Ok so I do know that I haven't done a fan fiction that I posted on the internet but I just couldn't resist this. I was reading on Familiars and all that crap. Well a few days later I thought I could do a FF on Severus's Familiar but then I realized he didn't have one that I knew of. So here is where it came into my head. *Light bulb* I will make it to where Mione is his familiar. I don't think anyone has done one like this so I am going to go with it. This takes place in her 6th year and because of the time turner she is a little older than the other students, and another thing not EVERY thing that happened before 6th year is from the books and movies. I switched things up.

Anyhow if someone has done something like this well I am not copying you because every story I have read with them had nothing like this.

I went back and had it beta-ed so this is a re-post and the reason the kids call her Myra is because THEY came up with it. I don't want to stick with the normal Mion, Mia crap so I changed it it is FANFICTION. And the kids call her Sissy because of the fact that she is the closest thing they have every had to one. Have you ever had a little kid come to you and start calling you Sissy/Brother in just a few minutes? If not then I feel sorry for you. And if you want to know anything else then wait for it to be explained in the story because it will be. Now sorry for snapping but it seemed I needed to redo this chapter.

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Why did they leave me here by myself? They left without a note or anything why? What did I do wrong? And the worst is that after they left my world had fallen apart within hours… Someone please help me before the dark swallows me whole…

~Platform 9 ¾ ~


I looked around and spotted a few people I knew but as I passed I didn't say hi to them or anything. What was the use; I am hated among my own house after what happened over the summer. I walked by everyone and got onto the train and took one of the farther carts so I wouldn't be disturbed by anyone. That didn't last long.

"Um w-would it b-be o-okay if I s-sat in h-here?" looking up I came into contact with two children that were more than likely first years. The girl who had asked was shy and nervous, the boy standing to her right was the same way though he hid it well and held a strong front.

"Oh yea you can, I don't mind" I watched as the two hurried in and sat down. The small girl spoke first.

"Hi I'm Lucy Key and this is my twin brother Chase Key, were first years this year" girl introduced herself and her brother.

"Well hi there Lucy and Chase my name is Hermione but you can call me Mione or Myra" I said smiling at them.

"Anything from the trolley?" the lady asked the kids looked at it then at each other and then back at the old women and just shook their heads.

"Yes actually, some of all please" I handed her the galleons as she handed me the candy. After she left I looked at the kids and said.

"If you don't tell I was the one to do this you can both have ALL the candy here" both kids' faces lit up and they nodded their heads.

"Thanks Sissy Myra" they both sang together. Smiling I sat back and watched as the fields and trees zoomed by.

~6 Hours later~


As we got off I waved good bye to the two little kids and set off to go to the castle. As we all arrived I dreaded having to live in the Gryffindor dorms. As everyone gathered into the Great Hall and took their seats to watch as the new first years get sorted.

"Chase Snape" I watched in shock as the little boy from the train went up.

"Hmm brave, strong, adventurist, I know the house for you GRYFFINDOR!" we all watched in silence at the shocking news. The little boy looked around and I could tell he was wondering why no one had clapped. Standing up I started the clapping then followed Ginny, who Ron followed and then Harry and the rest of the house. He waited for his sister who got into the same house. As they looked at the table they saw me and their faces lit up.

"SISSY MYRA" they both came running. I smiled and held my arms open they were like little 5 years olds.

"Hey my little birds" I looked around and saw that everyone was glaring. Covering the kids more and away from the others we waited to eat.

"So Mione" Ron tried but ended in a fail attempt to talk.

"I have nothing to say to you Ronald" as the sorting went on I talked to the kids that sat next to me.

"Yea Uncle Sever is a teacher here" I shook my head. 'This will be interesting'

"Do you know him Sissy Myra?" I looked into the two kids dark blue eyes.

"Yeah I know him he is going to be my double potion teacher this year." they look at me with glee in their eyes.

"Can you take us to see him?" I looked up at the table and saw he was setting there looking at the two kids.

"Why do that when he is sitting right up there?" the feast had already began so no one was paying attention till they got up and ran up to the main table. Snape was trying to stop them because of the new Familiar that sat up there as a guard.

"KIDS" running after them I grabbed them both right as the beast attacked. There was a shout of spells but it was too late, the two headed dog had already bit me on the side. As I hit the ground and skid to a stop I noticed the kids were both crying. Trying to stand up only got me a nice little visit from Mr. Floor.

"Sissy, come on get up" I opened my eyes to see both kids were covered in blood and that I was lying in a pool of it. Over the drumming in my ears I could hear the hall was in a panic at what had just happened. Grabbing all my strength, I stood up shakily and faced the dog like beast and shouted the only thing that came to mind.

"Avada Kadavra" I watched as the beast yelled in pain before I fell into complete darkness.

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