How long has it been?

The last time I left this cave... To see the outside world...

It feels like years... Hundreds of years... Ever since I failed to protect him... Hiccup...

All my fault... It's all my fault! He's gone and I'm the reason why! I could of saved him! We could of just fly away together and leave that island of vikings... We could of avoided all of this... I should of never trusted him... Trusted him that he'll be safe around ME! A night fury... A dragon... A devil...

I should of die with him... I should of die instead of him! And after all these years I'm still alive... How?

How am I still alive after everything. After defeating the queen dragon Red Death, running away Hiccup's friends and family. After all these years!

Why am I still alive with no propose in life.

Why- Ugh these that bright light... I open my eyes to glare at the moon. For some reason whenever I go over my life with Hiccup and how I failed him, the moon shines brighter than usually and on me. Most of the time I hate it but sometimes it feels like someone's up there, telling me I should live. I honestly don't know if I should believe that or not.

Good, the light show is done. It's annoying. Like when Hiccup used to shine a light all over the place and I would chase it... Great, there I go thinking about Hiccup. Sure, yeah that's one of the good memories but it feels horrible just knowing that we'll never create new memories together and- Hey why did it get all darker and colder than usually?

"Hello Night Fury." Okay obvious signs of weird, craziness: A man in a black dress-gown like thing standing in my cave and a horse that seems to be made of black sand. "I am Pitch Black. You probably know me from my work during the Dark Ages."

...Dark what now? What ever this guy is talking about, its not amusing at all.

"Judging by your face, I guess not. Either way I am interested in you. You ran away and scared humans like all the other dragons when your kind were hunted but you were the only survive." Oh, so that's the Dark Ages. "They were all weak, you are strong, even when you're crippled. It must be a shame to not be able to fly." Where is this all going, what's his angle? "I have a proposal: You help me in my plans and I will give you what you want, no what you need." Yeah, like he can take me back in time or bring back the dead. He probably thinks all I want is to fly. "Your human partner, he's the only good thing in your entire life, the reason you can fly with the devices on your back. And ever since he died, you were trapped in misery and guilt about him. I can take away that pain."

When he began to approach me I growled. He stopped but then waved his hand in front of me and everything felt different. It felt like a weight has been lifted from me. The pain and misery in my heart has numbed down. It was like I can almost forget every bad thing that I brought to Hiccup...


Pitch snapped his fingers and all the pain and guilt I suffered though hit me at once. The memory of Hiccup falling into the flames and when I finally have him in my arms he's already gone. All that pain was becoming more and more intense, I could barely stand it! "He is the only reason why you lived and now that he's gone the guilt of his death is the only true torture that you can think of to punish yourself! You want this pain to end? I'm your best option. Obey me and everything will go swimmingly." I nodded. Another snap and the pain began to vanish. "You made the right choice Night Fury. Let's go to my place to discuss further plans."


"So how do you like your new tail?" I glance between my tail and Pitch. I'm not entirely sure how he was able to find parts to change the functions of my tail wing so that I could control it but I'm not gonna complain. "Well whether you like it or not, you're going to need it if you want your part of the plan. All I need you to do is to destroy the seven barriers that block what I need. It's big and obvious, can't miss it. One barrier on each of the seven pillars. And when those Guardians arrive, wait for my call to attack."

I just snarl in response. I don't know what I'm getting into but I have a feeling I won't like it. Pitch's army of horses began to sink down into a puddle of black sand that began to disappear. By Pitch was a larger sand puddle that was my way of transportation to get where ever he's talking about. I jumped in, it didn't feel that strange, it felt like water being poured onto me and immediately disappeared. I landed with a thud on a platform and took in my new surroundings.

It was one of the most beautiful places I ever since. Considering I've locked myself in a cave for many, many years it didn't seem like a big deal but I haven't been sight seeing in a while and this place is amazing... So why does Pitch want me to destroy a part of it?

Pain flashed at the back of my head. It only lasted a few seconds but it was still a great amount of pain. "Don't you remember anything I said?" I glared at the direction of Pitch's voice. He was there next to me but in a blink an eye he wasn't. Up on a higher platform is where I heard him next, "You obey my orders and you won't feel any pain." The pain flared up again. It started to grow, resulting me to scream and roar. "Now go and start destroying the barriers." The pain stopped. What have I gotten myself into. He's the one causing this pain! I'm a pawn. A stupid pawn! Like how all those dragons before severed Red Death to just save their skin. Well I was never loyal to that beast, why should I help this guy. The fire in my gut quickly flared and I shout it out directly at Pitch. Just before it could hit him, he disappeared.

Well son of a Red Death.

Two of his horses dashed at me on both sides, tackling me. I shook them off and jumped onto another platform. Apparently during my chat with Pitch, his army was already at work. Most of them were all over the place chasing little blue fairies and others were at each pillar collecting capsule that's behind a broken transparent barrier. Pitch already has what he wants.

"You dare to betray me Night Fury? I was going to reward your work by sparing you when this is all over and the world is covered in darkness. Make you apart of this living nightmare to the world instead of being trapped in it." The two horses pranced their way to me and shifted their forms to be Monstrous Nightmares. Opening my wings, I took off in the air. During the chase, I was able to crash one into a pillar, the other was still on my tail and firing at me continually, passing the usual shot limit for any Nightmare. I circled a nearby pillar to get a clear shot and fire back but only to see no Nightmare in sight. I really hate this disappearing trick this guy has.

A roar exploded above me and before I can react the Nightmare body-slammed on me. Oden, this guy is heavy for a pile of sand. I tried to shake the Nightmare off but it was no use.

"I have to say, this is very, very exciting." Pitch's words aren't directed at me. Who else is here? "The Big Four, all in one place. I'm a little star-struck. Did you like my little show on the globe North? Got you all together, didn't I." I honestly have no idea on what's going on but I all do know is that Pitch is in great need of a fireball to the face. I struggled more to get the Nightmare off of me while Pitch continued to taunt whoever he's with. "It's your turn to not be believed in."

Once I got the dragon wanna be off I flew off and immediately fired at Pitch once I founded him. The horse next to him quickly shifted into another Nightmare and shot its own fire to counter. "Ah and this is my favorite nightmare, a monstrous nightmare." That has to be one of the worst puns I have ever heard. "Everyone meet the legendary Night Fury." Down on a lower platform was a group of five... Humans? Uh Three humans with abnormal hair, a human bird, and a giant rabbit? Are these the Guardians that Pitch was talking about? If so, I think they're all crazy.

"A dragon?" The only female of the group gasped out.

"That's impossible! All dragons died out during the Dark Ages!" Yeah a dragon is impossible but a talking rabbit is? What's his deal.

Whatever I need to settle a score with Pitch. He's gonna continue to torture me to get what he wants and I'm not going to take any part of his plans. I turned my attention back to Pitch and blasted out fire. Pitch reacted quickly and jumped on the Nightmare and nose dived down. Automatically I chased after him with those Guardians trailing behind. I almost got him, so close. Till he snapped his fingers and the pain came rushing back to me. The intensity caused me to lose focus on flying and I fell the rest of the way down screaming in agony and pain.

At the bottom, I landed roughly into a pond. Yeah, noting like when Hiccup and I fell into the cove. The pain was slowly fading away but it still hurt. I barely registered anything the Guardians people were talking about. Something about me, Pitch, teeth, and children. Wait a minute, they're talking about me yet their not helping out of this pond? What is with these people.

I heard water being splashed at someone and two voices complained, the rabbit and the big guy from what I remember.

"Sandy, what was that for? Oh dragon still in water, why didn't you say that?" Is this sand guy mute or something? I felt a pair of hands on my fore arms and dragged me onto dry land. I was still in my nightmare that Pitch left me with so groans spilled out of my mouth.

"What's wrong with him? He's out of the water and dragons hate water, right."

"Pitch did something to him, Bunny, something nightmare related. Sandy, you know what to do." I felt sand sprinkled on my head and the pain was fading away, replaced with all the good memories that I have with Hiccup. I blinked and stared at the three colorful figures in front of me. "Ah he's awake! I am North, this is Bunnyman, and this is Sandy." So basically a large man like Hiccup's dad but with white hair and a similar accent, a giant rabbit that lives up to his name, and a small man covered in the color gold. "And that's Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, and Baby Tooth."

Jack looked human saved for the pale skin and white hair, "So a dragon, huh. And what's that thing on your back?" He reached out is staff to poke the saddle but I shifted away. The Tooth Fairy lady waved but still looked depressed from whatever Pitch had said. Next to her was Baby Tooth... She was one of the fairies that were captured, the last one left probably. Like how I'm the last dragon... I walked up to her and let out a small purr. She's alone like me. She got my message and immediately hugged my nose and cried. Another purr rumbled out of me as I tried to nuzzle her back.

"Guys, he's not that scary, he's just alone. He needs a friend." Tooth ran her hand on my head and then scratched behind my ear. Oh, I'm in heaven right now. In the middle of that blissful moment I think I collapsed on the spot.

Above me Jack said, "Hey Bunny, if I scratch you behind the ears, will you fall like that?"

"Shut up mate." What a nice group of people to be known as Guardians... And Jack.

A sharp gasped escaped Tooth. I open my eyes and saw some of her feathers fall. "The children... We're too late." The mural on the wall at the end of the pond was beginning to fade and fast. If I remember correctly from Pitch's rant from earlier, if enough kids stopped believing in them, they'll... Honestly I don't recall on what exactly happens but it'll be bad.

"No!" Geeze, North can be really sound during a serious time. "No such thing as too late! Wait, wait... Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!" What's going on this guy's head? "Idea!" That's one sharp sword. "We will collect the teeth!" ...Say what?

"What?!" Tooth speaks the words we're all thinking of.

"We get teeth, children keep believing in you."

"We're talking seven continents, millions of kids!"

"Give me break, do you know how many toys I deliver in one night?"

"And eggs I hide in one day." All I'm thinking right now is what do these people do in their lives.

The other two were completely on board and everyone looked to me. Do they really think a dragon can go collect kids' teeth let alone carry them? Baby Tooth buzzed in my line of vision, giving me pleading eyes. Even though we got along in a matter of seconds, I am not giving in to those eyes. Those small, pleading, sad eyes that's looks tortured and...

Oh who am I kidding. I sighed in defeat and nodded. The little fairy squealed in excitement and kissed my nose. She ginned, I admit it's cute and infectious so I grinned back.

"W-where.." Okay, what is Tooth gasping about this time. Immediately she was yanking my mouth to open, "Where are your teeth!?"

"He's toothless? What a strange dragon." I pulled back from the hands and retracted my teeth. "Whoa!" Jack's surprised face reminded me of Hiccup's reaction. I retracted my teeth and looked at Jack, hopefully he'll get what I mean. "And back to toothless. Wait, toothless. That's your name isn't it?" He's smart than i thought.

"Now that introduction is done, let's go collect the teeth!" North left for path probably leading out of this place with Bunny muttering something about a crazy sleigh.

These Guardians protect children... Can I really do the same?