Morning Chaos

When it comes to the mornings after long nights filled with steamy love-making and passionate affection, Aomine and Kagami are anything but energetic. Tossing over from side-to-side and fighting for the possession of their blankets and covers, it's a kick in the ribcage from Kagami to Aomine that earns him the victory this morning. However, it's a victory short-lived when the blaring sound of their obnoxious alarm clock rouses them into consciousness.

"Gmnn…" Aomine groaned, pounding the alarm with a lazy fist.

"Idiot…that thing is supposed to wake us up. Don't be so rough with it," Kagami yawned, stretching his arms forward in an effort to sit up. "What time is it?"

"Hmm…" Aomine sighed. He unwillingly cracked open an eye to get Kagami's answer. When he saw the digital clock displaying 6:46 in bright red numbers, never in his life had Aomine gotten up and out of bed faster in his life. Such an action had startled Kagami thoroughly.

"What the Hell, Aomine!" he hissed.

"Get up," was Aomine's curt response.

"What's your problem?" Kagami huffed.

"Get up," Aomine repeated, emphasizing the urgency of the matter with his low baritone.

Scratching the back of his head with irritation, Kagami looked over at their alarm clock. The magical way in which 6:46 had transitioned into 6:47 the moment Kagami had graced the clock with his gaze forced the man to mimic Aomine's hastiness and jump out of bed.

"Why didn't you tell me it was already quarter of!? We're going to be late for work, idiot!" Kagami shouted, rushing around their bedroom in search of a clean pair of his boxers.

"Just shut up and get dressed!" Aomine shot back. He was busily stuffing his legs into a pair of pants, followed by the act of shoving his feet into a mismatched pair of socks.

Kagami dashed for their closet and threw on the first shirt that he saw. When it came to getting his pants, forcefully pulling them out of their small closet made the hanger that they were once clipped onto go flying out into their bedroom, hitting Aomine on the head.

"Hey, Bakagami! That hurt, you know!"

"It's not like it was on purpose!" Kagami replied, racing to search for a tie that respectively went along with his shirt. Wait…a tie?

Both Kagami and Aomine had stopped fussing for the briefest of moments in order to steal a glance at one another. It was clear that glances weren't the only thing that they were sharing, but shocked and subtly amused expressions as well. That amusement soon blossomed into boisterous laughter.

"Why…why are you wearing my uniform, Bakagami?!" Aomine asked through his chuckled pauses.

"Me?! What are you doing wearing mine?!" Kagami bellowed. He slapped a palm to his forehead, while his other hand clutched at his stomach. He couldn't remember a time when he had laughed this hard.

Their laughter melted into heated attraction rather quickly, and before Kagami could count to ten, he was pinned to the mattress that he had been resting peacefully on just moment ago.

"We're going to be late," Kagami breathed, watching as Aomine's skilled fingers began to unbutton his shirt—well, Aomine's shirt—one-handedly.

"We're already late," Aomine corrected lowly. "Let's exploit this opportunity."

"If I get fired, I'm blaming it on you."

"And I have absolutely no problem with that."

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