'Can you see her yet, Prongs?' Sirius whined, peering through the crowded platform.

'Nah, not yet mate,' James replied, crumpling his hair as he noticed a bunch of 5th years peering into their carriage.

'You don't think she's left do you?' Wormtail squeaked from where he was sat with an alarmed expression.

'Don't be thick Pete,' the dark haired boy rolled his eyes 'she wrote to me last week telling me she'd see me on the train.'

'Oh...' The small mousy boy sighed, clearly offended but too scared to confront Sirius 'maybe she's just late?'

'Yea probably Worms,' James flopped down in his seat next to Peter, pulling a piece of parchment from his pocket 'shall we get planning while we wait for her Sirius?'

'Don't even think about it, you knobs,' a female voice drawled from the open carriage door 'we all know its me with the best ideas anyway.' she grinned as she stepped in and closed the door behind her.

'ALEXANDRIA!' Sirius roared, launching himself to the girl, pulling her into one of his customary, rib cracking hugs 'thought you were never gonna get here!'

'Hello Alex, why you so late then?' James winked at his female best friend and fellow Marauder 'we thought you'd done a runner to the other side of the world, never to return again.' he added somewhat dramatically, clutching his heart in mock anguish.

'Oh ha ha' she frowned, stowing her trunk and Hercules the owl's cage in the overhead compartment 'my dad had a last minute team meeting and seeing as I was side along apparating with him here, I tagged along and it went on a bit longer than he expected'

'Wait!' James demanded, 'YOU went to a Tornadoes meeting?'

'Obviously,' she sighed, setting herself down next to Sirius 'it's not that exciting you know, I do it all the time. Although I got to have a practice with them in the summer when their keeper was running late. They reckon I inherited my dads skills. It was awesome, I'm not gonna lie.'

'No fucking way!' Sirius butted in, impressed at the fact the girl had actually got to play with the gangs favourite Quidditch team.

'Yes way Pads. Anyway, where's Moony?' She asked, peering around the carriage expecting their werewolf friend to pop out of thin air.

'Prefect carriage,' Peter squeaked, making himself heard for the first time since Alex entered the carriage 'said he'll be along in a bit.'

'Aww' she said, pulling a hair tie from her wrist and putting her long dark hair up with it 'hope he doesn't start bitching about our grand plans again cos Hogwarts is in for a treat and half this year guys' she grinned wickedly, grabbing James' parchment while pulling a quill and ink bottle from the small bag she was carrying and proceeded to start writing their annual 'Marauders Mischief List'


A while later, the 5th member of the gang burst into the noisy carriage, with a pretty red-head in tow.

'Sorry I'm late guys!' He sighed with a smile, perching next to Alex and pulling her in for a one armed hug 'me and Lily had some trouble with Slytherin third years. Little bastards'

At the mention of Lily's name James' head snapped round so quick it was in danger of falling off!

'Hello Lily' James grinned, like a Cheshire Cat 'good holiday?'

Startled by James' lack of arrogance and the fact he addressed her by her first name, Lily Evans paused for a good few seconds before replying, mentioning in the process that she hadn't made back friends with 'Severus' or 'Snivellus' as the Marauders liked to call him, while sitting next to Peter, who flinched as if the girl was a venomous spider.

'He's a tit anyway,' Sirius grumbled, 'I mean LOOK what he hangs round with. Little weirdos'

Lily chose to ignore Sirius' dig about her former best friend and chose to ask James about his holiday instead.

'Yea it was great, me and Sirius had a right laugh all through it' he smirked at the handsome, long haired boy who wiggled his eyebrows in response.

'Why were you at the Potters all summer Pads?' asked Peter, obviously bored with being a spectator of the conversation.

'Left home' he shrugged 'my mum went psycho when she found out I went on a date with a muggle so I told her, my dad and Reg exactly what I think about 'em all. Mr and Mrs Potter said I can live there'

An awkward silence filled the air, obviously the news had shocked the 4 that hadn't known. It was no secret Sirius despised his home life, due to his parents beliefs about blood purity, and also because of his mothers unconventional discipline choices. But it was still a surprise to learn he'd actually moved out.

'So you've not spoken to them since?' Alex asked, turning to Sirius, giving him her full attention.

'Nope. My mothers blasted me off the tapestry too' he sighed, rubbing his eyes. 'Anyway, we best get changed into our uniform, I can see the castle and I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff or 2!'

The rest of the journey was made in silence, everyone deep in thought over Sirius' situation, at least the Potters liked him enough to give him a home, Lily thought.

Finally the train finally pulled to a stop, Remus and Lily hurried out to assist the students on their way to the carriages. The remaining four took their time, James and Peter eventually heading out first with Alex and Sirius bringing up the rear.

'So. Alex' Sirius grinned, draping his arm over the girls shoulder,'it's my birthday next week...you got me a present?'

'Obviously Sirius, I've had it for weeks' she grinned, watching his eyes light up. Alex was probably the best present-giver the 4 male Marauders knew.

'What is it?' Sirius demanded 'can I have it now? I might need it you know.'

'No Sirius' she chuckled 'you can wait, and you most certainly won't need it now'. She grinned as she pulled away from a pouting Sirius and clambered into the carriage James and Peter were occupying.

'What if I don't like it?' Sirius demanded, climbing in behind her 'then what? Huh?'

'You'll love it so shut up. End of' she chastised, knowing full well Sirius would love the leather jacket that was wrapped at the bottom of her trunk

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