Chapter One

Hermione was at home with her brother, Severus Snape. She had long chestnut hair and brown eyes and her brother had short black hair and brown eyes.

Severus looked her closely and asked, "What's wrong Hermione?"

Hermione was snapped out of long daze and said, "Huh, oh, nothing's wrong Sev."

Severus raised his brow slightly then said, "Oh come on I know when my little sister is hiding something. What's wrong?"

Hermione replied, "Alright I wish I could tell Potter and Weasley my true name and inheritance. I mean come on let's face it I HATE pretending to be a muggleborn know it all."

He looked at his little sister, and he knew it was time to tell the truth. He had kept it from her long enough. Severus said, "Potter's not even a Potter he's actually your nephew like Draco is and Bianca was your niece."

"Whoa wait, how did that happen?" She asked surprised at his confession.

"Lily and I had you know before I fell in love with Narcissa, and she knows that Harry's mine."

Hermione thought for a moment and said, "Wait so before I was born in 1978 a year after you graduated you had you know with Lily but because she was getting married to James Potter he thought it was his baby and in 1979 you married Narcissa secretly and in 1980, and she had your twins Draco and Bianca whilst being illegally wed to Lucius?"

Severus said, "Exactly right! Blimy you are clever luckily you inherited that from mum and I also inherited her brains as well as we both inherited her passion for reading."

Wormtail entered the room with Narcissa and Bellatrix.

Severus said, "Run along Wormtail, "and threw him out of the room with a flick of his wand.

Narcissa had long black and blonde hair that was tied in a bun, fare skin and brown eyes with an elegant womanly figure.

She said, "Hello Severus, Hermione."

Hermione said, "Hello Narcissa, Bellatrix," and she removed her glamour charm.

Bellatrix had long wild black hair said, "What is the Mudblood doing here Severus? Hermione said Ahm I am sooo insulted by being called a filthy Mudblood I am NOT I'm a half-blood like Severus so get off your high horse as I too am evil Bellatrix. Narcissa then said Bella be nice to Hermione she is after all Severus's sister." She turned back to her husband and sister-in-law and said, "Sorry about Bellatrix, Mione."

Hermione looked at two women in front of her and finally asked, "Why are you here Narcissa, Bellatrix?"

Bellatrix said, "To make an unbreakable vow between Severus and Narcissa to protect Draco."

Hermione replied, "Why Draco?"

Narcissa said, "Because Lucius forced him to take the dark mark and Voldemort's chosen him to kill Dumbledore.

Hermione cored her moth in shock and slowly lowered it and said, "Oh my god."

Narcissa said, "He's just a boy."

Severus said, "I can't change the dark lord's mind, but it might be possible for me to help Draco."

Bellatrix said, "Severus swear to it! Coward," She whispered taunting him.

Severus hissed at the witch, "Take out your wand."

She took out her wand and a golden glow tie around Narcissa and Severus's hands.

Bellatrix then said, "Do you Severus Snape swear to watch over Draco Malfoy and help him in the task the dark lord has ordered Draco to perform?"

Severus said I...will."

The golden light vanished when they let go of each others hands.

Narcissa said, "Thank you Severus."

Hermione said, "Could I possibly help if needed?"

Bellatrix asked truly stunned at the young woman. "You'd help us; you'd be willing to risk your life to be labelled a traitor?"

Hermione said seriously, "I would if it meant protecting Draco then yeah I would."

Severus said, "Bellatrix she's tougher than she looks and she's even killed before."

Bellatrix said, "Fine but you better not be seen."

Hermione said, "I won't be. I'll use my real looks rather than the glamour I have on now to do this if necessary so I do not get labelled as a traitor."

Narcissa said, "Are you sure Hermione?"

Hermione said, "Of course I mean it. I wouldn't have said it. If I didn't mean it. He may not know about me being Severus's sister, but I still care about him. He's like family, and I protect those I call family whatever the risks."

Bellatrix studied Hermione for a moment and said, "Hmm ok then thanks Hermione."

Hermione said, "No problem although I will have to act like I'm going to attack you just to keep the act plus that he's technically my nephew anyway, and I know Dumbledork's using him as a weapon against Voldemort."

Severus said, "Wait Dumbledork wants power right?

Hermione rolled eyes for him to be brilliant he sometimes asked stupid questions.

She said, "Yup look he thinks Harry's a Potter and you and I both know that the Potter line hold a lot of power in our world."

Severus said, "Oh my god Hermione please protect him.

Hermione squeezed her brother's arm gently and said, "I will I promise."

Bellatrix turned to her sister and said, "I'll just go Cissy; are you coming?"

Narcissa said, "No I'm going to stay here for a bit."

Bellatrix nodded, "Ok. Hermione remember our talk you must help Draco if Severus is preoccupied."

Hermione narrowed her eyes slightly, "I will Bellatrix I don't back out on my promises."

Bellatrix said, "Call me Bella, "and she apparated out of Spinners End.

Narcissa said, "Thank you Hermione you don't have to." Hermione said, "Yes I do Cissy. He's my nephew as much as Harry is. Speaking of which I have to get back to the Burrow I told Molly Weasley I was going home because my grandparents were coming."

Severus smirked and said, "Ha good thinking you should get back since you told Molly it was five hours they were coming and those five hours are up."

Hermione playfully hit him on the arm. "Severus Tobias Snape you know I hate it when you enter my mind!"

Severus gently shrugged Hermione's shoulder. "Sorry Hermione Isabella Grace Snape it was for your own good."

Hermione said, "Apology accepted Severus anyway I'm going to go now take care Cissy," and gave her a hug, and Hermione put up her Occumency shields. "Goodbye Severus I'll see you tomorrow."

Severus said, "Ok be careful Hermione I don't want to lose you too as I did mother."

Hermione said, "It wasn't your fault, it was because of that stupid drunken bastard of a father we had that mother died.

He pulled her into a gently strong hug and pulled back. He said, "I'm just glad I didn't lose you too."

Hermione smiled softly and departed from her home back to the Borrow.


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