Chapter Four

1 month later...

Hermione started to feel queasy and nauseous and Lavender rubbing Hermione's back gently said "Hermione are you okay"?

Hermione said "No I'm not Lav I feel really sick and I'm always tired I think I might be pregnant".

Lavender said "who's baby Hermione"? Hermione said "Caleb Danvers we have a connection".

Lavender said "Oh my god Caleb as in The Caleb Danvers"? Hermione said "yes how do you know him Lav"?

Lavender said "He's Ty's best friend plus i know the group because i live across from Tyler's house so i see them quite a bit when at home".

Hermione said "Wait there's only one Tyler who I know is best friends with Caleb and that's Tyler Simms oh my god your secret lover!"

Lavender said "Hear me out there's more I'm not Lavender Brown really I was adopted when I was three almost four".

Hermione realized what she said and said "No! You can't be her after all this time no"!

Lavender said "I'm who am i Hermione"?

Hermione said "B-Bianca m-my n-niece".

Lavender/Bianca *sighs* and said "I am it is true look I can't keep this from you anymore but I am Bianca Snape".

Hermione said "Oh my god! Bianca *hugs her* I found you again my god Sev will be happy again".

Lavender/Bianca said "Huh? Wait you said I was your niece oh my god you and professor Sna-dad are brother and sister"?

Hermione said "Yes we are my real name is Hermione Isabella Grace Snape his little sister which means I'm your aunt".

Lavender/Bianca said "did you just say you might be pregnant"?

Hermione said "yes but it's not Caleb's ewww that would be disgusting considering the fact that Ginny's with him and he's my nephew".

Lavender/Bianca said "then who's the father Aunt Mione"?

Hermione said "I can't tell you you'll hate me".

Lavender/Bianca said "that's impossible Aunt Mione i wouldn't hate you".

Hermione said "Okay it is Alexander Riddle's child". Lavender/Bianca said "Wait Riddle as in Tom Riddle"?

Hermione said "yes his son Alexander Riddle is the father of my child I just know I'm pregnant like I knew Cissy was pregnant with you and Draco".

Lavender/Bianca said "you are kidding me right Draco Malfoy's my brother"? Hermione said "He is your brother you and him are twins please Bianca remember us".

Lavender/Bianca said "Oh my god Dray". Hermione said "I know look we were best friends when we were toddlers remember"? Lavender/Bianca said "I remember us playing and then the ferret that Lucius brought us bit me because Draco teased it and that's how I'm a haemophiliac that's how I got my blood disease".

Hermione said "I'm anaemic as is Severus and Draco so we can't afford to be attacked by hippogriffs but Draco did".

Lavender/Bianca said "do you want me to come with you to the hospital wing to find out if you are"?

Hermione said "Please Bianca that would be nice plus that Poppy's my godmother oh and Harry's your half brother".

So then they went to the hospital wing and Poppy said "Hermione what's wrong dear child"?

Hermione said "Nothing Aunt Poppy it's just I think I might be pregnant could you run a pregnancy test for me"?

Poppy said "Sure I can Hermione but you do realise I'll have to tell Severus right"?

Hermione said "Yes I know that Auntie Poppy".

Poppy said "Ok you were correct you are indeed pregnant one month to be precise but whom"?

Hermione said "Alexander Riddle's the father of my child Auntie Poppy".

Poppy said "Minerva and Tom's Alexander our prince"? Hermione said "Yes what? Tom asked me to insure our world survives" *smirks evilly*

Poppy said "what are you two planning Hermione"?

Hermione said "To get Dumbledork caught in the act and to strip him of his magic by tying the Prince-Snape and Riddle families together I of course at the time thought it was crazy but then I realised I love Alex and he loves me and we were going to do it for our world's survival".

Poppy *smirks* and said "that's evil but I'd love to get a picture of Dumbledork's face when he loses his magic".

Hermione said "Yes well Lady Hogwarts power is no longer with Dumbledork by birthright I, Severus, Harry, Bianca, Draco, Tom, Minerva and Alexander rule the castle we have Hogwarts though I don't know who Hufflepuff's heir is though".

Salazar said *whispers in her ear* "Amos Diggery and his son Cedric".

Hermione said "what? Cedric's dead!"

Cedric said "actually I'm not".

Hermione said "Cedric! *hugs him* sorry I'm emotional you're alive".

Cedric said "I know look I'm alive because of you Hermione my spirit found my body and here I am now though I don't feel twenty one I still feel seventeen. You're Salazar Slytherin right"?

Salazar said "Yes I am yup I was correct you are of Helga's bloodline".

Hermione *smirks* Poppy said "you can go now Miss...Granger".

Hermione said "auntie Poppy I think Cedric should know my true name even though my brother will kill me" *smirks*.

Severus said "Would I really Hermione Isabella Grace Snape-Prince"?

Hermione said "I know you wouldn't but you'll be angry at me".

Severus said "what for Hermione"?

Hermione said "Severus I'm pregnant with Alexander's baby".

Severus said "The Prince; are you serious Hermione"? Hermione said "Tom's plan not mine anyway it was a plan to ensure Dumbledork loses his magic".

Severus said "Hmm sneaky but none the less I'll support you but when you start to show I'll buy you bigger robes understood"?

Hermione said "Understood thanks Sev I found Bianca at last". Severus said "who is my daughter believing to be"?

Lavender/Bianca said "It's me daddy". Severus said "Wait you've been here this whole entire time"?

Lavender/Bianca said "yes I have daddy but in my defense i didn't know".

Severus said "Oh my god Mione could you remove the glamour charms please I want my daughter back"?

Lavender/Bianca said "Can Cedric hold my hand"?

Cedric then said "Sure". Hermione said "Ready? Glamorveritos removerisitos"

Lavender/Bianca now had long black/blonde hair and brown eyes and said "how do I look"?

Cedric then said "like an angel beautiful".

Hermione then said "Wow you look amazing!" Bianca said "Cedric I'm with Tyler so don't flirt with me".

Severus said "Tyler eh"? *raises a brow*

Hermione said "Tyler Simms is her boyfriend".

Severus said "Caleb's best friend"?

Bianca said "Wait Caleb's my cousin isn't he"?

Hermione said "yes he is Bianca and you look beautiful a perfect blend of Sev and Cissy".

Severus said "didn't you once go out with Ronald Weasley"?

Bianca said "Guilty yes I did daddy in 6th year though and I didn't know he was in love with Aunt Hermione".

Cedric said "Hermione can you take me home please I want to see my father"?

Hermione said "Of course Cedric".

Hermione apparated Cedric back to his house (she was invited to his funeral) and once they; arrived Hermione knocked on the door and Amos opened it and said "Hermione dear child come in".

Hermione said "Amos I brought someone who would like to be reunited with his father".

Cedric said "Hello father".

Amos said "Cedric but how"?

Cedric said "Thanks to Hermione she brought me back to life".

Amos said "how's that possible"?

* Hermione *smirks* said "I'm the heir of Slytherin well one of them anyway".

Amos said "Nice but how are you heir of Slytherin"?

Hermione said "Salazar's youngest son Prometheus anyways I know you two are the heirs of Helga Hufflepuff as grandfather told me".

Amos said "Oh ok then makes sense I suppose".

Hermione said "I'll just leave you both alone know this though Tom never killed Cedric I suspect it was Dumbledork sorry I'm hormonal as I'm pregnant".

Amos said "I know Tom wouldn't remember Hermione I am a deatheater so I know and I know you are too congratulations on your news".

*smirks* Hermione said "like my brother is a deatheater".

Amos said "Brother I thought you were muggleborn"?

Hermione said "Nope I'm a half blood same as my brother he is after all Severus Snape".

Amos said "Oh my god seriously"?

Hermione said "Yup my father was a bastard I know that as he was a drunken muggle who abused us but luckily Severus stopped him from killing mum she refuses by the way to stay in Spinners End so she lives in Prince Manor which is in England near Paddington station".

Amos said "Oh okay then".

Hermione said "Come back to Dumbledore's office when you're done Cedric".

Cedric said "I will do thanks Mione".

Hermione said "No problem Cedric".

Amos said "Thank you Hermione for giving me my boy back".

Hermione said "Hey it's what friends are for right"?

So then she apparated to; Riddle manor and Alexander said "Mione what's wrong"?

Hermione said "I'm pregnant Alex with your child".

Alex said "That's great news Yay I'm going to be a father I'm really happy Mione I love you so damn much *kneels down on one knee* will you Hermione Isabella Grace Snape-Prince give me the extraordinary honour of marrying me"?

Hermione said "yes! I will". *Alex smirks, slips the ring on her finger and then kisses her passionately. *Hermione kisses back*