I thought that today was suppose to be uneventful... I was seriously dead wrong. First Pitch brought me into this mess by some one-sided deal, then a little hummingbird gave me puppy dog eyes to help her, and now Pitch has me in a cage.

Great, just great.

Lucky for me when Pitch left I immediately plasma blasted away the two Monstrous Nightmares. So I'm trapped in a cage all alone. Then I heard Jack and Pitch somewhere a few buildings away. But because of my dragon ears they were actually farther away than I expected, almost halfway across town. And I'm still stuck in a cage. Well only one thing to do, I continually rammed myself into the steel bars till finally the bars loosen up and knocked down by my plasma blast.

I took off into the air and dashed to where I last saw the black and blue spirits. I landed on a building and saw the sight of Sandy thrashing Pitch onto the streets. Whoa, who knew how much power is in his small body, I should try my best to not be on the little guy's bad side. I jumped off the high building all the way down next two the two other spirits.

"Toothless?!," Jack exclaimed, "I thought you ditched us back in New York! Something about freaking you out and having a panic attack."

Really, he thought that? Whatever. Right now I am a few feet away from tearing Pitch apart, he is getting on my last nerves.

Pitch stood up and to my surprise started to plead, "I should of known that Toothless was too strong for that cage, and Sandy! You don't know what's its like to be weak, hated; it was stupid of me to mess with your dreams. So I'll tell you what," Pitch then glared at the three of us, "You can have them back."

Nightmares flooded through the streets and surrounded us, a few Monstrous Nightmares growled on the rooftops. One nightmare dragon that caught my eye stalked up next to Pitch.

Pitch smirked, "I must say, it was a bit difficult to conjure up a Night Fury but one can be enough to finish off the original."

I can not believe the nerve of this guy! That copy will die! Next to me Jack looked at all the nightmares and said, "Sandy, you take the ones on the left, I take the ones on the right? Toothless, you're obviously going to kill your doppelganger." I simply growled in response.

Pitch smirked at the sight of us being surrounded and said, "Boo." All the nightmares sprang into action and while the three of us countered with our own attacks, freezing, burning, or hitting them with dream sand.

After blasting away some Nightmares that should no chance against me, I finally got to my doppelganger. The sand fury grinned evilly at me and then- What the hell! Did this sand dragon just SPIT ON ME!

He's going to die. Painfully and slowly.

Immediately, I pounced on him and we rolled around our backs, clawing and biting each other. He pushed me off and flew up with me on his tail. Plasma blasts and sand fires were flying everywhere and the two of us were flying lightning speed to out power the other. I dodged an incoming blast and hit something behind me. From the sounds of it, it was the rest of the guardians. Then they had a rough landing to the streets. Ouch.

I finally found an opening and blast the sand fury in his face who then spiraled down but then I saw Sandy being surrounded by Pitch and his nightmare sand. Instantly the panic alarm in my head went on overdrive, along with Jack since he's also flying to get to Sandy but... But...

It was too late. Sandy was being covered in the nightmare sand. There was no sight of the shining, bright gold light. Only black darkness.

Sandy... Is gone...

I stared at the spot where Sandy once floated. He was gone. I wasn't able to do anything about it. None of us were in reach to help.

Jack then yelled in frustration and flew up to Pitch who summoned up a storm of nightmare sand aimed at Jack.


We just lost Sandy. We are not going lose Jack. The North and the others were too far away to fly the sleigh in time to get to Jack, I have to save him.

The things I do for humans.

My wings were flapping in overdrive the moment Jack flew into the storm but something happened. Darkness enveloped Jack but then a flare of blue light burst from the core and the nightmare sand exploded away from Jack and the blue sparks of Jack's ice magic was everywhere. Everyone was shocked for at least three seconds till Pitch willed the sand into a another storm at Jack... Till Jack froze the sand completely solid ice and shattered in a million pieces.


And then we all saw Jack free falling. Time to save the ice prince. And just in time, I was able to catch him. Ironically the same way I was about to save Hiccup but this time I got him in my arms and flew to the sleigh. Everyone was just as confused as I was on what just happened but we had more important matters to attend to.

We have to repay our respects to the dead.

All of us were gathered around Sandy's part of the guardian mural painted on the ground of North's workshop. Candles lit the silent room as we stared longingly at the picture of Sandy. He was really gone. Sandy was one of the first of the guardians that I trusted but now... It felt like just yesterday that I lost Hiccup and everyone back on Berk. But I'm also being selfless. The other probably also know the feeling of losing someone close, they lived for a thousands of years, I can't imagine them seeing the people they love fading away in each century.

We all lost love ones before but this is Sandy. He's been with the guardians from the start or whenever their beginning was. Well except Jack. Back at Tooth's mural I heard her and Jack talking about how Jack didn't have any memories before Manny made him into Jack Frost.

Jack disappeared somewhere but I can't blame him. This is basically his first loss as Jack Frost and I could already tell that he got along well with Sandy but that doesn't mean that he should blame himself for Sandy's death.

All of us couldn't do a thing. We weren't able to make it in time. I guess we underestimated Pitch. We all thought that dreams overcome nightmares but with every breath Pitch takes, another child has stopped believing in the guardians and look at us now. We're losing hope.

I slumped down, collapsing to the floor and looked at Manny from the sky window. I don't get him, why did he bring Jack and I into this? Jack was picked to be a guardian but we all don't know why. As for me, I don't have a purpose to be here aside from beating up Pitch to protect children. Manny somehow brought to the guardians but didn't necessary sat that I'm a part of them or if staying with them is my destiny. It just doesn't make any sense.

"Toothless," Tooth's hand gently petted my head. I looked away from Manny and to her. "I know that you're a bit confused and all," She glanced at Manny and back to me, "But you're here with us for a reason. Maybe you can be a guardian like us so you won't be lonely. Manny brought you here for something you did in your past, something that made you stand out unlike any other dragon. Whatever you did must be important and you're here now to do the same."

What I did in my past was failing to save Hiccup. I guess Manny saw my effort to save him but we both fell into the flames. Now that I think about it, what happened to the others after Red Death? Maybe they changed their ways ever since we died. Maybe Hiccup and I brought peace to Berk.

"Look how fast they're going." Tooth said. The globe's lights started to go out, children were losing faith in the Guardians.

"Its fear," whispered Jack as he flew to the globe, "He tipped the balance."

"Hey, buck up you sad sacks," Bunny hopped onto the control panel, "We can turn this around! Easter is tomorrow and I need you're help. I say we get those lights flickering again." Hopefully he's right, one more failed plan might risk the life of another guardian.

We took the elevator down and North admitted, "Bunny is right. As much as it pains me to say this old friend, but this time Easter is more important than Christmas."

Disbelief and surprised was written on Bunny's face, "Hey, did everyone hear that?" I not completely sure what Easter and Christmas is but I guess it similar to Tooth and her teeth.

"We must get to the warren, everyone to the sleigh!"

"No, no mate," Bunny stood in front of North with a smug look just screaming revenge, "My warren, my rules. Buckle up."

Bunny's foot tapped the ground and we all fell into an underground tunnel. What in Thor's name just happened.

We all screamed as we tried to balanced ourselves but it didn't work. All of us got tangled together somehow once in a while. One moment I was on top of Jack, the next North is on top of me and Tooth accidentally kicked me. Is this seriously Bunny's way of traveling?!

At the end of the tunnel, Jack, Tooth, and Baby Tooth landed easily. I on the other hand roughly landed on the ground and was able to get out of the way before North and two of his yetis came out of the tunnel on their backs.

North chuckled, "Ah, ah, buckle up. That's very funny."

"Welcome to the warren," announced Bunny. Next to him was two giant, stone eggs with feet. Is nothing ever normal now a days? Bunny then straighten up and looked at the tunnel behind him, ears twitching, "Something's up." Tiny, white eggs ran out of the tunnel as a scream from there began to get closer.

We all pulled out our weapons or in some of our cases, just have a battle face as we ran towards the scream. The object that was screaming came out and...

Astrid? That little girl... It can't be but... Astrid?

"Sophie?" Jack questioned. Immediately we all hid our weapons and put on forced, awkward smiles. Mini Astrid- I mean Sophie dropped the eggs in her arms and began chasing the elf next to me. When she by passed me I was able to get her scent and I could distinctly smell Astrid on her. Could she be a descendant of Astrid?

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