possible. How could it be? Did she...did she sabotage the subway? He shook his head sighing and the factory's doors were opened, a girl kicking and screaming bloody murder as she and seven others were escorted out. He ignored them all as he stepped into the doors, and a guard moved to stop him.

"I'm sorry sir but at the moment the tours have been canceled." He shook his head at the guard.

"I'm not here for the tour, I'm here because I was given a job offer, my name's Jace?" The guard nodded recognizing the name.

"Go right in, he's waiting for you." As he left one of the other employees moved to speak with him.

"What was all that about anyway? Why did the tour get canceled?" As Jace pushed open the door, the guard answered her.

"Some kid had a panic attack, screaming bloody murder how the factory was going to explode and we were all going to die..." Jace paused, halfway inside of the door, turning back to the guard.

"What...what did you say?" The guard sighed and repeated himself.

"Some kid had a panic attack and she was screaming bloody murder about how the factory was going to explo-" There was the sound of something popping, and then a much louder sound, as the building shook, collapsing in on the main door trapping them inside. "GO! There's emergency exit! GO NOW!" Jace turned, running down the hallway. About halfway through it, a dead man was lying there, half his body burnt, a picture of Devil's Flight roller coaster with a knife sticking out of it. Jace didn't even give it a second glance as he kept down the passage.

A few rooms below Jace, the main generator overheated, the supply of coolant buried under the same rubble now covering the door. The back-up generators usually had a fail safe to shut it down if it got to hot, but the first back-up generator was ruined, as if by sabotage. The second was fine but the third was buried under rubble.

Outside the factory the eight people who had been escorted out were standing still, watching the factory's implosion, the one who had been screaming and kicking now crying and slumped in the grip of her friend's. A car pulled up, the door opening before it could stop, Melissa running towards the factory, tears streaming from her eyes even as the guards ran after her, not letting another person die.

Jace went down the stair way, and relaxed as he saw the exit, his stride relaxing to a walk...just as the generator blew, the force great enough to throw him back into a wall, his eyes locking onto the metal shard and then widening...just before it sliced through him, with enough force to dig into the wall, the upper half of Jace's body falling to the ground, the bottom falling and covering it seconds later.

For just a moment as it did, a figure appeared in the destruction, looking at Jace's body silent before finally saying. "The first of many I friend has grown careless...sending a vision to two groups at once." The figure shook his head, vanishing just as suddenly as he had appeared.

Melissa fell to the ground, crying as she stared up at the flames of the factory and Wendy spoke to her. "Don't cry, maybe he got out..."

"He didn't...I saw it...I saw him die...the first time...when it was the vision...and then another time, brighter...darker...his blood...he..." She was speechless and then she screamed, arching her back as blood started to leak down her cheeks.

Maci getting sliced in half when they shut...Maci getting sliced in half when they shut...Maci getting sliced in half when they shut...

Maci shook her head walking away from the black man in the coat who'd just warned her...Maci stepping onto the Route 23 bus, it stopping because of construction, a Tagart Logging truck parked nearby...Maci getting pissed and demanding to be let off, stepping out of the bus...the buzzsaw jamming...Maci stepping forward, and then her body jerking as a saw blade cut straight through her head, chopping off the top right side of it.