Alright, you're going to hate me for saying this, but this is the last chapter. I'm not completely sure if there is going to be a sequel, most likely not. The next story is Nameless Foray, it does involve the aftermath of the Banshee—Hiccup is recovering and so is the village. I think you'll see more reactions to what happened in Nameless Foray then in this story. Like I've always said before, my stories follow each other; Nameless Foray is just the next "episode".

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Stormfly, Thornado and the other dragons zoomed through the skies at their highest speeds, racing to the mountain top. Neither of them, not one, wanted to waste any precious time; the longer they took the longer Hiccup was left with the Banshee.

Stoick glared at the cave entrance as they approached. He had no idea what happened to Hiccup in their besides the obvious. To finally destroy this place and send that cursed nightmare away was a blessing he was waiting for.

"Uh, I have a question." Fishlegs asked as they neared the nest. Astrid and Stoick both glimpsed at him. "How are we supposed to destroy a cave?" Fishlegs was always the one to take knowledge of the elephant in the room.

"Psh, that's easy; like this!" Snotlout said as Hookfang dive bombed down to the cave and fired a blast of white heat, exploding as it made contact with the rocks above the aperture.

"WHOOOOHOOOOO!" Snotlout cheered from the pure delight he was having. Tuffnut was chuckling as well, watching Snotlout blow the rocks apart.

"My turn!" Ruffnut announced freely; immediately Tuffnut glared at her.

"No, it's my turn!" he argued.

"No, it's mine!" Ruffnut replied angrily. They raced down to the entrance, though they were on the same dragon so neither would win or lose, Belch let out his explosive green gas into the darkened cave and Barf sparked it, igniting the dormant fumes. The rumbles caused the ceiling to collapse and the cave collapsed in on its self. The three Vikings cheered, but their victory was short lived.

"URG, you guys are so stupid!" Astrid hollered furiously at them. She clutched her hair and closed her eyes in frustration.

"What, we destroyed the nest, what more do you want from us?" Snotlout replied irritated.

"Yes you destroyed the nest, but you also created an avalanche and its heading straight for the village!" she announced gesturing her hand towards the village and quickly rolling down the hillside, a load of white, suffocating snow.

"Oops," Snotlout apologized gently, looking sheepish.

"Quickly, we have to block it before it reaches the village!" Stoick commanded and they all twisted around and flew their dragons down the hill.

Stormfly flew above the mouth of the avalanche, Astrid peering out from behind her wings and taking a glance at it.

"Uh, I'm not one to be negative, but how are we suppose to stop an avalanche from completely burring Berk?"

"We can knock down some trees, that'll block it." Tuffnut proposed.

"Great idea and we can use the trees the avalanche already knocked down." Ruffnut replied sarcastically.

"Its official, I'm a genius!"

"I got it!" Fishlegs exclaimed with a light bulb—figuratively speaking.

"What is it Fishlegs?" Stoick asked. Fishlegs didn't reply, instead cupped his hands around his mouth and roared into the sky with whispers.

"What was that?!" Snotlout exclaimed rather annoyed.

"That was a Whispering Death call." Fishlegs replied smugly.

A similar call echoed back, five Whispering Deaths approached their position. The teens looked amazed and Stoick just looked relieved.

"Stalkgrinder?" Astrid questioned with a tilted head. Fishlegs made a hand signal for digging and the Whispering Deaths complied without confusion. They dived down through the snow and dirt and dug tunnels just below the surface, each level a very thin layer below the other. As soon as the avalanche struck the unstable ground, it collapsed in and, level by level, fell down further into the abyss.

Astrid glanced back at Fishlegs, both surprised and thrilled, but mostly confused.

"Hiccup allowed me to join in on their training." Was all Fishlegs said.

"Good, now that that's taken care of, we can go help Hiccup." Stoick replied, anxious to aid his son.

Hiccup finally managed to get away from the village and into a more spacious atmosphere. He and Toothless dived down just above the docks and turn left to the islands that neighbored Berk. Though the Banshee was slowed, it only took a minute for it to catch back up.

Man this thing is fast! Hiccup thought as he looked behind him seeing the Banshee riding their tail. He turned forward again,

"Come on, bud; we have to lose 'em." Toothless flapped his wings faster and launched forward, gaining some distance between he and his adversary. They made sharp turns round the islands, dived under their natural bridges while the Banshee crossed above them and serpentine the deadly field of boulders close to the water's engulfing grasp. Nothing was working; the Banshee kept duplicating their every maneuver.

Hiccup's face lit up and he leaned into the saddle further. "Let's see how well this thing can fly. UP!" Toothless roared and soared upwards on demand. A vapor of water passed, then another, until they ascended beyond the clouds.

It was a very strange sight. The lighting compared up here to below the cloud line was extremely different. It was very bright and the sun felt hot against Hiccup's skin rather as to down below where it was way colder and the dark storm clouds blanketed the sun's rays.

Hiccup glanced behind him and saw the Banshee stumble in its flight, then dive back down below the clouds.

"Definitely hates direct contact with the sun, but that's not going to get me anywhere." He continued on with his original plan as Toothless dived straight down. As soon as they hit the clouds the Banshee was on them. Further and further down, the ground was slowly peeking through the clouds; further and further still. The ground now visible they kept their descent, the blue of the ocean approaching them faster then what could be imaginable, though to Hiccup, everything seemed to move in slow motion.

"This is going to be close!" The water was almost kissing them before…

Hiccup tugged on Toothless' saddle bar and lengthened the tail to its correct degree. Almost a perfect ninety degree angle, Hiccup and Toothless curved forwards and flew above the surface before ascending a little to better add room for maneuver. Hiccup looked back and saw the Banshee still on their tail.

That thing's still on us? It must have the wing span of a Night Fury, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to follow our every move.

"…And that means it'll fall for my next plan!" he finished his thought out loud with a smile and steadied himself in the saddle. However, his smile turned into a frown at a realization.

But it's never followed our direct path. If not then the plan won't work.

"I need help…" As if they heard him, Astrid, Stoick, Fishlegs, Snotlout and the twins all on their dragons come into view.

"Hiccup!" Stoick called out.

"Are you alright?!" Astrid added.

"Yeah, but I need help!" He replied back while he and Toothless kept in front of the Banshee. "Get 'em to follow me through that archway!" he requested back as he pointed forwards at an island with a hollow arched midsection. The group looked in the direction he was pointing and saw the arch.

"You heard him, let's go!" Stoick yelled and the dragons picked up their speed to catch up with the two. Toothless did a loop to redirect the Banshee, flying inches past it; the Banshee quickly executed a well rounded turn before dashing forward fast towards its prey. The group quickly lined up, Hookfang catching itself on fire to prevent the Banshee from crossing the path. Stormfly blasted bolts of hot fire at it to keep it in line as well.

The Banshee tried to fly up and over the island instead of through it, but was thrown down by Thornado's thundering call. The Banshee glanced from Gronckle to Monstrous Nightmare to Nadder to Zippleback to Thunderdrum, and then locked onto the Night Fury that was holding its most precious food. It growled and went for it, not holding anything back it dashed forward at its top speed. Barely breaking the sound barrier, it was catching up quick, too quick.

Hiccup's eyes widened, "Toothless, NOW!" On call, Toothless screamed his sonar, having to halt his flight in doing so—accidently making Hiccup lose his footing on the makeshift pedal. The sharp ring echoed through the arch way creating an invisible sound wall. As soon as the Banshee hit it, the breath got knocked out of it and barely lost consciousness. However, because of its momentum, it still flew forward and with the little consciousness it had grabbed Hiccup and took him down to the sea with. Hiccup screamed as he descended and Toothless roared all the way down to the sea. The Banshee, with Hiccup, landed roughly in the sea with a huge splash; far away from their landing, Toothless as well.

"HICCUP!" Stoick screamed with fear and Thornado dropped down towards the sea. They drove through the dark water and swam deeper down.

Hiccup was floating limply within the Banshee's clutches, the Banshee its self far from consciousness. His eyes were closed with his mouth open, his lifeless limbs reaching up to the surface while his body was being pulled further down.

Stoick grabbed Hiccup by the left arm and pulled him closer, Stoick's other hand grabbed the claws that held his son and ripped them off. Stoick wrapped his arms around Hiccup's body and Thornado swam back up to the surface.

The Banshee, breathless and heartless, sunk down to the murky deeps. Never to be seen again.

The three broke through to the atmosphere and Stoick gulped in his much needed oxygen. They flew quickly to shore and Stoick dropped down in the sand clutching Hiccup. He gently placed him down and checked his chest; a heartbeat, but weak and no signs of breathing! Stoick leaned him up and shook him desperately to get him to breath. Hiccup choked on the little air he was getting and turned on his stomach to cough up the sea water that invaded his lungs. Stoick patted his back and relaxed, releasing a breath he didn't even know was held.

Stormfly and Hookfang touched the sand with Toothless in their grasps. As soon as Toothless was free he ran over to Hiccup who was leaning against his father, his eyes barely open from exhaustion. He cooed and nudged the boy, receiving a tired smile and a weak attempt to pet him. Toothless relaxed once Hiccup's hand was on his head, and softly smiled now that the threat was gone.

The teens all relaxed as well, though it was not Hiccup's intentions to kill the Banshee, they all thought it was the best thing to do to ensure their (but especially Hiccup's) safety.

The Banshee was gone, the nightmare was over; at least for most of them...

The End

Yeah, it's finally done and I can get on to Nameless Foray! Okay, so who actually thought I was going to spare the Banshee? Nope, I killed my own creation.

Next story is Nameless Foray, be expected to see Dagur and his conniving schemes. Like I said, its not the sequel, but the next episode. Until then, I bid you a farewell!