Okay, this story takes place a good week or so after the whole season finale situation (the rest of my stories that follow will be set after the season finale as well). Reminder that Hiccup and the others know Mildew is with the outcasts, they don't know that he's still a rotten, low down, no good… yeah, traitor. They also don't know that Alvin now has his own trained dragons, as seen in We Are Family part 2.

Warning: This story is probably my darkest one, but I don't think it's that bad, the only reason is because of the antagonist creature and its habits of feeding. Just to be on the safe side with the little munchkins, I'm rating it T.

Without further ado, here is my newest story!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the antagonist

The night air was a chilling breeze as it weaved through the streets of the Berk village. Two Vikings males were chit chatting off to the side and up against a house as another, a guard on patrol, strolled by with a torch in his right hand. They exchanged there hellos and waved kindly to each other; the guard passed and the other two continued on with their conversation.

In the Great Hall, some Vikings were finishing up with their dinner, mutton on a stick with a side of buttered cod and some mead, while others were gathered together overlooking a book. These six teens were Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, and the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. They were all sitting at their table, finishing up their supper and listening in on what Hiccup and Fishlegs had to inform them on about the Book of Dragons. Toothless lay off to the side of Hiccup, his head down while he napped.

Snotlout took a huge bite out of his mutton on a stick and chewed it with his mouth open just to annoy Fishlegs, in which case was working as said Viking was looking upon the other with great disgust.

Astrid and the twins were focusing their attention on Hiccup, who was discussing about the Book of Dragons, adding new features in with the Changewings. Off to the right of him sat his dinner bowl, none of the mutton touched, but the cod gone.

"The book says that they display mimicking behaviors. From the times we've encountered them, I don't recall ever seeing this. What about you Fishlegs?" Hiccup stated, turning his head to his left. Fishlegs in questions was pretend gagging at Snotlout.

"…Fishlegs?" Hiccup asked once more hoping to gain the attention of his friend. Fishlegs heard the question and immediately looked at Hiccup.


"Have you seen any mimicking behavior done by the Changewings?" Hiccup asked him again.

"Uh, no; not really," Fishlegs replied, his eyes moving off to the upper left in thought. After a quick sweep of his memories he shakes his head no as his final answer.

"Alright, I'll just circle that for now. What about the hypnotizing ability?" Hiccup asked after circling a sentence and dotting his feather down next to the phrase "can hypnotize victims".

"What if it's one of those last resort methods?" Astrid asked pointing it out. Her arms were crossed and relaxed on the table while her upper body leaned on them as she bent forward, closer to Hiccup.

"That could be it." Fishlegs agreed.

"Alrighty then," Hiccup said, writing in the sentence and putting a little question mark beside it, circling for highlight.

"Anything else…?" Hiccup asked looking up at the group.

"I can't think of anything with Snotlout flapping his gums next to my ear." Fishlegs stated coldly.

"Snotlout?" Astrid asked with a sweet tone, softening her eyes.

"Yes?" he replied obviously intrigued by Astrid's body language.

"Do you want a sandwich?"

"Why sure,"

"Good, Ruff?" she said while peeking over to her friend. Ruffnut in response punched Snotlout square in the nose with one quick motion.

"Ha, ha, ha, knuckle sandwich; good one!" Tuffnut laughed out while exchanging a high five with his sister. "Or was it?" he said putting on a puzzled look.

Hiccup closed his eyes and softly shook his head. He opened them again, closing the Book of Dragons and sliding it off to the side. He looked down at his mutton on a stick and poked his fork at, giving a disgusting gesture towards the sound it made. A voice boomed from behind them and they all turned to see who it was.

"Shouldn't you kids be getting to bed?" Gobber said while shuffling up to them.

"Uh, I don't know?" Tuffnut replied.

"Why, we're not eight." Astrid commented casually.

"Stoick wants the village to go to bed earlier tonight; Bucket's bucket is acting up so the night will be bitter cold." Hiccup looked off to the left smiling a bit at the mention of his father acting fatherly with them. Gobber continued, "But it's a small one, no worries; what I'd be worried about are the creatures that lurk about during the twilight."

"Um, dragons?" Snotlout stated.

"No. Their like shadows that creep through the village and steal away children when everybody's asleep." Gobber said while wiggling his fingers and weaving his hands like a snake to emphasize his details. "Silent they are; just when you open your eyes to peek a look… RRRAAAAHHHH!" Gobber lashed out, bumping Hiccup suddenly making him flinch and jump in surprise and for a moment fear. He squeaked in response, making both Gobber and the other teens laugh. Toothless lifted up his head at the sound, ears perked and head tilted.

Hiccup's face turned red, his head moving down closer to his shoulders at the unwelcomed attention.

"Gooobbeeeer," Hiccup whined at the unpleasant feeling of embarrassment.

"Ha, ha, ha, oh, I'm just joking with you, Hiccup. There are no spooky monsters in the night." Gobber said while bumping Hiccup on the arm. "But seriously, start heading on over to bed."

The teens groaned, but complied as they got up and headed out the door. Hiccup grabbed the Book of Dragons and followed suit, Toothless walking beside him.

Outside, Fishlegs stopped in his tracks as he looked up at the sky.

"Hey, the moon's almost completely gone." He stated, pointing up at the moon. Astrid and Hiccup looked up as well.

"Oh, yeah, that happens. My dad says it does that, it goes in a cycle." Astrid answered his curiosity.

"So, what; the next two days, no moon?" Fishlegs asked.

"Yep," Astrid replied simply, telling everyone a good night and waving good bye to Hiccup as she ran back to her house. Every one split up and Hiccup was left standing alone with Toothless looking up at the night sky.

Back at the Haddock house, Hiccup was crawling into bed, yawning as he drapped the covers over his shoulders.

"Good night, bud." He said to Toothless who was circling his slab of rock, firing upon it to give him warmth. He cooed and curled up before going off to sleep.

Hiccup blew out the candle, and the room became plunged with darkness. All was silent.

Up high in the mountain just above the village, something rests in the aperture of a cave. Its enormous body uncurls as it lifts itself up and crawls out of the opening. It spreads out its wings, a span about the size of a Night Fury's, as it shakes off the snow that collected as it slept. Boney sharp claws clank against the rock floor below it. A hiss echoes it way down the mountain slope, as its maker opens its mouth; saliva spewing out and dripping down to the earth.

A smile appears on its features, but the cause of it could be no happier. It was going to feast tonight.

Okay, there is the first chapter/intro. I'm going to describe the creature more and more after each night it raids the village.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.