"What's the plan for today then?" James asked, looking round at the others.

"Well I'm off to meet my dad in the pub with Lily," Alex said "come with if you want?"

"I'm going with Em." Remus blushed as the others made "oooh" noises.

"Me and Pete'll tag along with you two then." James nodded to Alex and Lily.

"Yeah, so will me and Ellen." Sirius said.

"I don't bloody think so Sirius! She's a pain in the arse." Alex said bluntly.

"Oi, that's my girlfriend you're talking about!" he replied angrily

"And your point is? If you had any taste I wouldn't say anything bad."

"Fine. I don't wanna come anyway" he said, crossing his arms.

"Fine" she smirked

"Fine!" James butted in and grinned when Lily laughed at him.


Alex entered The Three Broomsticks and looked around til she saw two familiar figures "DAD! UNCLE AL!" she squealed, running over to the two tall men and hugging them.

"Since when does Alex squeal like a girl?" Peter frowned, walking over to the table with James and Lily

"Dad, this is Lily, and you already know these two. And this is Al, my godfather" she beamed at the scarred, menacing looking man.

"Nice to meet you Lily. James, Peter" Mr Hemmingway nodded, shaking their hands, his arm still round Alex while Alastor nodded at them.

"Hi, Mr Hemmingway" Lily smiled

"Call me Dave, yeah?" he laughed "Mr Hemmingway makes me sound old. Butterbeer?"

Alex nodded and sat down next to Alastor "What's this I hear about you showing off in lessons eh?" he grinned

Alex smirked "When do I ever show off Uncle Al?"

"Well, Hall was impressed" he growled "good guy that one. Gifted"

"His lessons are pretty good actually. We're gonna be doing Patronus' soon" she said, excitedly as the other three nodded.

"What's that about patronus'?" Dave was back with drinks and handed them out "Speaking of which, mine changed a few months ago. It's a magpie now. Odd."

"That's interesting" Alex's raised her eyebrows and shot a quick look at James and Peter who were wearing similar expressions.

"Yeah. The house is surrounded by the bloody things too since you went back to school."

Alex almost choked on her butterbeer but disguised it quickly "So, where's my birthday present?" She grinned

"Technically speaking, it's not your birthday yet" Alastor said, pulling a box from his cloak and handing it over "but you can open this now if you want."

"Obviously. Thanks Uncle Al" she tore off the paper and her mouth made an "O" shape once she saw what it was "a sneakoscope. Oh my god. That's so fucking cool! Thanks"

"Oi, Alex, watch your language!"

"Sorry dad" she grinned sheepishly.

"Here's mine. Open it now and you can use it tonight. Do you boys know what you're getting yourself in for with your outfits?" He asked as he handed Alex a box.

"She won't let us see," James grimaced and ran a hand through his hair "blindfolded us while we had a fitting, the lot"

"Oooh a camera! That's perfect! Thanks dad!" She reached over to give her dad a hug

"Anytime, sweets," he said, hugging her back "send me pictures, yeah?"

"Of course" she nodded.

Alastor looked at his watch then looked up at Dave "It's time."

"Time for what?" Alex looked at the two men curiously.

"We've just got a meeting to go to." Dave smiled, standing up.

"But we just got here! Can we come?"

"It's important love. And no. You're too young" his stern look softened when he saw her face "Next time I'll stay longer I promise" he hugged her again then turned when he heard his name called.

"Alright, Dave!" A cheery voice came from behind them.

"Ah Sirius! You alright son?" Dave clapped Sirius on the shoulder "who's this then?" He asked, gesturing towards Ellen.

"My girlfriend, Ellen" he said, giving her shoulder a squeeze "fancy a quick drink?"

"Ah, erm lovely! I can't, I've gotta go now. It was nice seeing you though" he clapped him on the shoulder again and turned to Alex "I'll see you later, princess"

Alex nodded sadly as the two men left the pub "bye dad, bye Uncle Al."

Sirius nudged Ellen "go sit down with them, I'll bring some drinks over."

"Okay" she smiled, and headed over to the table.

"What?" Sirius smirked at Alex who punched him on the shoulder.

"You're a dick head." she growled and went to sit back down. As far away from Ellen as possible.


"OUCH!" James yelped and twitched forward "I'm sure you're doing it on purpose now, Lex!"

"Well James, if you kept bloody still it wouldn't happen, would it?"

Alex was knelt next to him, all dressed in her Dorothy outfit, making last minute adjustments.

"I feel ridiculous" Sirius groaned, walking round stiffly in his Tin-Man outfit.

"Erm hello! Look at me then!" Peter burst out "I look a fool!"

"Peter, shut it or you'll go in the basket" Alex stood up and admired her handiwork "I think we all look great!" She clapped her hands together and beamed at them all.

Remus was stood in the corner, swinging his makeshift tail about "I don't see what the fuss is, I think Alex did a good job."

"Wait til you see Lily and Ellen then" Alex grinned wickedly.

Sirius narrowed his eyes at her "I don't trust that smile, what did you do?"

Before Alex could respond, a shriek could be heard from the bottom of the dormitory steps "I LOOK GHASTLY!" 10 seconds later, Ellen burst through the door and glared at Alex "you bloody planned this didn't you! I look disgusting" she wailed, stamping her foot.

Alex shrugged "you wanted in, that was the only spot available"

"You could of let me be Dorothy!" she hissed

Alex raised an eyebrow "Yeah, go get get your head checked. Like I'd plan all this just to end up looking like you. Lily, you look lovely by the way."

Lily smiled and touched her crown "I think we did good."

"Is everything set up for afterwards?" Peter asked from his bed.

"Benji's sorting it" James grinned "by the way Lily, you do look nice. Really nice."

"Erm...thanks" she smiled and looked at Alex "want me to take a picture of you five?" She offered.

Alex nodded and pulled her camera out "there's a timer so we can have a group shot."

"Okay, get in then" Lily said, looking through the lens while Ellen stood next to her, sulking "Peter you should kneel in front of them seeing as you're Toto"

Peter huffed as he got on the floor in front of Alex, who was in between Remus and Sirius, with James next to Sirius.

"Say cheese!" Lily sang.

"Cheeeeeeeeeeese!" They called in unison.

"Okay, I'll sort it for a group shot" Alex said, walking over and taking the camera from Lily "everyone get in" she fiddled with the camera and levitated it at the right height before squeezing herself in between Lily and Sirius, who had his arm round Ellen "smiiiiiiile" Alex called as the flash went off.

"I feel vile" Ellen pouted at Sirius.

"You look...fine" he nodded in what he hoped was a reassuring way "is everyone ready to go?" The group all nodded and made their way down to the common room.


James looked at Sirius "this is what we've been reduced to Padfoot. This"

Alex and Lily laughed as they skipped down the corridors, singing the song as loud as they could. All the way to The Great Hall.


"So, how did your date go?" Alex and Remus were sat as everyone else milled around The Great Hall.

"Fine. Really. It went. Great" Remus blushed

"Did you smooch?" She laughed as Remus' blush deepened and he cleared his throat "I'm gonna take that as a yes!"

"You should focus on your own love life rather than trying to worm information out of me" he said pointedly.

"Don't start that again Remus" she rolled her eyes "besides. It's not like that anymore. Honest"

"You're a bad liar Alex. I went for it, so should you"

"You went on a date. Big wow. And no, I'm not" she looked up and saw Emmeline was stood there and smiled "hey! Nice outfit! I didn't recognise you with the hair!"

"Thanks!" She grinned, smoothing down her Cinderella dress "I like yours too. I love the Wizard of Oz."

"You're coming to the party in our common room tonight, right?" Alex asked.

She nodded "Remus asked me earlier. Happy birthday for tomorrow by the way."

"Thanks. Anyway, I bet go add finishing touches. I'll see you both later!" she got up and made her way to the door.

Alex felt someone grab her wrist "Not so fast, Dorothy!" she spun round to face Sirius.

"What's up, Tin-Man" she laughed.

"Where you sneaking off to, hm?" He asked.

"Common room to finish preparations. Where's Barbie gone?" She asked, scanning the hall for the bright green Ellen.

"Gone to her common room to make herself look decent" he shrugged and threw an arm around Alex's shoulder "come on, I'll help you with the stuff."

"She'll be there a while" Alex smirked, heading out of the door.


"Okay, stay here and I'll get the last bits from my dorm" Alex told Sirius as she rushed up the steps.

Entering the room, she made her way over to her trunk and began to take bottles and decorations out of it.

"Shit!" she muttered, rooting through the trunk for the streamers. The door closed behind her and she spun round to see Sirius stood there "How the bloody hell did you get up here?" She demanded.

"Padfoot does what he wants," he grinned, making his way over and kneeling down next to her "what've you lost now?"

"Streamers," she muttered, continuing to root through the trunk.

"You mean these that were on the bed?" He asked, holding up a bag and shaking it.

"Yeah. I'd forget my head if it weren't screwed on" she laughed, gathering the stuff from the bed and standing up.

BANG! Alex eyes watered as her and Sirius' heads collided. "Ouch" she gasped doubling over and clutching her head.

Sirius laughed "Don't be so dramatic, it wasn't that bad!"

"Your head must be made of concrete" she groaned, standing straight and stumbled slightly.

"Easy now" he grabbed her waist to steady her. He rested one hand on her lower back as she put her hands on his shoulders.

"Must've hit my head harder than I thought" she laughed, looking down.

He brought his hand to her chin and pulled it up gently "You okay?"

She looked at him and nodded "Er. I'm fi...good. I'm fine. Yeah. I'm okay."

His hand move to cup her face and he stroked her cheek with his thumb "good" he murmured, leaning closer "don't want you passing out."

Suddenly, his lips were on hers, he pulled her closer and ran a hand down her back. She turned her head to lean into the kiss as he gently ran his tongue across her bottom lip...

The dormitory door opened and they broke apart quickly as Lily walked in "oh. There you...Sirius what on earth are you doing up here? Get out!" She put both hands on her hips and glared at him.

Sirius laughed and held his hands up in the air "calm down. I was helping Alex out. I'm off to get changed anyway" he headed to the top of the stairs and slid down them.

Lily turned to face Alex "what was that?"

Alex frowned "what was what?"

"What I just walked in on?"

"Oh. We bumped heads and he was checking I was ok" Alex half-lied.

"Mm. Ok then," she said, unconvinced "are you getting changed?"

Alex laughed and plucked her dress "yeah, somehow this isn't quite my style"


It was 2am and the party was still in full swing. Alex was milling about, drinking, talking and making sure everyone had a drink. She noticed James and Peter stood in the corner and made her way over with 3 glasses and a bottle of chocolate liqueur.

"Where's Remus?" She asked, handing them a full glass each "haven't seen him in a while"

James took a drink before speaking "walking Em back to her dorm. Apparently she had a headache."

"Well. She never bloody said bye" Alex grumbled.

"Maybe because you were dancing on the table with Marlene at that point" Peter said, clutching his drink and looking round "do you reckon Sirius and Ellen's faces are conjoined now?" He nodded over at the pair who were squeezed in an armchair.

James wrinkled his nose "it looks like she's throwing up down his neck or something" he shuddered

Alex made a face of disgust and faced away from the couple "what a pleasant analogy that was, James."

James checked his watch and grinned "Hey! You're officially 17 now! Alexandra Hemmingway, the adult. Weeeeeird!"

"Does this mean I can boss you about til you're 17?" She laughed and took a drink.

"You wish, Hemmingway" he ruffled his hair "Lily's on her way over"

Lily approached the trio with a small box in her hand "I hope you don't mind, but I got you a little something for your birthday, Alex" she smiled and held the box out "it's not much."

"You didn't have to do that. But, thanks" she said as Lily handed her the box.

"Open it then" Lily laughed and took a sip of whatever she had in her hand.

Alex gave a small smile as she tore off the paper and opened the box. Inside was a small bird, it's wings were a pale green. She took it out and examined it "this is lovely Lily. Thanks."

Lily nodded "it's a hair pin. I put a charm on it to reflect your mood. So if you're angry, it'll go red, sad it'll go blue, happy, yellow and so on."

"That's impressive" James said, looking at it "and handy so we know when to avoid her."

Alex laughed at James "Yeah, things won't be so unpredictable now" she reached up and put the pin in her hair which immediately went yellow. She hugged Lily "that was really thoughtful of you. Thanks."

Lily nodded and stood with them, observing the room "Do Sirius and Ellen have to do that in public?" She frowned.

"Oi. You two!" James shouted over to them. Sirius disentangled himself from Ellen and walked over to them, grinning.

"What's up, Prongs?" He asked, his eyes bright due to alcohol.

"Wow," Alex muttered sarcastically "not surgically attached at the mouth after all."

Sirius rolled his eyes "Merlin's beard, Alex. Get a grip. It's what couples do. Not like you'd know."

Alex's hair pin turned red fast, but it was James that responded "she's right mate, it's a bit gross to see." Peter nodded in agreement.

"Fine" Sirius sighed and made his way back over to Ellen.

"Arse" Alex scowled, the wings of her clip still red.

They watched as Sirius leant over and whispered something in Ellen's ear, she pulled back and nodded at him grinning as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet. The other four watched as he walked over to the boys staircase and smirked at them before heading up them, Ellen in tow.

Once they were out of sight, Alex downed her drink and grabbed the bottle "m'off for a walk"

"Want us to come?" James offered.

Alex shook her head, grabbed an extra bottle and headed out of the portrait hole.

"What time do you call this?" The Fat Lady called "I'll not let you back in you know!"

"Oh see if I give a shit!" Alex snapped, storming down the stairs and making her way to the one-eyed witch statue.


Remus smiled as he pulled away from Emmeline.

"I really have to go now. The others will be wondering where I am," he laughed as she yawned and nodded.

"Yeah, I suppose it is getting late." she said, rubbing her eyes and standing up from the couch in Ravenclaw common room.

Remus followed and stood by the door, she reached up and gave him a small peck on the cheek "thanks for today" she smiled "I'll see you about?"

He smiled in reply and nodded before exiting the common room and pulling the map from his pocket.

After checking the coast was clear, he set off, tapped it with his wand, muttered "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good" and checked to see if his journey to his common room would involve any detours. As a prefect he couldn't be seen roaming the corridors at this time. He frowned as he saw a label on it's own, heading towards the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower. It was labelled 'Alexandra Hemmingway' he stopped and watched as the dot stopped next to the statue of the One-Eyed Witch. A speech bubble popped next to it with the words "dissendium" and the next thing, the dot had vanished. He checked the common room and saw the others were all congregated in there...

Remus set back off hurriedly, making his way to where Alex had vanished. When he got there, he wiped the map and stashed it in his robes before opening the witch's hump. As soon as it was opened he climbed up, into the hole and slid down it. Upon reaching the bottom of the slide he stood up. His stomach dropped momentarily when he took in the sight around him

Sirius laid there in a pool of blood, Alex on her knees, crying and shaking. Remus shook his head. No. That wasn't right. There's no way he could have gotten from the common room to here in such a short space of time.

Without thinking, he grabbed Alex's wrist and pulled her behind him "Riddikulus!" he shouted, pointing the wand at the Boggart, which had now changed to the full moon. He conjured up a trunk and watched as the Boggart flew into it.

He stood for a second, panting slightly before turning to face Alex. "It's alright, it's not real"

Alex hurriedly wiped her eyes and nodded "can't. Believe. Stupid. Urgh. Fucking Boggarts"

Remus smiled slightly and gave her a hug "it's alright," he repeated, patting her back "what are you doing down here anyway?"

Alex pulled away "I was pissed off," she murmured "so came somewhere where noone'd disturb me"

He rolled his eyes good-naturedly "and this is the only place you could think of? Not your smartest idea, I must say."

Alex gave a small laugh "that's true. Can we go?"

Remus nodded and let her lead the way out of the statute. Once they were walking he turned to her "so. New Boggart, any reason for that?"

Alex took a swig from one of the bottles before shrugging "you know more about Boggarts than I do. You tell me."

"You know very well what I meant" he said, scanning the map.

Alex focused on the bottle instead of Remus, swirling the contents about, her eyes following the movements "well, you know. Stuff like that happens, doesn't it?"

"I've changed my mind. You're not a bad liar. You're a terrible one" he says, shoving her slightly with his shoulder and grabbing the bottle from her and taking a drink.

"Fine" she sighed "I had this dream the other week. Horrible one. It must've stemmed from that, that's all it could be"

Remus raised an eyebrow "A dream? Wanna tell me about it?"

"What, so you can interpret it or something? Nooooope" she laughed "besides, it was just a dream."

They continued the journey in a comfortable silence, the Fat Lady only let them in after Remus sweet talked her, saying how Alex was sorry and didn't mean it.

"Who's a bad liar now?" Alex smirked, walking into the common room.

Before Remus had chance to reply, James hurried over to them, looking stressed "where the fuck have you two been? Evans is rat-arsed. She can't even walk." He pointed to the corner where Lily was sat on a stool, swaying dangerously while Sirius and Peter were trying to coax her into drinking some water.

"I'll deal with her," Alex said, walking over to them and moving the two boys out of the way "hey lightweight."

Lily looked up at Alex, her eyes slightly unfocused "Alex. M'legs aren't working."

Alex snorted and grabbed the water from Sirius "here, drink this."

She pushed the glass back to Alex "no. Don't. Don't want. Don't want any water. M'fine"

"It's not water" Alex lied quickly "it's vodka! So yeah, drink it up and you'll feel great"

Lily grabbed the glass, downed it in one and thrust the glass back to Alex "m'tired. Wanna go bed."

Alex laughed and pulled Lily up, who swayed on the spot before falling, luckily Sirius caught her before any damage was done "steady on Evans!" He laughed and kept her propped up. Alex grabbed Lily's arm and put it over her shoulder.

"I'll have to half carry her" she huffed, struggling to keep Lily upright "where's the other 3?"

"Conked out upstairs" Peter shrugged.

Alex stumbled as she began walking "s'no use. She's gonna have to sleep down here or something."

James crossed his arms over his chest "she can't sleep down here on her own! She can have my bed."

Alex raised an eyebrow "and when she wakes up in the morning in your bed and hits you, what're you gonna do?"

"I'll sleep down here" he shrugged

Alex nodded "fine, I'll get her something to wear for bed, you help her upstairs."

James walked forward and picked Lily up, throwing her over his shoulder as Alex hurried up the steps to the girls dorm. The other three were indeed, fast asleep. She hurried over to Lily's trunk and pulled out some pyjamas before heading to the boys dorm.

"Just one kiss, Potter!" Lily slurred, sitting on the bed while James backed away "I know you want to."

James looked around and laughed awkwardly "maybe when you're sober."

"Party pooper" she frowned, grabbing the pyjamas Alex handed to her. The others looked away as she pulled them on clumsily and lifted the sheets back, she flopped onto the bed and dragged them back over herself "m'night" she mumbled.

Alex went to the bathroom, got a glass of water and placed it next to her "I best be off then"

"Isn't it best you stay in here?" Sirius said, looking at Lily "think she'd freak waking up in a room with us lot."

"True I'll go grab some pj's, you can argue over who gets to share" she exited the dorm, with James behind her.

"You best tell Evans I was nothing but kind to her when she sobers up!"

"I will, it was a very...noble thing you did back there" Alex smirked at him.

"Don't take the piss" he yawned as he flopped onto the biggest sofa in the common room.

"I'm not, it was a decent thing to do, giving her your bed and not taking advantage when she's drunk."

James nodded and closed his eyes "s'pose so. Anyway, night."

"Night" Alex smiled and headed up the girls staircase.

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