Hello everyone xD I really shouldn't be making so many stories...but I can't help it! Soooo, this is the first time I'm making a story with one-shots...I think I'm gonna handle it :3 So, in case you're a reader from My World Turned Upside Down then you already know how Alex looks like. If not, here's a description:

Alexander Taylor is a OC (original character) I've made and made a part of the TMNT (for fun).

Hair color: Raven black.

Eye color: Lime green.

Skin color: Tanned.

Gender: Female.

Age: 16.

Other info: She has two sisters, named Summer and Lily. She's in the same school and class as April O'Neil. She knows about the turtles, and regularly hangs out with them. She works at a pet-store and has some basic knowledge about ninjitsu from a former martial artist that taught her when she was ten.

I know this all sudden with a OC and all, but yeah, I already have a Alex in 2k3 version if you wanna read that :3 On with the first one-shot. For you Aster Sapphire! XD

1# Title: Playing Dress Up~!

Occasional cries and laughter was heard drifting around in the Lair. It had been going on for some time and they were mostly ignored in hope of it stopping by itself.

That never happened, though.

Leonardo turned up the volume on the TV, hoping that some action scenes from Space Heroes could drown the annoyingly high sounds of quick footsteps and battle cries. Donatello told himself to slowly inhale and exhale as his fingers danced around the keyboard of his laptop...

A loud crash followed by more laughter and Donatello finally snapped, shoving his computer aside and stomped angrily on his way to the source of the noise.

"Can't you guys keep in down! If you haven't noticed I'm trying to-."

Four sets of eyes turned to stare at the purple-clad turtle; two of them baby-blue and the other two lime green. Alex was pointing a spatula in the air, a black fabric tied around her neck to symbolize as a cape, while holding a metal lid for a pot in her hands, and the pot itself was on top of her head.

Mikey was holding a big scoop in his grip, an old leather hat on top of his head and his nun-chunks in his other hand. They were inside the dojo where all sorts of packages and old boxes had been placed around them to symbolize a fort.

Donatello narrowed his eyes, an eye ridge slowly raising as he did so.

Alex turned her whole body his way, puffing her cheeks out while laying her hands on her hips.

"Do you mind?"

Donnie ran a hand across his forehead while closing his eyes.

"I might regret asking this but...what are you doing?"

"We're playing dress-up!" the orange-clad turtle said eagerly. "We're playing that we're rivals dueling each other! But it's sorta getting boring..."

"Yeah..." the black-haired girl nodded in agreement and her eyes drifted to the turtle with the bo staff.

"Oooh! I got it!" a glint appeared in the teenage girl's eyes. "Donnie, you wanna join us?"

"What?" he replied. The youngest turtle started to grin.

"We could start it over again! You could be the wizard, Donnie!"

The second-youngest turtle crossed his arms just as his blue-clad leader appeared from the living room.

"Thanks for spoiling another Space Hero episode, guys."

"Oh, Pish Posh," Alex retorted. "You've already watched all episodes a hundred times; I think you'll survive not seeing it the 101st time. You wanna join too, Leo?"

"Then, you can be the real hero! And I'll be your side-kick!" Mikey bounced happily, taking out both his nun-chunks in excitement.

"Then, I'll be the evil rival which you have to fight in the end!" Alex exclaimed and they high-fived. Despite the fact that Mikey only has three fingers.

"Wait," Leo said. "Don't we have something to say to this?"

Both Mikey and Alex glanced at the two other ninja turtles who stood there with crossed arms. Alex took off her black cape and waved it suggestively with a knowing smirk.

"C'mon, Leo~," she teased. "You know you wanna try on the cape~"

The blue-clad turtle came to stare at his taller sibling who had the same questioning look on his face as himself.

Raphael yawned as he slowly walked out of his room heading for the kitchen. The afternoon-nap he took was longer than he'd expected and he was surprised that neither of his brothers had decided to wake him up. As he crossed the living room, he heard all sorts of yells and shouts coming from the dojo. Had Splinter given the others extra training? And for what?, he wondered. He entered the dojo and his leaf-green eyes widened in surprise and disbelief.

What the hell?

"You'll never defeat me, Leonardo, as long as I've got your precious wizard!" Alex laughed hysterically, as she tucked the robe that was tied around Donatello. "Now, I will rule over this country and no one can stop me!"

"Never, Alexander!" Leo said in a heroic-like voice, with his sword pointed at the 'enemy'. "My side-kick and I will never fail to protect our-"


Everybody came to stare at the red-clad turtle who was leaning at the doorway. Silence followed for a few seconds...

"There you are, Raph!" Mikey said. "Now, we have someone to play the role as the princess!"

Silence came once again...and then came the sound of Mikey's screams, Raph's growls followed by a lot of crashes.

"Mikey, I told you already; the pink dress is for April, not Raph," Alex sighed.

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